Dr. Simon van Gelder
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Dr. Simon van Gelder (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Dagger of the Mind (#1.9)" (1966)
Dr. Simon van Gelder: You smug, button-pushing brass hat! Wash your hands of it. Is that your system?

Mr. Spock: [performing a mind meld] You begin to feel a strange euphoria... your body floats...
Dr. Simon van Gelder: Yes... I began to feel it.
Mr. Spock: Open your mind; we move together... our minds sharing the same thoughts...

Mr. Spock: What did he do to us?
Dr. Simon van Gelder: He can reshape any mind he chooses. He used it to erase our memories, put his own thoughts there. He was surprised it took so much power. We fought him, remember? But we grew so tired. Our minds so blank, so open, that any thought he placed there became our thoughts. Our minds so empty, like a sponge needing thoughts, begging, empty. Loneliness. So lonely to be sitting there empty, wanting any word from him.