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Captain Erika Hernandez (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: Home (#4.3)" (2004)
Captain Erika Hernandez: The bar is reserved for regular customers. Galactic heroes have to sit at a table.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Seen any good movies while I was gone?
Captain Erika Hernandez: Another World War III epic. Swept all the awards. But you haven't missed much. Earth's been holding its breath for the past year, wondering if the Xindi were gonna come back and finish the job. On the bright side, there've been more weddings and births than ever before.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I don't see a ring.
Captain Erika Hernandez: I'm married to Starfleet - just like you.

Captain Erika Hernandez: You all right?
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm not even sure what all right means anymore.
Captain Erika Hernandez: Want to talk about it? There's an old code among climbers. Anything that happens on the mountain stays there.

Captain Jonathan Archer: I had an argument once with Captain Jefferies. He was one of the designers of the NX-Class.
Captain Erika Hernandez: I'm aware of that.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I told him I didn't want to be in command of a warship trying to make first contact with new species. Jefferies was right. We needed those weapons. And a hell of a lot more.

Captain Jonathan Archer: You want to know why I'm out here? I figured this was the last place I'd run into anyone who'd wanna shake my hand or... take my picture or tell me I'm an inspiration to their children. If they knew what I'd done...
Captain Erika Hernandez: You did what any captain would've done.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Does that include torture? Or marooning a ship full of innocent people? Because I don't remember reading those chapters in the handbook.

Captain Jonathan Archer: If we weren't out there stirring up trouble, seven million people might still be alive.
Captain Erika Hernandez: You weren't stirring up trouble, you were exploring.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm not sure there's much of a difference.
Captain Erika Hernandez: So what do you suggest? Put our starships in mothballs?
Captain Jonathan Archer: No. We need them. But look at the Vulcans. They're not explorers. They keep their ships close to home. Never know who's gonna come calling.
Captain Erika Hernandez: That's not the mission either one of us signed up for.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Maybe you'll feel differently after you've delivered a few dozen eulogies.

Captain Jonathan Archer: All I'm trying to do is get away from you. I look at you, and I see the person I was three years ago - the explorer that my father wanted me to be. I lost something out there. And I don't know how to get it back.
[Hernandez kisses him]
Captain Jonathan Archer: What was that?
Captain Erika Hernandez: Something I haven't done in a while. Whatever you lost... maybe I can help you find it.

Captain Erika Hernandez: You know... there's still something I'm not quite clear about.
Captain Jonathan Archer: What's that?
Captain Erika Hernandez: Why did we stop seeing each other?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Well... I was your superior officer. It was inappropriate.
Captain Erika Hernandez: You're not my superior anymore.
[they kiss]
Captain Erika Hernandez: I wonder if Starfleet would approve - the captains of the only two warp-5 ships?
Captain Jonathan Archer: You're forgetting the climbers' code.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Affliction (#4.15)" (2005)
Captain Erika Hernandez: Commander - drop by the quartermaster's at the end of your shift.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Ma'am?
Captain Erika Hernandez: Might wanna...
[she pats her Columbia badge]
Captain Erika Hernandez: ...update your uniform.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I don't know who's in charge of your mess hall, but he could give the chef on Enterprise a run for his money.
Captain Erika Hernandez: I stole him from the Republic. Captain Jennings said I could have anything I wanted when I left. So I took his cook.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Divergence (#4.16)" (2005)
Captain Jonathan Archer: Thanks for your help.
Captain Erika Hernandez: I don't know how you survived all these years without me.