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Commander Bruce Maddox (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Measure of a Man (#2.9)" (1989)
Lt. Commander Data: I am the culmination of one man's dream. This is not ego, or vanity. But when Dr. Soong created me, he added to the substance of the universe. If, by your experiments, I am destroyed, something unique, something wonderful will be lost. I cannot permit that. I must protect his dream.
Commander Bruce Maddox: And so must I.

Commander Bruce Maddox: You are endowing Data with human characteristics because it looks human. But it is not. If it were a box on wheels, I would not be facing this opposition.

Capt. Picard: Now, tell me, Commander, what is Data?
Commander Bruce Maddox: I don't understand.
Capt. Picard: What is he?
Commander Bruce Maddox: A machine!
Capt. Picard: Is he? Are you sure?
Commander Bruce Maddox: Yes!
Capt. Picard: You see, he's met two of your three criteria for sentience, so what if he meets the third, consciousness, in even the smallest degree? What is he then? I don't know. Do you?
Capt. Picard: [to Riker] Do you?
Capt. Picard: [to Louvois] Do you? Well, that's the question you have to answer.

Commander Bruce Maddox: [of Data] He is remarkable.
Captain Phillipa Louvois: You didn't call him 'it'.