El Indio
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El Indio (Character)
from For a Few Dollars More (1965)

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For a Few Dollars More (1965)
[after Mortimer opens safe, Indio declares a cooling off time for the loot]
El Indio: [to Mortimer] And you will wait a month to get your share.
Col. Douglas Mortimer: Naturally!... I'll be in the tavern.

Tomaso: [as his family are led away] They're both innocent, I was the one you know that.
El Indio: [two shots ring out] I know. I'm sure you hate me just enough.

El Indio: When the chimes end, pick up your gun. Try and shoot me, Colonel. Just try.

El Indio: Adios amigo!

Groggy: Indio calls and Groggy comes running.
El Indio: And Sancho?
Groggy: If you're waiting for Sancho I'll come back in another four years. He's in prison. No amore, no dinero, no sun.

Cuccillo: [Looking at dead body] Who did it?
El Indio: Why don't you look at the knife.
Cuccillo: ...it's mine.
El Indio: And it shouldn't be there, should it?

Monco: Which way we headed?
El Indio: North.
Monco: North? Along Rio Bravo Canyon?
El Indio: Why not?
Monco: Seems like a pretty good place for an ambush to me.
El Indio: You know a better way to go?
Monco: Yeah, south.
El Indio: Hm... ride to the border?

El Indio: [Talking about Agua Caliente] Yes, I have many friends here. It looks just like a morgue. But look out. It could be one so easily.
[Looks at Groggy]
El Indio: They don't like strangers, huh?
Groggy: No. They don't like anybody!

El Indio: [to prison guard he hasn't killed] I'm letting you live, hero. That way you can tell everyone what takes place here.

El Indio: It's easy enough to steal. The trouble is in keeping the loot.