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Kelis the Poet (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Muse (#6.22)" (2000)
B'Elanna Torres: Who are you?
Kelis the Poet: Kelis. Kelis the Poet. Your servant.

Kelis the Poet: When a gift falls from the heavens, only a fool would let her go.

Kelis the Poet: Tell me about Earth.
B'Elanna Torres: I have to sing for my supper, huh?
Kelis the Poet: We all do - in one way or another.

Kelis the Poet: Tom Paris. Are you in love with him?
B'Elanna Torres: Supper is over!

B'Elanna Torres: You made a play out of our logs?
Kelis the Poet: "The Away Mission of B'Elanna Torres". My patron was impressed.
B'Elanna Torres: He has great taste.

Kelis the Poet: Stay and help me. I still need an ending.
B'Elanna Torres: You'll figure something out.
Kelis the Poet: "B'Elanna Torres dies tragically..."
B'Elanna Torres: You wouldn't dare.

Kelis the Poet: We have to support each other, we poets.
B'Elanna Torres: I'm an engineer. I fix things.
Kelis the Poet: From the looks of it, you're not doing so well.
B'Elanna Torres: Are you a poet or a critic?

Kelis the Poet: [about the types of artifice in theater] Mistaken identity - a character who is someone else. Discovery - the moment when that identity is revealed. Reversal - a situation that turns from good to bad in a blink of an eye.
Chorus #1: Find the truth of your story, and you won't need all those tricks.
Chorus #1: [to Torres] I don't know how things are done across the Eastern Sea; but here, poets have become lazy. They rely on manipulation to move their audience. It wasn't always that way.

[Kelis has reprimanded Jero for crying while playing the part of Tuvok]
Kelis the Poet: The land of Vulcan has no laughter, and it has no tears. It is a very quiet place, calm, just like Tuvok.
Jero: I can't believe that!
Kelis the Poet: You don't have to. Just don't cry!
Jero: The audience won't believe it either. They'll either think Tuvok is an unfeeling monster, or that I am a bad performer.
Kelis the Poet: They'll realize that beneath your unfeeling exterior is a heart that's breaking, silently, and in more pain than any of us can possibly understand, because that's what it is to be Vulcan!

Kelis the Poet: Anger is like fire. Love can be the rain that extinguishes it. My patron is filled with hatred for his rival. So our play should be filled with love.
B'Elanna Torres: You can't change somebody's way of life with a few lines of dialogue.
Kelis the Poet: Yes, you can! It's been done before. Do you know what this place used to be, a hundred years ago? A temple. And this was the altar stone. Every year, a victim would be sacrificed on it, in honor of winter. And then, one year - nobody remembers exactly when or why - a play took the place of the ritual. And no one had to die here again. Why can't my play take the place of a war?
B'Elanna Torres: Well, you're gonna have to do a lot better than Harry Kim kissing the Delaney sisters.

Kelis the Poet: I'll be inspired... every time I think of you.

[last lines]
[epilog of Kelis's play]
Kelis the Poet: These stories will continue - for as long as we have the breath to tell them. And as long as our patrons remain wise, and compassionate. And Voyager will continue on her journey to the gleaming cities of Earth, where peace reigns, and hatred has no home.

Kelis the Poet: She told me her story, and now I've told you.