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Koloth (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Blood Oath (#2.19)" (1994)
[Odo discovers an aged Klingon entered his office undetected while his back was turned]
Odo: How did you get in here?
Koloth: I am Koloth.
Odo: That doesn't answer my question.
Koloth: Yes, it does.

Kor: How do we know that he's even inside?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Good question.
Koloth: [gets up] Wait here!
Kor: Where're you going?
Koloth: I'm going to find out if he's inside.
Kor: And how do you intend to do that?
Koloth: I'll *ask* somebody!

Koloth: [wounded] I didn't see him coming.
Kor: Even you cannot have eyes in the back of your head, my friend.

Koloth: [to Kor] I will not die before you do, you thunderous bulk!

[Koloth carefully cuts a piece of cake in half]
Kor: [laughing] Look at him. He practices cuts and thrusts even with his food! Little children do that.
Koloth: A sharp knife is nothing without a sharp eye.
Kor: [to Dax] Oh? It's been forty years since even his good eye was sharp. Ah, it's luck when you hit the plate!

[a drunken Kor is passed out in a holding cell]
Odo: Sir, if you'll wake up, I'll release you into your friend's custody.
Kor: [looks up] K-Koloth? wIj jup, my old friend. Oh, I knew you'd be here.
Koloth: You disgrace yourself, and our purpose! I do not go into battle with one whose honor is washed away in Breshtanti ale!
Koloth: [to Odo] Keep him!
[storms out]

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: [to Kang] I'm Dax, godfather of your son.
Koloth: You are no one's godfather!
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: I am Dax, godfather of your son.
Kang: So - you are the same Dax who took a blood oath with us, to seek vengeance?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Don't mistake a new face for a new soul, Kang.

Kang: We will overwhelm them, to glorious victory!
Koloth: Or a glorious death!
Kor: It is a good day to die.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: It is a good day to die.

"Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles (#2.15)" (1967)
Capt. Kirk: Captain Koloth, about that apology...
Koloth: Yes?
Capt. Kirk: You have six hours to get your ship out of Federation territory.