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Akorem Laan (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Accession (#4.16)" (1996)
Major Kira: Who are you?
Akorem Laan: I am the Emissary.

Akorem Laan: [to Sisko] Your pagh is strong. I see now why Kai Opaka believed you were the Emissary. And why Winn fears you.

[Sisko is criticizing Akorem's plan to bring back Bajor's ancient traditions]
Akorem Laan: Must I remind you, Captain? I'm merely fulfilling the will of the Prophets.
Captain Sisko: How do you know that?
Akorem Laan: I'm the Emissary.
Captain Sisko: And what you've done with the position has made me wish I had never given it up.