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Andrea (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (#1.7)" (1966)
Andrea: I'm Andrea. You must be Christine. I've always thought how beautiful your name is.

Andrea: I will kiss you.
Kirk Android: No.
Andrea: You... you will not?
Kirk Android: It is illogical.
[She shoots him]

Andrea: I do not understand. Why are you unhappy? You are with Roger again.
Christine Chapel: Where is Captain Kirk?
Andrea: You are concerned about the Captain?
Christine Chapel: Yes, I am concerned.
Andrea: How can you love Roger without trusting him? Why does it bother you when I use the name Roger?
Dr. Roger Korby: Andrea, it's sufficient that it does disturb her. You will call me Dr. Korby from now on, Andrea.
Andrea: Yes, Dr. Korby.

Andrea: I'm like Dr. Brown - an android. Didn't you know?
Dr. Roger Korby: Remarkable, isn't she? Notice the lifelike pigmentation, the variations in skin tones. The flesh - the flesh has warmth. There's even a pulse. Physical sensation.
Christine Chapel: [sarcastically] How convenient.
Dr. Roger Korby: Christine, you must realize an android is like a computer. It does only what I program. As a trained scientist yourself, you must realize...
Christine Chapel: That given a mechanical Dr. Brown, a mechanical geisha would be no more difficult.
Dr. Roger Korby: You think I could love a machine?
Christine Chapel: Did you?
Dr. Roger Korby: Andrea's incapable of that.