Vernita Green
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Biography for
Vernita Green (Character)
from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

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Vernita Green was a former member of the Deadly Vipers Assasination Squad, and is the second name on the Bride's Death List Five. Her code name was Copperhead. However, she once scoffed at the Bride's code name (Black Mumba), remarking that this should have been her's (presumably because of her race).

After taking part in the massacre at Two Pines, she became pregnant. She gave birth to a girl named Nikki and started a new life in Pasadena. She married Dr. Lawrence Bell and lived under the alias of Jeanie Bell.

After killing O-Ren Ishii, the Bride arrives at Vernita's house for her revenge. As soon as Vernita opens the door, the two women begin to fight. They are interrupted when Nikki arrives home from school. Vernita introducesthe Bride to Nikki as, ''an old friend of mommy's''. She also tells her daughter that the room is such a mess because of Nikki's dog, then sends her to her room. Vernita takes the Bride into the kitchen and makes her some coffee (still remembering how the Bride takes the drink). They agree to have a knife fight later at night. However, Vernita then tries to shoot the Bride with a gun concealed in a box of Kaboom cereal, but misses. The Bride reacts quickly, kicking the mug at Vernita, then throwing a knife at her heart and killing her. As the Bride cleans the knife, Nikki is shown to have witnessed the murder, and is told that her that her mother had it coming.

The Bride then returns to the car and crosses Vernita's name off her list.

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