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Biography for
The Bride (Character)
from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

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Beatrix Kiddo (known in the first Volume as 'The Bride') was an elite assassin and member of the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad (DVAS). Her code name: Black Mamba. She was the right-hand of Bill, the squad's leader.

Beatrix and Bill became lovers, and Beatrix fell pregnant with his baby. This was unknown to them until Beatrix went on her last mission. After vomiting on the plane there, she became suspicious and took a pregnancy test. Almost as soon as the test showed a positive result, she received an unwanted visit from Karen Kim, an assassin working for the woman whom Beatrix had intended to kill. The two drew their guns, but Karen left after a shaky Beatrix convinced her about the result of the pregnancy test and implied that she no longer meant to assassinate Kim's employer.

Beatrix fled from Bill (hoping to provide a 'normal' life for her child) and went to stay in El Paso, Texas, under the name of Arlene Machiavelli. There she met a man named Tommy Plympton, with whom she worked in a music shop. The two decided to get married, and Beatrix seemingly told Tommy that the baby she carried was his.

On the day of their wedding rehearsal, around half-way through, Beatrix discovers an apparently calm Bill waiting for her outside of the chapel. The two talk briefly about how Bill had found her and how her life has been since she went into hiding. When Tommy approaches, Beatrix brings Bill inside, quietly telling him to call her Arlene. She introduces him as her father and, after pleasantries, the rehearsal commences. However, unknown to Beatrix, the members of the DVAS are waiting outside. They enter the chapel and murder everyone but Beatrix. After the Squad have severely beaten her, Bill stands over Beatrix and speaks to her before shooting her in the head. Before he pulls the trigger, Beatrix tells him, ''Bill, it's your baby...''.

After the Squad vanish, the town's cops discover the crime scene. They mistakenly assume Beatrix to be dead until she unconsciously spits in the face of an officer. She is, in fact, in a coma.

In the next scene, a one-eyed woman wearing an eye patch and a nurse's uniform enters Beatrix's hospital room. She is revealed to be Elle Driver, another member of the DVAS. Just before Elle injects Beatrix's intravenous line with poison, Bill calls Elle and tells her that she must not kill Beatrix because, he says, she deserves to die a more honourable death. They agree on killing her if she ever wakes up.

Four years pass and Beatrix wakes from her coma, immediately flashing back to the moment she was shot. When she realizes that she is no longer pregnant, and figures out that she has been in a coma for four years (apparently by studying the lines on her hand), she mentally vows revenge. She hears the voice of her approaching male nurse, who has been renting Beatrix's body to clients for sex. When Buck leaves, Beatrix bites off the tongue of the potential rapist. She lies in wait for the unknowing nurse. When he enters, she cuts the back of his foot with a knife which she stole from the other man. She then slams the door against Buck's head as she tries to figure out who he is. Once she realises that he isn't an agent of Bill, and remembers what he has been doing with her comatose body, she slams the door into him for the last time. She takes his keys and finds a wheelchair, which she uses to get to the parking lot, where she finds Buck's vehicle. She enters his car.

Inside Buck's truck, Beatrix wills her big toe to wiggle, but is still unable to move her legs due to their lack of use during her coma. As she does this, she begins recalling the people who tried to kill her. She narrates a short anime, which tells the story of the first person on her death-list: O-Ren Ishii; a Chinese-Japanese-American female, who is currently the head of the Yakuza Council in Japan (''one of the most elite female assassin in the world''). After 13 hours, Beatrix is able to move her big toe; about which she says, ''the hard part's over''. Unseen to viewers, she then takes to the driver seat and drives away.

Beatrix buys a plane ticket to Okinawa, Japan, to find the ''best sword-maker in the world'': Hattori Hanzo. She ask Hattori Hanzo to make her a sword, but he refuses. Beatrix convinces him by telling him the person she intends to kill. Hanzo tells Beatrix that she will be sleeping there in the time that it will take for him to make the sword - a month.

A month passes, and Beatrix receives her Hanzo sword and heads for Tokyo to begin her revenge. This results in ''The Showdown At the House Of Blue Leaves'', beginning when Beatrix cuts off the arm of O-Ren's best friend, Sofie Fatale. She is then faced with the challenge of bringing down O-Ren's posse, the Crazy 88. She succeeds; killing some and leaving others in agony. Afterwards, she crosses swords outside with O-Ren, who manages to injure Beatrix. However, Beatrix soon slices off part of the head of her enemy.

She then takes Sofie to a hospital and tells her to tell Bill everything that happened that evening, including that he, too, will soon be as dead as O-Ren.

