Devore Inspector Kashyk
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Devore Inspector Kashyk (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Counterpoint (#5.10)" (1998)
[Janeway has been deceived earlier by Inspector Kashyk]
Devore Inspector Kashyk: You created false readings.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: That is the theme for this evening, isn't it?

Devore Inspector Kashyk: [over comm] Captain Janeway, report to your ready room.

Devore Inspector Kashyk: Captain - do you trust me?
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Not for a second.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: Exactly! And why should you? Trust has to be earned, it's gradual. And yet it's the foundation of every relationship, professional and personal. It's also a concept alien to the telepathic races. Why take someone at their word when you can simply read their mind?

Captain Kathryn Janeway: What do you want, Inspector?
Devore Inspector Kashyk: Call me Kashyk, please. I never liked that title. In fact, I've left it behind.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Did somebody offer you a promotion, or are you just having a bad day?

Devore Inspector Kashyk: I suppose you liked me better in uniform.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: I haven't decided whether I like you at all.

Captain Kathryn Janeway: How do you predict a random occurrence?
Devore Inspector Kashyk: You follow your instincts.

[Janeway is questioned why Voyager has entered a restricted sector]
Captain Kathryn Janeway: We were planning to study a supernova remnant not far from here.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: You strayed a full light year from your course in order to observe an astronomical phenomenon?
Captain Kathryn Janeway: We're explorers.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: Yes, I remember. I also remember warning you about going where you don't belong.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Exploring can sometimes be hard to resist, Inspector.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: Well, it's a romantic notion, Captain, but one I *can't* allow you to indulge.

Chakotay: Devore soldiers have materialized on decks 15, 12, 8, 4...
Captain Kathryn Janeway: And... one.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: [over comm] Captain Janeway, report to your ready room.

[Prax has recommended placing the Voyager crew under detention after they helped the Brenari escape the Devore soldiers]
Devore Inspector Kashyk: To hell with protocol, Prax! Do you think either of us will benefit from having this failure on our records? As far as you're concerned, this incident never occurred. Make sure your teams share that understanding!

Devore Inspector Kashyk: Well played, Captain. It seems I never did earn your trust.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: I had to take a few precautions. You understand.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: Better than anyone.

Captain Kathryn Janeway: You'll have your own quarters, but limited access to Voyager's systems. And your whereabouts will be monitored at all times.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: I'm used to being surrounded by armed guards. Makes me feel secure.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Only this time, they answer to me. Consider them a reminder that Voyager is my ship.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: I don't think anyone could doubt that.

[Kashyk is contemplating the kolyan kolyar - infinite spirals - in space]
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Are you saying goodbye? There'll be other spirals.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: They just never looked quite so... beautiful before. Could be the company I'm keeping.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Or the polarization axis of the windows.
Devore Inspector Kashyk: That must be it.

[last lines]
Devore Inspector Kashyk: For what it's worth... you made a tempting offer. - The bridge is yours.