Eddie Lomax
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Eddie Lomax (Character)
from Desert Heat (1999/II)

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Desert Heat (1999/II)
Eddie Lomax: Hey, can't we all just get along?

Eddie Lomax: Right hat... Wrong guy!

Johnny: I wanna tell you about the craziest white man I ever knew. We go back Eddie and me. I read your postcard and it said you were sending me a gift.
[nods to Eddie's motorcycle]
Johnny: Is that it?
Eddie Lomax: Yeah!
Johnny: I appreciate it Eddie. I really do. I always loved that bike.
Eddie Lomax: Sorry it broke down.
Johnny: Hey, it's an old Indian just like me. It's not the end of the world; what are you gonna do man, kill yourself?
Eddie Lomax: [takes out a Colt .45 and cocks it] That's what I'm here for Johnny.
Johnny: Postcard didn't say when you were coming. So I lit a fire. I've been watching for you.
Eddie Lomax: [in a drunken state, Eddie loads another clip into his pistol and calls out to Johnny] You know why I came to see you?
Johnny: [smiles] I've got a pretty good idea amigo.
Eddie Lomax: [Eddie begins reminiscing about the days of the war and all the people he killed] What good did we do? NOTHING! We used to do it real good Johnny! Killing... the memories. They haunt me Johnny!
[Eddie cocks his pistol again and fires three shots into the air, while shouting]
Johnny: That's why you got the medal, Eddie.
Eddie Lomax: Hey! I had this dream about the Devil. He reserved a whole floor of Hell, just for me Johnny. What do you think about that?
[fires a shot into the air and chuckles wickedly]
Johnny: Tell me more about your dream Eddie.
Eddie Lomax: [sits down on the ground] Oh! My dream. I think about it alot Johnny. I think about it a lot. CHECKING OUT! Finito... Enough.
[holds up pistol and shows it to Johnny]
Eddie Lomax: That's why I'm here Johnny... to kill myself.
[Eddie then lays back on the ground with a look of misery on his face and whispers silently]
Eddie Lomax: I need your okay. I need your okay man.
Johnny: [sees the Hogan's truck approaching] Eddie... you may not need my okay.