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Biography for
Elle Driver (Character)
from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

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Elle Driver is a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and the fourth name on the Bride's Death List Five. Although no longer a member of the Deadly Vipers, she apparently still works occasionally for Bill.

Not much is known about Driver - codename California Mountain Snake - however, it is evident throughout both movies that she and the Bride are old enemies. She seems to be incredibly jealous of Beatrix, probably due to the fact that Beatrix was the former lover of Bill. Driver, who is now together with Bill, apparently greatly resents the fact that her enemy Beatrix was involved with him before her.

Elle's most notable feature is the eyepatch that she wears over her right eye. In Vol. 2, we learn that she had it snatched out by a Chinese martial arts master called Pai Mei after she called him a 'miserable old fool'.

Driver is sadistic, cruel and aggressive. After setting a venomous Black Mamba on Bill's brother, Budd, she sits in the trailer to watch him die. She also reveals to Beatrix that, after Pai Mei pulled out her eye, she poisoned him in order to pay him back. Beatrix, upon hearing this, swears to Elle that she 'doesn't have a future'. In the climax of their fight, Beatrix snatches out Elle's remaining eye and leaves her, alone and blind, in Budd's trailer.

It is not known what happen's to Elle, although it is fair to assume that the Black Mamba that was lruking it the trialer probably finished her off. However, when we see the Bride crossing Bill's name off her Death List at the end of the movie, Driver's name is not removed, but has a question mark above it.

We now know that Elle may have survived the fight because her name appears in the credits to the forth coming Kill Bill Vol 3.

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