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Quotes for
Falow (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Move Along Home (#1.9)" (1993)
Major Kira Nerys: You mean... we were never in any real danger?
Falow: [derisively] It's only a game.

Falow: Move along, move along home!

Falow: Chula!

Falow: Double their peril, double your winnings!

[Commander Sisko is introducing his senior staff to the Wadi]
Falow: [uninterested] Yes... yes... yes, now - where are the games?
Commander Sisko: Games?
Falow: We were told you had games... 'Quark's'. Take us to 'Quark's'.
[Sisko looks at the others, dumbfounded]
Major Kira: [motioning] Right this way.
[she leads the Wadi away]
Commander Sisko: First contact is not what it used to be.

Falow: We like games.
Quark: Doesn't everybody?

Falow: Choose their path!

Falow: Your pieces will meet the Chandra.
Quark: The Chandra? What does that mean? Is that good or bad?
Falow: Neither. Both.
Quark: I don't understand.
Falow: Ah, but there's the key. Some will never understand, while others will consider it... mere child's play.

Falow: Final wagers - last move!

Falow: Time to move along home.