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Quotes for
Col. Fellini (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Tomorrow Is Yesterday (#1.19)" (1967)
Capt. Kirk: All right, Colonel. The truth is, I'm a little green man from Alpha Centauri, a beautiful place. You ought to see it.
Lieutenant Colonel Fellini: I am going to lock you up for 200 years.
Capt. Kirk: That ought to be just about right.

Lieutenant Colonel Fellini: I want to know how you got in here. Now, that's a simple question. Give me a simple answer. Nobody saw you. You got all the way inside here without tripping any alarm. How did you do it?
Capt. Kirk: Believe me, Colonel... you wouldn't believe me.
Lieutenant Colonel Fellini: Now, don't try to be funny. How did you get in?
Capt. Kirk: I popped in out of thin air.