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Cloud William (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: The Omega Glory (#2.23)" (1968)
Captain James T. Kirk: [to Spock] Keep working on the window if we're ever gonna regain our freedom.
Cloud William: Freedom?
[he gets up]
Cloud William: Freedom?
Captain James T. Kirk: Spock.
Mr. Spock: Yes, I heard, Captain.
Cloud William: That is a worship word, Yang worship. You will not speak it.

Captain James T. Kirk: Why did you not speak until now?
Cloud William: You speak to Kohms. They're only for killing.

Captain James T. Kirk: In my land we have a tribe like you.
Cloud William: Where is your tribe?
Captain James T. Kirk: Up there. One of those points of light that you see at night.
Yang Scholar: Why are you here? Were you cast out?
Captain James T. Kirk: You're confusing the stars with heaven.
Captain Tracey: He was cast out! Don't you recognize the Evil One? Who else would trick you with your own sacred words? Let your God strike me dead if I lie. But he won't, because I speak for him.

Cloud William: Ay plegli ianectu flaggen, tupep like for stahn...
Captain James T. Kirk: And to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Cloud William: That which is ours is ours again. It will never be taken from us again.

Yang Scholar: One of them lies.
Cloud William: But which one? If we should kill good, then evil would be among us.