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Quotes for
Rowan (Character)
from Jason X (2001)

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Jason X (2001)
[Rowan meets Kay-Em 14, the crew's technodroid]
Rowan: Oh, my God. She looks so real.
Kay-Em 14: I AM real.

Rowan: I don't think he's out there...
Janessa: Why don't you just stick your head out and have a peek?

Brodski: What's going on?
Rowan: Jason-fucking-Voorhees, that's what's going on!

Tsunaron: Whoops.
Rowan: What do you mean, "whoops"?
Tsunaron: Nothing.
Rowan: Not nothing. You just don't say "Oops." What "oops"?
Tsunaron: I think he saw me.

Kinsa: He's here!
Rowan: Quiet!
Kinsa: But if he's here he'll kill us.
Rowan: [covers Kinsa's mouth] Be quiet! One more sound and I'll snap your neck myself. Got it?
[Kinsa nods]
Janessa: She's good with people.

Rowan: How do we get off this ship?
Waylander: I don't know.
Rowan: Could you beam us off or something?
Waylander: "Beam us off"?

Rowan: What are you doing here?
Dr. Wimmer: I'm taking the specimen.
Rowan: Well, you can't. I haven't prepped the cryostasis chamber.
Dr. Wimmer: I don't want him frozen, Rowan. I want him soft.
Rowan: We've already discussed this.
Dr. Wimmer: Yeah. Well, I had to go over your head. I'm moving him to our Scranton facility.
Rowan: Dr. Wimmer, you can't risk transporting him through open country.
Dr. Wimmer: This isn't open for discussion. His unique ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue... I mean, it's just cries out for more research.
Rowan: And you'll risk the deaths of innocent civilians if he escapes?
Dr. Wimmer: Yes. But I'm sure Sergeant Marcus and his men can handle the transfer just fine. Sergeant?
Sgt. Marcus: Everything is under control, ma'am.
Rowan: Dr. Wimmer, please.
Dr. Wimmer: Rowan, he's no longer your problem.

Rowan: [sees Waylander with Jason's machete] Oh, whoa. Where did you get that?
Waylander: Uh, from your friend. The big guy with the hockey mask.
Professor Lowe: You brought him on board?
Professor Lowe: He's in the next lab. We're quite safe.
Rowan: Safe?
Professor Lowe: Our scans reveal him to be very dead.
Rowan: Could your scans be wrong? I think you just get rid of him, professor. He's too dangerous.
Professor Lowe: Well, that would be irresponsible and foolhardy. He's a valuable scientific artifact that must be carefully preserved. Much like yourself.
Rowan: He is an unstoppable killing machine. He's not dead.
Waylander: Believe me. He's definitely dead.
Rowan: Show me.