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Silik (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: Storm Front: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2004)
Silik: You persist in asking questions you know I will not answer.

Silik: [to Archer] Do we really need these people?
Carmine: What do you mean, "these people"?
Silik: [to Archer, ignoring Carmine] I don't see how they can be of any use to us.
Carmine: I'll tell you how I can be of use to you. How about I start removing your teeth with my knuckles?
Capt. Jonathan Archer: [intervening] All right, all right...
Silik: [to Carmine] Are you threatening me?
Carmine: Hey, get the man a prize!
Silik: Why would you do that?

Silik: You've changed, Captain.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: And none at all for the better.

[Silik has been shot in a fight with German soldiers]
Silik: [to Archer] You've... proven a worthy opponent, Captain. I would've... preferred to die fighting you. But I suppose I can settle for this.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave: Part 2 (#2.1)" (2002)
[Silik has drugged T'Pol for interrogation]
Silik: Where is Archer?
Subcommander T'Pol: I don't know.
Silik: Who are you working with from the future?
Subcommander T'Pol: The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.
Silik: Does Captain Archer agree with that opinion?
Subcommander T'Pol: This is not an opinion.
Silik: Does Archer agree with that determination?
Subcommander T'Pol: Captain Archer believes Crewman Daniels... comes from the future.
Silik: But Daniels is dead.
Subcommander T'Pol: Captain Archer claims he saw Daniels two days ago.
Silik: Your Captain is gone. Did Daniels take him into the past or the future?
Subcommander T'Pol: Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.

[Silik tries to contact his master via a communication device, but only a shadow appears in the beam]
Silik: I don't know how to operate this device, I need your help!
[the shadow speaks with undistinguishable voice]
Silik: I hear you, but I don't understand. Repeat what you said, please - repeat what you said!
[the shadow suddenly jumps out of the beam and kicks Silik who falls over backwards]
Captain Archer: [giving Silik another punch in the face] I said you're an ugly bastard!

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cold Front (#1.11)" (2001)
Silik: Did they tell you that the 22nd century was going to be your final resting place?
[to Daniels, before shooting him]