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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds: Part 1 (#3.26)" (1990)
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: If you can't make the big decisions, Commander, I suggest you make room for someone who can.

[Shelby gets early on site without permission]
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Morning. Early bird gets the worm, eh? We've had some interesting results.
Commander William T. Riker: Commander Shelby... Walk with me, Commander.
Lt. Commander Data: [to La Forge] Early bird...? I believe Commander Shelby erred. There is no evidence of avifaunal or crawling vermicular life forms on Jouret IV.
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: That's not what she meant, Data. But you're right. She erred.

Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Data was available. I took him, we came.

Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Tell me, Commander, is serving aboard the Enterprise as extraordinary an experience as I've heard?
Commander William T. Riker: Every bit.
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Good. Because I intend to convince Captain Picard that I'm the right choice for the job.
Commander William T. Riker: Job? Which job?
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Yours, of course.

Commander William T. Riker: You disagree with me, fine. You need to take it to the Captain, fine - through me. You do an end run around me again, I'll snap you back so hard you'll think you're a first-year cadet again.
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: May I speak frankly, sir?
Commander William T. Riker: By all means.
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: You're in my way.
Commander William T. Riker: Really? How terrible for you!
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: All you know how to do is play it safe. I suppose that's why someone like you sits in the shadow of a great man for as long as you have, passing up one command after another.

Commander William T. Riker: [the Borg want Captain Picard] What the hell do they want with you?
Lt. Cmdr Elizabeth Paula Shelby: I thought they weren't interested in human life forms. Only our technology.
Capt. Picard: That priority seems to have changed.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds: Part 2 (#4.1)" (1990)
Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Captain Riker, based on our past relationship, there's no reason for me to expect to become your first officer, except that you need me. I know how to get things done, and I have the expertise in the Borg.
Captain William T. Riker: And you have a lot to learn, Commander.
Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Yes, sir.
Captain William T. Riker: Almost as much as I had to learn when I came on board as Captain Picard's first officer. A fact he reminded me of when I commented on what a pain in the neck you are.

Admiral J. P. Hanson: Lieutenant, a few years ago, I watched a freshman cadet pass four upperclassmen on the last hill of the 40km-run on Danula II - the damnedest thing I ever saw. The only freshman to ever win the Academy marathon. I made it my business to get to know that young fellow, and I got to know him very, very well. And I'll tell you something: I never met anyone with more drive, determination or more courage than Jean-Luc Picard; and there is no way in hell that he would assist the Borg. I want that clear.
Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Of course, Admiral.
Admiral J. P. Hanson: He is... a casualty of war.

Captain William T. Riker: Commander, we don't have to like each other to work well together. As a matter of fact, I'd like you to continue to keep me on my toes.
Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Paula Shelby: Some might define that as the role of a first officer.
Captain William T. Riker: Damn! You *are* ambitious, aren't you, Shelby?

Captain William T. Riker: Commander Shelby, take an away team and confirm that the Borg are... asleep.
Commander Shelby: Delighted, sir.