Glen Lantz
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Glen Lantz (Character)
from A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Nancy Thompson: Ok, here's what we're going to do.
Glen Lantz: It's dark in here.
Nancy Thompson: But it's not what you're thinking.

Glen Lantz: What did you do to your arm?
Nancy Thompson: I burned it in English class

[Glen is trying to get to sleep on the couch alone, but the sounds of Tina and Rod having sex is keeping him up]
Glen Lantz: Morality sucks.

Glen Lantz: I'm going to punch out your ugly lights, whoever you are!

Nancy Thompson: [after Glen failed to wake her up as she fell asleep and dreamed about Freddy] GLEN, YOU BASTARD!
Glen Lantz: What did I do?
Nancy Thompson: I just asked you to do one thing, to stay awake and watch me and to wake me up if it looked like I was having a bad dream, and what did you do, YOU SHIT?
[Nancy then slaps him on the knee]
Nancy Thompson: You fell asleep!

Glen Lantz: Oh, man. Midnight. Baseball bats and boogeymen. Beautiful.

Glen Lantz: Miss Nude America is going to be on tonight.
Mrs. Lantz: How can you hear what she's going to say?
Glen Lantz: Who cares what she says?

Rod Lane: [after tackling Glen on the lawn] It's Rod Lane, bringing Lantz down, just three yards from the goal line! What a brilliant tackle and the crowd goes wild!
Tina Gray: What the hell are you doing here?
Rod Lane: Came to make up. No big deal. Your mom home?
Tina Gray: Of course.
[looking at the tool Rod used to make the screeching noise]
Tina Gray: Oh, what's that?
Rod Lane: Intense, huh?
[slowly reveals it and imitates a screeching noise]
Rod Lane: So what's going on here? An orgy or somethin'?
Glen Lantz: Maybe your funeral, dickhead.
[Rod pulls out a switchblade and holds it up to Glen's face]
Nancy: [Putting Rod's flashing switchblade back in and giving it to him] It's just a sleepover, Rod. Tina and me. Glen was JUST leaving.
Rod Lane: [to Tina, with a smile] Did you see his face?
Glen Lantz: [Mimicking Rod with a face] Did you see his face?

Nancy Thompson: [she notices Glen standing outside her window with mud-caked soles] Sometimes I wish you didn't live right across the street.
Glen Lantz: [holds one of his muddy feet up to her] Will you shut up and let me in? Did you ever stand on a rose trellis in your bare feet?

Nancy Thompson: [Referring to the Balinese way of dreaming] But what if they meet a monster in their dreams, then what?
Glen Lantz: They turn their back on it. Take away its energy and it disappears.
Nancy Thompson: But what happens if they don't do that?
Glen Lantz: Well I guess those people don't wake up to tell what happens.
Nancy Thompson: [sighing] Great.

Glen Lantz: You believe this fog?
Nancy Thompson: Oh, I believe anything is possible.

Nancy Thompson: I grab the guy in my dream. You see me struggling so you wake me up. We both come out, you whack the fucker and we got him.
Glen Lantz: Are you crazy, hit him with what?
Nancy Thompson: You're the jock. You have a baseball bat or something.

Glen Lantz: We have reason to believe there may be something very strange going on.
Lt. Donald Thompson: You got that right.
Nancy Thompson: What are you doing here?
Lt. Donald Thompson: There's an unsolved murder and I hate unsolved murders, especially ones that my daughter is mixed up in, what are *you* doing here?
Nancy Thompson: Look I just gotta see that he's okay.
Sgt. Garcia: I just checked on him ten minutes ago, he's sleeping like a baby, he's not going anywhere.