Donald Gennaro
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Biography for
Donald Gennaro (Character)
from Jurassic Park (1993)

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Gennaro, portrayed by Martin Ferrero in the first film, was the lawyer that accompanied the first group to Isla Nublar. He was sent there to investigate the safety of the park due to previous weeks when an employee was killed by a raptor. In the film he was killed by a Tyrannosaurus while hiding from it in one of the park's bathrooms. In the novel Gennaro survives but is mentioned as having died of dysentery sometime in between the first novel and its sequel. In the film he is portrayed as a cowardly, greedy, worried person. Also in the film, he abandons Tim and Lex when the Tyrannosaurus escapes its paddock, though ironically that leads to him being eaten by the carnivore while everyone else survives. Also ironic is that he is eaten while sitting on a toilet when he is killed; the mention of his death by dysentery in the sequel may be an indirect reference to this since dysentery is known to largely affect the colon. In a deleted scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, it is stated that Donald Gennaro's family received $36.5 million in a law suit regarding his death settlement. In the novel he is a "short, muscular" and brave man who helps Muldoon shoot the Tyrannosaurus but is afraid of the raptor nest, while in the film he is neither muscular nor brave. Also of note is the fact that in the novel, he was one of only two characters to be attacked head-on by a Velociraptor and survive, the other being Robert Muldoon.

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