Nick Parker
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Nick Parker (Character)
from Blind Fury (1989)

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Blind Fury (1989)
[Nick is driving and bumps into another car]
Other driver: Are you blind?
Nick Parker: Yeah. What's your excuse?

Billy Devereaux: I get the window seat! You don't need it, you're blind!
Nick Parker: Got me there, you little prick!

Nick Parker: Where is Frank Devereaux?
Cobb: F.O., Errol Flynn. You know what that means? Fuck off!
[Nick swings his sword and shaves off Cobb's bushy eyebrows. Cobb looks shocked]
Cobb: .
Nick Parker: I also do circumcision.

Nick Parker: Unreasonable men make life so difficult.

MacCready: Mr. Parker, there's someone I'd like you to meet.
Nick Parker: Oh, nice guy, I hope. Everybody's trying to kill me lately.
[the Assassin enters]

[Mexican villains take a purse from a lady and throw it around. It ends up at Nicks feet and he picks it up]
Gang Leader: Give me the purse, ciego!
Nick Parker: Are you sure it goes with your dress?

Nick Parker: You're crying. That's good. Strong men aren't afraid to cry.