Linda McFly
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Linda McFly (Character)
from Back to the Future (1985)

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Back to the Future (1985)
Lorraine Baines: Kids, we're gonna have to eat this cake by ourselves. Your Uncle Joey didn't make parole again.
[drops the cake on the dining table. It reads "Welcome Home, Uncle Joey"]
Lorraine Baines: I think it would be nice if you all dropped him a line.
Marty McFly: Uncle "Jailbird" Joey?
Dave McFly: He's your brother, Mom.
Linda McFly: Yeah. I think it's a major embarrassment having an uncle in prison.
Lorraine Baines: We all make mistakes in life, children.

Linda McFly: Then how am I supposed to ever meet anybody?
Lorraine Baines: Well, it'll just happen. Like the way I met your father.
Linda McFly: That was so stupid! Grandpa hit him with the car.
Lorraine Baines: [wistfully] It was meant to be.

Lorraine Baines: Anyway, your Grandpa hit him with the car and brought him into the house. He seemed so helpless, like a little lost puppy, and my heart just went out to him.
Linda McFly: Yeah, Mom, we know. You've told us this story a million times. You felt sorry for him, so you decided to go with him to the Fish Under the Sea dance.
Lorraine Baines: No, no. It was the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Marty McFly: [Marty has just woken up to a new and improved 1985, and sees his brother and sister well-dressed and sitting at the dinner table, eating breakfast]
Marty McFly: Hey. What the hell is this?
Linda McFly: Breakfast.

Linda McFly: [having "originally" - before Marty went back in time and altered the past - complained about not being very popular socially] If Paul calls, tell him I'm working late at the boutique tonight.
Dave McFly: Linda, first of all, I'm not your answering service; second of all, somebody named Greg or Craig called you just a little while ago.
Linda McFly: Well, which one was it, Greg or Craig?
Dave McFly: [a little impatiently] I don't know! I can't keep up of all of your boyfriends!