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Lex Murphy (Character)
from Jurassic Park (1993)

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Jurassic Park (1993)
Lex: He left us! He left us!
Dr. Alan Grant: But that's *not* what *I'm* gonna do.

Dr. Alan Grant: [finding egg shells] Oh my God. Do you know what this is? This is a dinosaur egg. The dinosaurs are breeding.
Tim: But Grandpa said all the dinosaurs were girls.
Dr. Alan Grant: Amphibian DNA.
Lex: What's that?
Dr. Alan Grant: Well, on the tour, the film said they used frog DNA to fill in the gene sequence gaps. They mutated the dinosaur genetic code and blended it with that of a frog's. Now, some West African frogs have been known to spontaneously change sex from male to female in a single sex environment. Malcolm was right. Look...
[we see a trail of baby dinosaur footprints]
Dr. Alan Grant: Life found a way.

Lex: I'm a hacker!
Tim: That's what I said: you're a nerd.
Lex: I am not a computer nerd. I prefer to be called a hacker!

Lex: It's a UNIX system! I know this!

Lex: He's gonna eat the goat?
Tim: Excellent!
Donald Gennaro: What's the matter, kid? You never had lamb chops?
Lex: I happen to be a vegetarian.

Tim: [after climbing down the tree to escape the falling car] I hate trees!
Lex: They don't bother me.
Tim: Oh yeah? Well, you weren't in the last one!

Lex: What are you and Ellie gonna do now if you don't have to pick up dinosaur bones anymore?
Dr. Alan Grant: I don't know. I guess... I guess we'll just have to evolve too.

Lex: What if the dinosaurs come back while we're all asleep?
Dr. Alan Grant: Hmm. I'll stay awake.
Lex: All night?
Dr. Alan Grant: [reassuringly] All night.

Lex: [Grant and the kids are climbing the perimeter fence] Timmy, I bet I can climb over the top and get on the other side before you can even get to the top.
Tim: What would you give me?
Lex: Respect.

[They're feeding leafy branches to a docile Brachiosaurus]
Lex: Can I touch it?
Dr. Alan Grant: Sure. Just think of it as... kind of a big cow.

Lex: [Lex switched on a flashlight, attracting the unwanted attention of the T-Rex] I'm sorry!

Lex: Timmy!
Dr. Alan Grant: Tim!
[the T-Rex tries to push the car with Tim inside over an embankment]

Lex: [the T-Rex is roaring in the distance] Are you hearing this?

Lex: [Brachiosaurs hearing Grant imitate they're singing look up in his direction] Sh. Sh. Don't let the monsters come over here.
Dr. Alan Grant: They're not monsters, Lex. They're just animals. And these are herbivores.
Tim: That means they only eat vegetables, but for you I think they'd make an exception.

Lex: [a Brachiosaur eats from the tree Grant, Lex and Tim are sleeping in] Go away!
Dr. Alan Grant: It's OK. It's OK. It's a Brachiosaur.
Tim: It's a veggiesaurus Lex! Veggiesaurus!
Lex: Veggie!

Tim: [Tim hears a distant rumble] You feel that?
Donald Gennaro: [Gennaro can hear it now, and sees the interior mirror in the tour car quiver with each rumble] Maybe its the power trying to come back on?
Lex: [another rumble] What is that?
[Tim looks through the goggles and sees the goat in the T-Rex paddock is gone, the chain still swinging]
Lex: Where's the goat?
[a leg from the goat lands on the roof of the car]
Donald Gennaro: [the T-Rex is holding onto an inert electric fence, than swallows the remainder of the goat and looks at the tour car] Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus!
[Gennaro gets out the car]
Lex: He left us! He left us!

Lex: I like cows.
[to a Brachiosaur]
Lex: Come on, girl. I'm here, girl. Come on.
[the Brachiosaur sneezes on Lex]
Tim: God bless you!

Lex: [after being sneezed on by a Brachiosaur] Yuck!
Tim: Oh, great. Now she'll never try anything anymore. She'll just sit in her room, and never come out, and play on her computer.

Dr. Alan Grant: [looking at a dinosaur herd] Tim. Tim, can you tell me what they are?
Tim: They're, Gal... uh... uh, Galli... uh, Gallimimus.
Lex: Are those... meat-eating... uh, meatasauruses?
Dr. Alan Grant: [the dinosaurs change direction] The wheel uniform changes just like a flock of birds evading a predator.
Tim: They're, uh... they're flocking this way.

Lex: [the T-Rex has just killed a Gallimimus] I want to go now.
Dr. Alan Grant: Look how it eats.
Lex: Please!
Dr. Alan Grant: [to Tim] I bet you'll never look at birds the same way again.

Dr. Alan Grant: [Grant throws a branch at the inert perimeter fence] I guess that means the power's off.
[Grant grabs the fence, pretending to be electrocuted and Lex and Tim scream]
Lex: [Grant smiles at Lex and Tim] That's not funny.
Tim: [laughing] That was great.

Lex: [Ellie] She said I should ride with you
Lex: because it would be good for you.