First Officer Matthew Ryan
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First Officer Matthew Ryan (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fortunate Son (#1.10)" (2001)
Nausicaan Captain: Our scans show you have one of our crewmen aboard. I assume you're here to return him.
First Officer Matthew Ryan: He's our prisoner.
Nausicaan Captain: He won't be for long.

[Ryan is having a look at Enterprise's warp five engine]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Once they get installed in the next generation of freighters, they'll change a whole lot of things.
Ensign Travis Mayweather: Even with a warp three engine you'd be able to cut a five-year cargo run down to six months.
First Officer Matthew Ryan: Our warp 1.8 works just fine for us. Any faster, and there'd be no time to enjoy the trip.