Jules Winnfield
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Biography for
Jules Winnfield (Character)
from Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Whether he was working for gang boss Marsellus Wallace or not, for years one thing that gangster Jules Winnfield openly recited was a version of the Biblical chapter Ezekiel 25:17 to his victims before he killed them. One day, a job for Wallace goes awry when his employees Winnfield and Vincent Vega go to recover a briefcase that was stolen from Wallace. Winnfield and Vega dispatch Wallace's ex-partners with gunplay and ease. When their work seems complete, an extra man who was hiding in a spare room in the apartment attacks the hitmen by surprise, shooting at them with his .357 handgun. None of the extra man's shots hit their targets. Jules and Vincent shoot the extra man dead.

While Vincent chalks the incident up to luck, Jules's reaction is different, as he argues that God stopped the bullets. Jules and Vincent leave, carrying the briefcase and taking with them a fourth man, Marvin. In their moving car, while the hitmen discuss what exactly happened in their favor, Vincent accidentally shoots Marvin in the face. The resulting explosion covers the hitmen and their car's interior in blood and guts. Jules and Vincent narrowly get out of trouble with help from Jules's buddy Jimmie Dimmick, and an acquaintance of Marsellus's, Winston Wolf.

Jules and Vincent take a breather at a restaurant where they eat breakfast and get into it again over Jules' recollection of "divine intervention." Then, the coffee shop is hijacked by a pair of armed robbers by the names of Pumpkin and Honey Bunny. With guile, Jules gets the upper hand over the robbers. He lets Pumpkin and Honey Bunny leave with a large sum of money that they took from the diners. Jules restates his Biblical quotation to them, saying he feels that he is "the tyranny of evil men," but he is trying "to be a shepherd." Jules and Vince walk out with Marsellus's precious briefcase, which they return to him. Jules and Vincent go their separate ways, Jules having hinted at a future peripatetic life following God's will.

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