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Quotes for
Maynard (Character)
from Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Pulp Fiction (1994)
Zed: Bring out the Gimp.
Maynard: Gimp's sleeping.
Zed: Well, I guess you're gonna have to go wake him up now, won't you?

Maynard: Nobody kills anyone in my store except me and Zed.
[doorbell rings]
Maynard: That's Zed.

Maynard: [Butch runs into Maynard's pawn shop being chased by Marsellus] Can I help you with somethin'?
Butch: Shut the fuck up!
Maynard: Hey you just wait a god damn minute now! What the fuck you up to?
Butch: [Marsellus enters, Butch wrestle him to the floor then starts to punch him] Come here motherfucker! Feel that sting, big boy? That's pride fucking with you! Gotta fight through that shit!
Marsellus: You better kill me!
Butch: [Brings up a gun] Yeah, somebody gonna get killed. SOMEBODY GONNA GET THEIR FUCKING HEAD BLOWN OFF!
Maynard: [Points a shotgun at them] Hold it right there, goddammit!
Butch: It's none of your business, mister!
Maynard: I'm making it my business. Toss the weapon.
Butch: You don't understand, man!
Maynard: Toss the weapon.
Maynard: [Butch throws the gun away] Get yer foot of the nigger, put yer hands behind yer head and spproach the counter right now.
Maynard: [Hits Butch with the shotgun then makes a call] Zed? It's Maynard. Yeah, spider just caught a couple of flies.