Dr. M'Benga
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Dr. M'Benga (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: A Private Little War (#2.19)" (1968)
Scott: [Kirk and McCoy are holding Spock when they transport up] What happened, Captain?
Capt. Kirk: Lead projectile. Primitive firearm.
Dr. M'Benga: [They put Spock on the bed] Vitalizer 'B.'
[Gives Spock an injection]
Dr. McCoy: Pressure backing.
[Nurse hands pressure backing to McCoy]
Dr. McCoy: Lucky his heart is where his liver should be or he'd be dead now.
Dr. M'Benga: Not good, sir.
Dr. McCoy: Coranalin!
Capt. Kirk: [Whistle from ship; Alarm goes off] Bones, can you save him?
Uhura: [Uhura talks through the speaker/intercom] All decks, Red Alert! Battle Stations! Battle Stations! Go to Red Alert!
Capt. Kirk: [Kirk walks to intercom] Kirk here.
Uhura: Uhura, sir. We have a Klingon vessel on our screen.
Capt. Kirk: On my way. Scotty?
[Kirk and Scott walk to door / door opens]
Capt. Kirk: Bones?
Dr. McCoy: I don't know yet, Jim.
[Kirk and Scott leave transporter room]

Mr. Spock: [wheezing] Nurse.
Nurse Chapel: Yes?
Mr. Spock: Hit me. The pain will help me to regain consciousness. Hit me.
Nurse Chapel: Hit you? No! I can't...
Mr. Spock: I ask you, strike me. If I don't regain consciousness soon, it may be too late. Hit me!
[unsure, she slaps him]
Mr. Spock: Harder!
[she begins slapping him harder]
Mr. Spock: Again! Continue, the pain will help me to consciousness.
Scott: [Scott enters Sickbay and sees Nurse Chapel slapping the unconscious Mr. Spock] What are you doing, woman?
Nurse Chapel: [pulled away by Scott] Leave me alone!
Scott: Have you gone daft?
Nurse Chapel: Mr. Spock needs me! Let go!
[Dr. M'Benga runs past and starts slapping Spock]
Mr. Spock: [Grabs Dr. M'Begna's wrist] That will be quite enough. Thank you, Doctor.
Dr. M'Benga: [to Mr. Scott] Please, release her.
Scott: What's this all about?
Mr. Spock: She was doing as I requested, Mr. Scott, a Vulcan form of self-healing.
Dr. M'Benga: As you saw, they must wait until the last possible moment, then fight their way back to consciousness.
Nurse Chapel: Here, let me help you, Mr. Spock.
[goes to Spock]
Mr. Spock: Thank you, nurse. I'm quite fully recovered.
Nurse Chapel: Yes, I see you are.

Dr. M'Benga: Don't let these low panel readings bother you. I've seen this before in Vulcans. It's their way of concentrating all their strength, blood and antibodies onto the injured organs - a form of self-induced hypnosis.
Nurse Chapel: You mean he's conscious?
Dr. M'Benga: Well, in a sense. He knows we're here and what we're saying, but he can't afford to take his mind from the tissue he's fighting to heal. I suppose he even knows you were holding his hand.
Nurse Chapel: [embarrassed] A good nurse always treats her patients that way. It proves she's interested.

"Star Trek: That Which Survives (#3.17)" (1969)
Mr. Spock: Spock to Sickbay. Have you completed the autopsy on Watkins, Doctor?
Dr. M'Benga: Yes, we have, Mr. Spock.
Mr. Spock: Was the cause of his death the same as that which killed the transporter officer?
Dr. M'Benga: Well, the pattern of cellular disruption was the same, but as to the cause, well, your guess is as good as mine.
Mr. Spock: My guess, Doctor, would be valueless. I suggest we refrain from guessing and find some facts.