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Quotes for
Prymatt Conehead (Character)
from Coneheads (1993)

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Coneheads (1993)
Prymatt Conehead: You know Connie, I read in a magazine that you can talk to me about anything.

Connie: I think I'll have some Tang.
Prymatt Conehead: Ah Tang, the drink astronauts took to the moon.
Beldar Conehead: Astronauts to the moon?
[Beldar and Prymatt laugh]

Prymatt Conehead: When the High Master hears of the destruction of our ship, he will be most displeased.
Beldar Conehead: Affirmative. He will surely cut off my plargh and hand it to me.
Prymatt Conehead: Uuuugh!

Lisa Farber: All men are pigs.
Prymatt Conehead: Ah, pigs. An omnivorous domesticated cloven-hooved vertebrate that defecates in the same place it consumes.
Lisa Farber: Exactly.

Prymatt Conehead: He was behaving like a flarndip?
Connie: [Confused] Flarndip?
Prymatt Conehead: A masher, a hustler, an uninvited grasper of cone.
Beldar Conehead: [Overhears this and is irate] FLARNDIP?

Prymatt Conehead: I was a young cone myself once. Before I met Beldar, I was very attracted to a young Thorasian forger. And I far as I was concerned there was no other life force in the universe that mattered. But then he got a job working at a volcano complex on some moon in the Petulaus Cluster. I never saw him again. And it broke my blood valve chamber.

"Saturday Night Live: Richard Dreyfuss/Jimmy Buffett, Gary Tigerman (#3.19)" (1978)
Prymaat Conehead: Beldar! Your commercial message has appeared on the ion bombardment tube!

"Saturday Night Live: Elliott Gould/Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Roslyn Kind (#2.20)" (1977)
Prymaat Conehead: [to Connie] Your cone is too young to know the senso-ring! Go to your sleep chamber without consuming mass quantities! Go!