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Quotes for
Flint (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: Requiem for Methuselah (#3.19)" (1969)
Flint: [I was born] in that region of Earth later called Mesopotamia, in the year 3834 B.C., as the millennia are reckoned. I was Akharin, a soldier, a bully and a fool. I fell in battle, pierced to the heart - and did not die.
Dr. McCoy: [amazed] Instant tissue regeneration, coupled with some perfect form of biological renewal - you learned that you were immortal...
Flint: ...and to conceal it, to live some portion of a life, to pretend to age and then move on before my nature was suspected.

Flint: Constantinople, Summer 1334. It marched through the streets, the sewers. It left the city by oxcart, by sea, to kill half of Europe. The rats, rustling and squealing in the night as they, too, died. The rats...
Mr. Spock: Are you a student of history, sir?
Flint: I am.

Flint: Rayna... have you been lonely?
Rayna Kapec: What is loneliness?
Flint: 'Tis thirst. 'Tis a flower dying in the desert.

Flint: I have married a hundred times, Captain. Selected, loved, cherished, caressed a smoothness, inhaled a brief fragrance. Then age, death, the taste of dust. Do you understand?
Mr. Spock: You wanted a perfect, ultimate woman, as brilliant, as immortal as yourself. Your mate for all time.
Flint: Designed by my heart. I could not love her more.

Captain James T. Kirk: You'd wipe out four hundred lives? Why?
Flint: I have seen a hundred billion fall. I know death better than any man. I have tossed enemies into his grasp. And I know mercy. Your crew is not dead but suspended.
Captain James T. Kirk: Worse than dead! Restore them. Restore my ship!
Flint: In time - a thousand, two thousand years. You will know the future, Captain Kirk.
Dr. McCoy: You have been such men, you've known and created such beauty, you've watched your race evolve from cruelty and barbarism throughout your enormous life - and, yet, now you would do this to us?
Flint: The flowers of my past; I hold the nettles of the present. I am "Flint" now, with MY needs.
Captain James T. Kirk: WHAT needs?
Flint: Tonight, I have seen something wondrous, something I've waited for, laboured for - nothing must endanger it: At last, Rayna's emotions have stirred to life. Now they will turn to me in this solitude which I preserve.

Flint: A last tender encounter, Capt. Kirk, to end your usefulness.