Sheriff Ed Galt
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Sheriff Ed Galt (Character)
from Last Man Standing (1996)

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Last Man Standing (1996)
Sheriff Ed Galt: You know something amigo? I think I just spotted a chink in your armor. When you go down... it's going be over a skirt.

Sheriff Ed Galt: [about Doyle] If he sends Hickey after me, he's coming straight after you.
John Smith: Yeah, Hickey. I've heard he's a real scary guy.
[he starts to open the door, Galt shuts it]
Sheriff Ed Galt: Let me tell you just how scary. It goes that when Hickey was ten years old, he took a butcher knife and cut his own father's throat, ear to ear. So they put him in an orphanage. Fifteen years old, he burned it to the ground!

Sheriff Ed Galt: Do yourself a favor. First thing, get a firearm.