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Quotes for
Edgar McGraw (Character)
from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

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Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
Earl McGraw: Son number one?
Edgar McGraw: Yeah?
Earl McGraw: This tall drink of cocksucker ain't dead.

Earl McGraw: Well, give me the gory details, Son Number One.
Edgar McGraw: It's a goddamn massacre, Pop. They wiped out the whole wedding party, execution-style.
Earl McGraw: Give me a figure.
Edgar McGraw: Nine dead bodies. And we're talking the whole she-bang: bride, groom, reverend, reverend's wife... hell, they even shot that old colored fella that plays the organ.
Earl McGraw: It would appear someone objected to this union and wasn't able to hold their peace.

Edgar McGraw: What'd I tell you, Pop? It's like a goddamn Nicaraguan death squad.
Earl McGraw: You'd better shit-can that blasphemy, boy. You're in a house of worship.

Earl McGraw: Well, this is definitely the work of professionals. I'd guess-timate Mexican Mafia hit squad. Four, maybe five strong.
Edgar McGraw: How can you tell?
Earl McGraw: Well, a sure and steady hand did this. This ain't no squirrelly amateur. This is the work of a salty dog. You can tell by the cleanliness of the carnage. Now a kill-crazy rampage though it may be, all the colors are kept within the lines. If you was a moron, you could almost admire it.

Earl McGraw: Who's the bride?
Edgar McGraw: Don't know. The name on the marriage certificate is "Arlene Machiavelli." That's a fake. We've all just been calling her "The Bride" on account of the dress.
Earl McGraw: You can tell she was pregnant. Man'd have to be a mad dog to shoot a goddamn good-looking gal like that in the head. Look at her. Hay-colored hair, big eyes. She's a little blood-spattered angel.

Death Proof (2007)
Edgar McGraw: Did any of them survive?
Earl McGraw: Shit. Two tons of metal, 200 miles an hour, flesh and bone and plain old Newton... they all princess died.