(In terms of the film times, this is when the first Volume ends.)

Beatrix returns to the US and drives to Pasadena, California. (In the film, we see this scene first before we see Beatrix fly to Okinawa and Tokyo.) Here she finds the home of the second person on her death list: Vernita Green. Vernita, now named Jeanie Bell, is living as a peaceful housewife. Beatrix and Vernita fight, only to be stopped by Vernita's daughter, Nikki, who arrives home from school. Vernita sends Nikki to another room. The two women go to the kitchen and talk a little before Vernita fires a concealed gun. Beatrix reacts quickly, kicking her mug at Vernita before throwing a knife into her heart. Unknown to Beatrix, Nikki is stood behind her, watching. Beatrix tells Nikki that her mother ''had it coming'', and that if she (Nikki) still feels sore about it when she is older, Beatrix will be waiting.

She leaves and heads for the third name on her death list: Budd, Bill's brother. Before she can attack, Budd shoots her with rock salt, which knocks her out. He steals Beatrix's sword, then takes her to a cemetery. When she wakes up, she is still paralysed, but deliberately spits in Budd's face in anger. Budd gives her the choice between having a flashlight in the grave that he intends to bury her (alive) in, or having acid in her face. Thus, Beatrix cooperates. Once inside the grave, she lies in the dark for a while, evidently feeling panicked. However, she then recalls the training she had in China with her Master Pai Mei.

Beatrix originally told Pai Mei that Bill was her Master, but after a gruelling time in training, this changes. In the flashback, we see her carry heavy buckets of water up many steps of stairs; learn how to be a better sword fighter; learn other styles of fighting, and more. In terms of the graveyard scene, the most important aspect of this training was Beatrix learning to have the will and determination to punch through wood.

We return to her lying in the grave. She undoes the ropes which bind her, and proceeds to punch through the coffin in which she is trapped.

When she is free, she walks to the nearest diner and enters, covered in dirt. She orders a glass of water.

She then returns to where Budd's house is, and stands on a hill, watching. On entry, she fights with Elle, who has already killed Budd and taken Beatrix's Hanzo sword. Beatrix discovers Budd's old Hanzo sword, which was thought to have been sold. She crosses swords with Elle, but it is the action of plucking out Elle's other eye which results in Beatrix 'winning' the fight. She leaves a screaming Elle in the trailer and sets out to find Bill.

Beatrix comes to Mexico to talk to Bill's adoptive father, Esteban Vihaio. After a discussion, Esteban tells Beatrix that he will draw her a map of where Bill is.

Beatrix drives to Bill's place only to find him with their four-year old daughter, B.B. In shock, Beatrix stares; tearing up. Up until now, she had still believed her daughter to have died when the DVAS attacked. The man and child are playing a game, in which they pretend Beatrix (who enters with a gun) has shot them. For B.B's sake, Beatrix joins in, and what was supposed to be a fight to the death results in several hours of the three discussing different topics (including where Beatrix had been and why).

When B.B. gets into bed, Bill asks if her and Beatrix would like to watch a movie together before B.B. sleeps. They lie in bed watching 'Shogun Assassin'. When B.B is asleep, Beatrix leaves her room to end her business with Bill.

The adults begin to talk, but Beatrix is anxious to fight. Whilst attempting to reach for her weapon, she is shot by Bill with a dart containing a truth serum. Bill then interrogates her on the events leading up to the massacre in the chapel. (This is when we learn about Beatrix discovering her pregnancy, and the story of Karen Kim.) After Beatrix has finished telling Bill the events, we see them outside at a table.

A sword fight ensues across the table, but ends when Beatrix performs Pai Mei's 'Five Point Exploding Heart Technique' on Bill (five pressure points are hit, resulting in death when the victim takes five paces). Bill had told Beatrix about Pai Mei's ability to do this before he sent Beatrix to train with him, but Beatrix had never revealed to Bill that Pai Mei had taught her how to perform it. Beatrix is sad that she kept this information from Bill. He comforts her and asks if he looks ready (to die), to which she replies positively. She then watches Bill take the five steps before he falls down dead.

Beatrix carries a sleeping B.B. away from the house and gets into a vehicle.

Later, Beatrix is lay crying and laughing on the floor of a bathroom, presumably in her new house. Although she probably feels very emotional about the recent events, and about having her daughter back, this could also be the result of the truth serum with which Beatrix was earlier injected. Bill told her at the time that euphoria was a possible side effect.

Beatrix stops crying and joins her daughter, who is watching a cartoon. The movie ends.

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