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Biography for
Lorraine Baines (Character)
from Back to the Future (1985)

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LORRAINE BAINES MCFLY (Lea Thompson), in the "Back to the Future" franchise, is the mother of Marty McFly, leader of "Marty McFly and the Pinheads," one of the top bands on the American Top Forty circuit. That is the life she leads in this, the last of four separate time-lines that result from the time-travel activities of her son Marty and his friend, Emmett L. "Doc" Brown.
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Timeline 1: Married to a Loser
She was born in Hill Valley, California, in 1938, the daughter of Samuel Baines and his wife Stella. She had three siblings: Sally, Milton, and Joey, also called "Jailbird" because, at least in the prime timeline, he ended up in a life of crime.

She attended Hill Valley High, and was a bit of a flirt. As a teen, she would change her clothes in her room, keeping her window shade open. Boys would watch from a tree across the street, and often fell out of the tree onto the pavement. One of these boys was George McFly.

On November 5, 1955, Lorraine's father struck and injured George McFly in his car. Her father was irritated with George, because he evidently had caught him peeping in Lorraine's window. But Lorraine didn't care. Something about him appealed to her instinct for protection of a vulnerable man. ("Doc" Brown would call this the Florence Nightingale Syndrome," after the famous nurse credited with the founding of the International Red Cross.)

George amd Lorraine first kissed at the high school dance "Enchantment Under the Sea", and Lorraine knew that they were destined to be together for the rest of their lives. They had two sons, David and Marty, and a daughter, Linda.

But in the prime timeline, her life and family were less than inspiring. She observed that George was a weakling, and her own brother, as mentioned, turned to crime. She gained a lot of weight, as did Linda. Her son Dave went to work at the local Burger King. Marty got used to being late for school, and never seemed to have any ambition himself. In fact, the three men in the McFly household seemed to want to do nothing but watch reruns of Jackie Gleason's original situation comedy, "The Honeymooners." Nor did it help when George was still doing reports for Biff Tannen, just as he had done Biff's homework for him all through high school.

How this timeline would have played out, even Marty and Doc, who changed it, do not know. Because Marty cut it short on October 26, 1985. For on that day he sneaked out of the house and went on an errand to Twin Pines Mall. An errand that took him back into time. And Lorraine would never know it.
Timeline 2: Married to a Winner
In this change of the time stream, George McFly was not the boy whom Sam Baines hit with his car. Instead, the elder Baines struck and injured a very strange boy whose name, she gathered, was "Calvin Klein"--or at least, that was the name she read on his skivvies when she attended to him. "Calvin Klein" stayed only long enough to catch the beginning of the "Honeymooners" episode in which Ralph Kramden dressed up as a space alien. "Calvin" stunned them all by saying he had seen that episode before--in a rerun! In those days, no network ever repeated a television episode. (That would change, when original summer programming gave way to summer reruns, and eventually syndicated reruns would begin.)

Lorraine would see "Calvin" again at the local coffee shop, but also saw George take a weird interest in her, saying something about her being his "density," or "destiny." He seemed to have a tough time making up his mind. But "Calvin" held her interest. Especially whe Biff Tannen came in, and Calvin tripped Biff up, led Biff a merry chase around the town traffic circle, and managed to lead Biff to crash into a manure truck and get covered with it!

Not long after that, Lorraine was forward enough to ask Calvin to ask her to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Calvin did take her. But he shocked her by being incredibly square, telling her she shouldn't drink. And when she finally flung herself on him and kissed him, something went wrong. It was as if she were kissing her brother Milton, not a stranger. Which didn't make any sense.

Just then Biff Tannen showed up and dragged Calvin out of the car, saying Calvin had caused $300 in damage in the manure-truck incident. Biff's gang locked Calvin up in Marvin Berry's trunk, while Biff started to assault Lorraine.

And that was when none other than George showed up, yelling, "Hey, you! Get your d____d hands off her!" It sounded rehearsed, and died away when George realized whom he was talking to. But when Lorraine begged for his help, George did not back down. George swung a fist for Biff's stomac. Biff caught the fist and twisted George's right arm behind him. Lorraine tried to intervene, but Biff shoved her down. Then he started giggling uncontrollably--because he was drunk as a skunk.

George doubled is left hand into a fist, then swung round, disentangled himself, and connected with Biff's right jaw in a left haymaker. It caught Biff just right, spun him round, and dropped him in a heap.

George escorted Lorraine into the dance hall. There, none other than Calvin appeared as a relief guitar player--apparently Martin Berry had injured himself trying to rescue Calvin from the trunk of his car. (Lorraine probably never learned that the musicians had gone out to smoke marijuana and had not appreciated when Biff's gang had interrupted their smoke.) As the band played "Earth Angel," another bully cut in on George. About a minute later, George stepped up to the bully and shoved him down. And that was when George and Lorraine kissed for the first time.

The life they made together, after they said good-bye to Calvin, was much better. George got a literary agent to shop his first novel, a science-fiction thriller, to a New York publishing house. They enjoyed a much higher standard of living as a result. David McFly became a junior executive and worked in an office, and LInda had scores of dates. George could afford a BMW for himself and a Toyota 4x4 for his younger son, Marty. Biff survived as an independent auto detailer. And Lorraine very much appreciated the attentions of a girl at school, Jennifer Parker by name, toward Marty.

But Marty ruined himself in 1985. He accepted a challenge to a very foolish thing: a drag race on the streets. Marty hit a Rolls Royce Silver Phantom, broke his right hand, and then was involved in a lawsuit. George bailed his son out of that mess, but Marty was never the same. He became an office drone, and George and Lorraine had to support him and Jennifer and their children ever after.
Timeline 3: Hell Valley
In this timeline, Biff got rich through speculating on sporting events, and build a hotel and casino. He murdered George McFly, or had him murdered, and bullied his way to taking Lorraine's hand in marriage. He sent Marty off to boarding school. What he did with David and Linda, no one ever found out.

But that timeline did not last.
Timeline 4: Mother of a Winner
This timeline proceeded as had TImeline 2 (except that the Clayton Ravine trestle was called the Eastwood Ravine instead). But this time, Marty did not ruin himself. He refused that drag-race challenge, and came back from it breathlessly saying he had narrowly missed hitting a Rolls Royce! He also seemed to have even more self-confidence than George had ever given him. He sent in an audition tape to MCA Records, of course. MCA called him in for a tryout, again as before. But in this timeline, Marty landed a record contract with MCA. From then on, the sky was, literally, the limit.

Today, in this story universe, Marty McFly and the Pinheads are one of MCA's most successful properties. Ten Platinum records and five Grammys are the outward signs of his success.

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