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Ralph Furlong (Character)
from Star Trek: Borg (1996) (VG)

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Star Trek: Borg (1996) (VG)
Ralph Furlong: Better dead than Borg. Agreed?
[They do a three way handshake]
Ralph Furlong: Even Quint.
Anastastia Targus: Not even Quint deserves to be Borgafied, but the Borg definatly deserve Quint.

Q: [You've made it back up to the moment your father died, and are re-watching it from the eyes of the person who should've been there] Here we are again, back at the beginning, except this time YOU are security, instead of that little mouse of an ensign.
Ralph Furlong: The Tolstoy just took a major hit.
Q: Are you going to be able to save them or not?

Ralph Furlong: I think by now, all my friends are tired of hearing me brag about Qaylan. I'm sure they don't want to hear anymore.
Q: Do you hear that, Sprint? You don't want to hear Furlong talking about his whiny brat now, do you?
[Player kicks Q in the crotch]
Q: [Doubling over in pain] Ohhhh!
Dr. Bennington Biraka: Come on, Quint, you'll be okay. Just catch your breath. If you just didn't try so hard to make everyone dislike you!
Q: [In a high-pitched voice] S-Spare me the psycho! You don't have to psychoanalyze me!

Dr. Bennington Biraka: [to Lt. Sprint] Lieutenant! Are you alright?
Ralph Furlong: Sprint? He's an Ox! Nothing scares him!
Anastastia Targus: And nothing hurts him. Isn't that right, Lieutenant?
Dr. Bennington Biraka: There are *all* kinds of pain, Lieutenant. Don't let the fact that you are Bijani prevent you from acknowledging the hurt!