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Quotes for
Lokai (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (#3.15)" (1969)
[Bele and Lokai are bi-colored aliens whose skin is white on one side and black on the other, except on differing sides]
Bele: You're finished, Lokai! We've got your kind penned in on Cheron into little districts, and it's no good to change. You've combed the galaxy and come up with nothing but mono-colored trash, do-gooders and bleeding hearts. You're dead, you half-white!
Lokai: [to the crew] You useless pieces of bland flesh.

Lokai: [to Kirk] What a fool I am. Expecting help from someone like you.

Lokai: I am not a thief.
Captain James T. Kirk: Well, certainly no ordinary thief, considering what it is you... appropriated.
Lokai: You're being very loose with your accusations and drawing conclusions without any facts.
Captain James T. Kirk: Well, I DO KNOW that you made off with a ship that didn't belong to you!
Lokai: I do not "make off" with things. My need gave me the right to use the ship. Mark the word, sir - the "use" of it.
Captain James T. Kirk: You can try those technical evasions on Starfleet Command. That's where you'll be facing your charges.
Lokai: I am grateful for your rescue.
Captain James T. Kirk: Don't mention it. We're pleased to have caught you.

Lokai: You monotone humans are all alike. First you condemn and then attack!

Dr. McCoy: Well, however we view him, captain, he's certainly no ordinary specimen. Well, Lokai, I don't know what's normal for you exactly, but if I had your readings I would be the most incredible physical specimen of all time. We've never encountered a being like you. I'd like to know more about you and your planet.
Lokai: I'm very tired.
Captain James T. Kirk: And very evasive, or at least not fully responsive. Now then...
Lokai: I insist, I'm extremely tired, made so by your vindictive cross examinations. I will answer no more questions.