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Biography for
Mrs. Gump (Character)
from Forrest Gump (1994)

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Mrs. Gump was Forrest Gump's momma in the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest describes his momma as a real smart lady. In the movie Mrs. Gump raises her son Forrest on her own after his daddy abandoned the family to which she explains to her son that his daddy went on vacation which is when you go somewhere and don't ever come back. She wants the best for her son and despite him having a low IQ of 75 she gets him into public school by having sex with his principal. When Forrest graduates College from the University of Alabama Mrs. Gump watches happily as her son gets his diploma and gets her picture taken with Forrest telling him that she is proud of him. Later on in the movie as Forrest gets ready to leave to go fight in the Vietnam War his momma hugs him and tells him to come back safe to her. When Forrest receives the Medal of Honor from President Johnson Mrs. Gump watches happily as her son receives the medal but is embarraced when he flashes President Johnson showing him his wound in the buttocks after Johnson jokenly asked to see it. Later on when Forrest returns home after being discharged from the Army Mrs. Gump waits outside their home as her son arrives home and hugs him and tells him that she has had all sorts of visitors because everybody wants Forrest to use their ping-pong stuff and that a man left a check for $25,000 if Forrest uses their padal. When Forrest and Lt. Dan escape Hurricane Carmen on their boat and they are broadcasted on the news Mrs. Gump is the first to see them on tv. Later on Forrest gets a call that his Momma is sick and he rushes home to find his Momma in bed and she tells him that she's dieing because it's her time and that Forrest must figure out for himself what his destiny is. It is revealed by Forrest that his Momma got cancer and died on a Tuesday and that he bought her a new hat with little flowers on it. Eventhough she died Mrs. Gump is still mentioned in the film by Forrest as he runs across America he reveals that one of the people he thought about was his momma and her grandson Forrest Gump Junior whom she never met tells his daddy Forrest that he's gonna share his daddy's book Curious George for show and tell because his Grandma used to read it to his daddy.

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