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Quotes for
Armus (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Skin of Evil (#1.22)" (1988)
Capt. Picard: A great poet once said: "All spirits are enslaved that serve things evil."
Voice of Armus: You do not understand. I do not serve things evil; I *am* evil.
Capt. Picard: Oh, no. You're not.
Voice of Armus: I am a skin of evil, left here by a race of Titans, who believed if they rid themselves of me, they would free the bonds of destructiveness.

Doctor Beverly Crusher: What is he made of?
Lt. Cmdr. Data: It did not register on the tricorder.
Voice of Armus: "It"? Does that mean I am not alive?
Lt. Cmdr. Data: No. Clearly you are some kind of intelligent form.
Voice of Armus: But you said I did not register on your instrument. Perhaps your instruments are useless.

Counselor Deanna Troi: You were really surprised they came back.
Voice of Armus: Yes.
Counselor Deanna Troi: Why? Because the others did not?
Voice of Armus: What others?
Counselor Deanna Troi: You can't hide the emptiness from me. The others - the ones who hurt you. Who left you alone, rejected. The ones who make you so angry.
Voice of Armus: What do you know of them?
Counselor Deanna Troi: Only what you tell me.
Voice of Armus: I will tell you nothing!
Counselor Deanna Troi: Not now. But soon.

Counselor Deanna Troi: Who deserted you?
Voice of Armus: Creatures whose beauty now dazzles all who see them. They would not exist without me.
Counselor Deanna Troi: You were together?
Voice of Armus: They perfected a means of bringing to the surface all that was evil and negative within, erupting, spreading, connecting. In time, it formed a second skin, dank and vile.
Counselor Deanna Troi: You.
Voice of Armus: Yes.

Voice of Armus: Save your compassion! It's revolting. You offer it like a prize, when in fact, it's an insult.
Capt. Picard: Because you feel unworthy.
Voice of Armus: You overrate your gift. You Humans are puny, weak.
Capt. Picard: But our spirit is indomitable.
Voice of Armus: And still you die from a flake of my power.

Voice of Armus: Do you want to know why I killed her?
Counselor Deanna Troi: Your answer would be meaningless. That act had no reason.
Voice of Armus: Exactly! It had no meaning. I did it because I wanted to. It amused me.
Counselor Deanna Troi: No. You thought it would amuse you; but it didn't.

Counselor Deanna Troi: They won't give you what you want.
Voice of Armus: And what is that?
Counselor Deanna Troi: To break their spirit.
Voice of Armus: Oh, is that what I want? If breaking their spirit will amuse me, then that's what I will have.
Counselor Deanna Troi: Never!

Voice of Armus: Tell me, tin man, how does it feel to face your own extinction?
Lt. Cmdr. Data: Curious.

Voice of Armus: [referring to Riker] Should I let him go?
Counselor Deanna Troi: You only ask to torment me!
Voice of Armus: Perhaps.
Counselor Deanna Troi: How should I answer? What can I offer except myself?
Voice of Armus: And would you give yourself for him? Would you give that much?
Counselor Deanna Troi: Yes. Without hesitation!
Voice of Armus: Just for him?
Counselor Deanna Troi: No, not just for him. I would do the same for any of the others.

Lt. Cmdr. Data: You are capable of great sadism and cruelty. Interesting. No redeeming qualities.
Voice of Armus: So, what do you think?
Lt. Cmdr. Data: I think you should be destroyed.
Voice of Armus: A moral judgment from a machine.

Doctor Beverly Crusher: [to Armus] I'm a doctor. I need to treat our injured comrades.
Voice of Armus: Say please.
Doctor Beverly Crusher: Please.
Voice of Armus: You asked nicely. I will allow it.
[Beverly starts moving for the downed shuttlecraft]
Voice of Armus: Wait... I've changed my mind.

Commander William T. Riker: [Deanna is in a downed shuttlecraft but Armus is blocking the away team's path to her] She needs our help!
Voice of Armus: So what?