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Marissa Flores (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Disaster (#5.5)" (1991)
[Picard is trying to keep up morale while climbing up the ladder in the turboshaft]
Capt. Picard: What we need is a climbing song. Marissa, is there a song that you sing at school?
Marissa Flores: Mmm... "The Laughing Vulcan and His Dog?"
Capt. Picard: I'm afraid I don't know that one...

[after being injured in the turbolift, Picard has 'ordered' the children to leave him behind and save themselves]
Marissa Flores: The crew has decided to stick together. We all go, or we all stay.
Capt. Picard: [after considering the options] All right. I'll try. But I want you to know, this is mutiny.

Marissa Flores: [to Picard] In appreciation for the way you helped us get out of the turboshaft, and the way you helped us not be scared, we want to present to you this commemorative plaque.

[last lines]
Capt. Picard: You have the bridge, Number One.
Marissa Flores, Commander William T. Riker: Aye, sir.

Capt. Picard: [Picard and three children are stuck between decks in a malfunctioning turbolift] Number One, those big clamps are part of the emergency system. They're designed to hold the turbolift in place if something goes wrong. But it would seem that they're damaged.
Marissa Flores: Is that why we keep shaking?
Capt. Picard: Yes, now when they give way, we shall fall. You must take you're crew out of here before that happens. Now, there's a ladder that runs the length of the turboshaft. You can climb up it until you come to an open doorway. Now, you're the leader, and that's an order.
Marissa Flores: [the lift shakes] Well... what about you?
Capt. Picard: My ankle is broken. I will just slow you down, and you need to move quickly.
Marissa Flores: [to Jay Gordon and Patterson] We have to climb the shaft.
Patterson Supera: I want to stay with you, Captain.
Capt. Picard: Patterson! You're an officer. You have to obey orders.
Patterson Supera: I don't want to be an officer anymore. I want to stay here with you.
Jay Gordon Graas: If the Captain stays here, we won't make it. We'll all die.
Capt. Picard: We don't have time to argue. You must go now.
Marissa Flores: The crew has decided to stick together. We all go or we all stay.
Capt. Picard: Alright, I'll try. But I want you to know, this is mutiny.