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Helena Rozhenko (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Family (#4.2)" (1990)
CPO Sergey Rozhenko, ret.: [about Worf as a child] So we walk into the school, and we didn't know what to expect - is Worf hurt, is he in some kind of trouble? The door opens, and there is our little seven-year-old sitting on a chair and glaring across the room at five teenage boys, all of them with bloody noses!
[Geordi laughs]
Helena Rozhenko: And then the principal looked up and said, "Please, tell me he's an only child."

CPO Sergey Rozhenko, ret.: [of Worf] He never wanted any Human food while he was growing up. Everything had to be Klingon.
Helena Rozhenko: I learned to cook rokeg blood pie.
CPO Sergey Rozhenko, ret.: However, we never quite learned how to eat it.

Helena Rozhenko: I'm afraid that Worf feels that... we do not understand him.
Guinan: Well, part of him may feel that way. There's another part that I've seen - part that comes in and... drinks prune juice. Part that looks out the window towards home. He's not looking towards the Klingon Empire. He's looking towards you.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: New Ground (#5.10)" (1992)
Helena Rozhenko: Alexander is a, is a fine boy, Worf. He's, he's smart and he's high-spirited, a lot like you were at that age. And sometimes, when he comes running through the house, then he knocks over that big green lamp, just like you used to do.
Lieutenant Worf: I don't remember you smiling when I knocked over that lamp.
Helena Rozhenko: Well, maybe once, when you weren't looking.