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Quotes for
Andre Devine (Character)
from Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004)

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Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004)
Andre Devine: I'm on my knees like a German teenager.

Andre Devine: I have give two blowjobs to English Insurance people, I am not homo-ist, I am man! I am on my knees like German teenager to English people with wrotten teeth in their mouths!

Andre Devine: You are a proud man, you're great black-ist, you're one of the great, you have beautiful gold things, a crown made from pants, you should be king! Are you king of the negros?

Andre Devine: No one is looking at your great performance, Why? Because you are in corner sucking on a ice statue of Ving Rhames. You are like a terrifying asian woman who is covered with piss!

Andre Devine: You are like a terrible mexican woman with a radio in her pussy!

Andre Devine: Natalie, Baby, you're a beautiful women, why do you speak? You look great. People in the room say 'look at the girl - she has wonderful tits, I go upstairs alone and I rub against things.'

Andre Devine: Quick - we have to make a tea from her own clothing.

Andre Devine: Andre has new hole, on his front!

Andre Devine: What a crappy movie hey? I've made better shit than this, in my own toilet.

Andre Devine: Reach into my asshole and grab my wallet.

Andre Devine: You know Ben DiCarlo?
Miranda Coolidge: We met in Vegas at ShoWest years ago.
Andre Devine: ShoWest? A strip club? You show your puss?