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Quotes for
Gaila (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Business as Usual (#5.18)" (1997)
Gaila: Look out there. Millions and millions of stars. Millions upon millions of worlds. And right now, half of them are fanatically dedicated to destroying the other half. Now - do you think, if one of those twinkling little lights suddenly went out, anybody would notice? Suppose I offered you 10 million bars of gold-pressed latinum to help turn out one of those lights - would you really tell me to keep my money?

Gaila: Weapons is a growth industry. In a month all your debts will be paid. In six months the Ferengi Commerce Authority will be begging to reinstate you. In a year you'll have your own moon.

Gaila: The riskier the road, the greater the profit

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Isn't this the cousin that tried to kill you?
Gaila: I see you've heard of me.

Gaila: [about Hagath] If he were a bit shorter and his teeth were a little sharper, he'd make a perfect Ferengi.

Quark: Why did you sell weapons to the Bajorans? They couldn't have had any money...
Hagath: My dear Quark, not every deal is about making money. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture. And at times gaining a friend is more important than making profit.
Gaila: It's not the Ferengi way, but it's good business, nonetheless.

Hagath: Remember, we sold 150,000 of those to the Manchovites.
Gaila: And we sold another 100,000 to the other side. Now, there was a beautiful little war.
Hagath: Too bad about the armistice.
Gaila: Well - all good things must come to an end.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Magnificent Ferengi (#6.10)" (1998)
[the other Ferengi have found out that Quark lied to them about the reward]
Gaila: I come here, risk my life, and for what? You've had this coming for a long time, cousin!
[Gaila fires a phaser at Quark and instead hits Keevan, their hostage]
Keevan: I hate Ferengi.
[slumps down]

[in a starbase jail]
Quark: How the mighty have fallen.
Gaila: Cousin Quark.
Quark: I heard you were arrested on Thalos VI, for vagrancy.
Gaila: That's all your fault. I was a thriving weapons merchant - until I went into business with you. You ruined me. If I ever get out of here, Cousin, I'll make you pay for what you did to me.
Quark: [to security officer] Lower the force field.
[the force field drops; Quark grabs Gaila by his collar]
Quark: Now what exactly is it you were you gonna do to me?
Gaila: I don't understand.
Rom: Quark paid your fine. You're a free man.
Gaila: What do I have to do in return?
Quark: Earn some latinum.
Gaila: [smirks] Tell me more.

Nog: All right, let's head for base camp.
Gaila: Base camp?
Quark: He means the infirmary. It's right over there.
Nog: Come on, let's move it! On the double!
[Nobody moves]
Nog: Well, what are you waiting for?
Quark: Two slips of latinum for the first man who makes it to the infirmary.
[Everyone else shoots off to the infirmary]
Quark: [to Nog] I mean 'base camp'.
Nog: You don't pay your soldiers to do their duty!
Quark: You do if they're Ferengi.

Gaila: I'm a weapons dealer, not a soldier.

Quark: No one's hiding and no one's escaping and no one's surrendering! What's wrong with you people? Have you forgotten the Battle of Prexnak?
Rom: Who could forget the most important battle in Ferengi history?
Quark: Ten Ferengi stood alone against 273 Lytasians.
Gaila: As I recall, all ten Ferengi were slaughtered.
Quark: The point is, we Ferengi are just as tough as anyone in the galaxy. And this is our chance to prove it, once and for all.
Leck: Quark's right. Let's do it for Ishka. Let's do it for the Grand Nagus. Let's do it for Ferengis everywhere!
Brunt: Let's do it for equal shares of fifty bars of gold-pressed latinum!
Quark: It always comes down to profit with you people, doesn't it?
Gaila: We're Ferengi.
Quark: And that's why I love you! Fifty bars it is, minus my usual finder's fee.

Nog: In a half-hour, we'll have Moogie back and we can all go home.
[everyone sighs with relief]
Gaila: Home - to the torrential rains of Ferenginar.
Brunt: You know what I miss most? The rotting vegetation.
Quark: Yep.
Rom: And the dampness.
Leck: Oh, to stand once more in those rivers of muck.
Keevan: Oh, I only wish I could be there with you.