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Caithlin Dar (Character)
from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Caithlin Dar: Gentlemen, I'm Caithlin Dar.
St. John Talbot: Ah, yes. Our new Romulan representative. Welcome to Paradise City, my dear, capital of this so-called 'Planet of Galactic Peace'. I'm St. John Talbot, the Federation representative here on Nimbus III. My charming companion here in the Klingon consul Korrd.
Korrd: [belches loudly]
Caithlin Dar: I expect that's Klingon for 'hello'.
St. John Talbot: Won't you come in, my dear.

Caithlin Dar: Twenty years ago, our three governments agreed to develop this planet together. A new age was born.
St. John Talbot: Our new age died a quick death. The settlers we conned into coming here, they were the dregs of the galaxy. They immediately took to fighting amongst themselves. We forbade them weapons, and they soon began to fashion their own.
Caithlin Dar: Well, then it appears I have arrived just in time.