Keiko O'Brien
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Keiko O'Brien (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Disaster (#5.5)" (1991)
Keiko O'Brien: [during a crisis] I'm having contractions!
Lieutenant Worf: I believe that is not uncommon in the late months of pregnancy.
Keiko O'Brien: No, I mean contractions. I'm going into labor.
Lieutenant Worf: You cannot. This is not a good time, Keiko.
Keiko O'Brien: It's not open for debate. Like it or not, this baby is coming.

Lieutenant Worf: Dilation has gone to seven centimeters since the onset of labor. That did not take long.
Keiko O'Brien: That's easy for you to say.

Keiko O'Brien: Worf, have you ever done this before? Delivered a baby?
Lieutenant Worf: Yes. No. I took the Starfleet emergency medical course. In a computerized simulation, I assisted in delivery of a human baby.
Keiko O'Brien: Sometimes it doesn't go by the book, Worf.

Lieutenant Worf: Congratulations. You are fully dilated to ten centimeters. You may now give birth.
Keiko O'Brien: [groans] That's what I've been doing.

Lieutenant Worf: My computer simulation was not like this. That delivery was very orderly.
Keiko O'Brien: Well, I'm sorry!

Lieutenant Worf: [Worf is delivering Keiko's baby, and is urging her on with all the intensity and passion as if he was leading a typing class] Push. Push, Keiko. Push.
Keiko O'Brien: [fed up] I AM PUSHING!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Assignment (#5.5)" (1996)
[Jake and "Keiko" are talking about the myth of the Bajoran Pah-wraiths]
Jake Sisko: Maybe the next time you go to the Fire Caves, I could come along. I've always wanted to meet a Pah-wraith.
Keiko O'Brien/Pah-wraith: Maybe you will, you never know.

Keiko O'Brien/Pah-wraith: Strange, these corporeal bodies of yours - so fragile. Burst even a tiny blood vessel in the brain and every memory, every passionate emotion gone forever.

Keiko O'Brien/Pah-wraith: Another weakness of you corporeal lifeforms, your need for physical intimacy. It's especially irritating in your young.

O'Brien: [a Pah-wraith possessed Keiko wants O'Brien to target the wormhole and destroy the Prophets] Let's get on with it!
Keiko O'Brien/Pah-wraith: Miles, you have a lot to learn about patience.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Hands of the Prophets (#1.19)" (1993)
Keiko O'Brien: Be careful who you share your jumja with.

Vedek Winn: Do you believe the Celestial Temple of the Prophets exists within the passage?
Keiko O'Brien: I respect that the Bajoran people believe that it does.
Vedek Winn: But that's not what you teach?
Keiko O'Brien: No, I don't teach Bajoran spiritual beliefs; that's your job. Mine is to open the children's minds to history, to literature, to mathematics, to science.
Vedek Winn: You *are* opening the children's minds - to blasphemy. And I cannot permit it to continue.

Keiko O'Brien: I'm not teaching any philosophy. What I'm trying to teach is pure science.
Major Kira: Some might say pure science, taught without a spiritual context, *is* a philosophy, Mrs. O'Brien.

[Vedek Winn has asked Keiko O'Brien to refrain from teaching anything that might conflict with Bajoran beliefs]
Keiko O'Brien: I'm a teacher. My responsibility is to expose my students to knowledge, not hide it from them. The answer is no.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Accession (#4.16)" (1996)
Keiko O'Brien: The one good thing about going away is coming home.

Molly O'Brien: Daddy, Daddy, I have a little brother!
Chief Miles Edward O'Brien: Really?
[points at Molly's doll]
Chief Miles Edward O'Brien: Is that him?
Molly O'Brien: No, he's in there.
[She points at her mum's belly. O'Brien looks up]
Keiko O'Brien: Surprise!

Chief O'Brien: Wanna try for twins?
Keiko O'Brien: I don't think it works that way. You'd better brush up on your biology.
Chief O'Brien: Teach me!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Time's Orphan (#6.24)" (1998)
Keiko O'Brien: I wonder if she realized that the little girl she was looking at was herself.
Chief O'Brien: I hope so. And I hope she realized that... in a way, she was going home too.

Molly O'Brien: [the O'Briens are going on a picnic] Can we bring Chester?
Keiko O'Brien: I don't think that would be a good idea, sweetie.
Chief O'Brien: He might get lost.
Keiko O'Brien: On second thought...

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Tribunal (#2.25)" (1994)
Odo: May I ask, what penalty does Mr. O'Brien face?
Makbar: His execution is scheduled for next week.
Keiko O'Brien: How can you schedule an execution before a trial even begins?
Makbar: We believe in swift justice.

[last lines]
Chief O'Brien: I'm ready to get back to work.
Commander Sisko: Oh, no, no, no. I had to use all of my influence to extend your accomodations at the lagoon. We'll drop you off on our way home.
Chief O'Brien: But we haven't any bags, no holo-cam. I-I've nothing to read.
Keiko O'Brien: Perfect!

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Power Play (#5.15)" (1992)
[the spirits of the convicts are caught in a containment field]
Troi/"Shumar": Nooo!
Troi/"Shumar": [threatens Picard with her phaser] Let them go or you will all die!
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Your threats are meaningless now.
O'Brien/"Kelly": We are still in control of these three bodies. We will not let them go.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Have you prepared to sacrifice the lives of these others? They'll all die when the cargo bay hatch is blown.
Data/"Mullen": You will die too, Picard!
Keiko O'Brien: I would die to save the life of my child.
Lieutenant Worf: To die defending one's ship is the hope of every Klingon.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: If you each know the officers you inhabit, then you know they're equally ready to give their lives for this ship. Free them now - and I will return you to the moon's surface.
[after a long pause, Troi slowly backs off]
Troi/"Shumar": I advise you, Picard, not to pass our way again.

[last lines]
Chief Miles O'Brien: If I could have killed that thing inside me, I would have.
Keiko O'Brien: [holding Molly in her arms] I know. We both know!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fascination (#3.10)" (1994)
Chief O'Brien: If you need to sleep, go ahead. I'll understand.
Keiko O'Brien: No, you won't. You'll be disappointed and you'll start brooding and stomping around like an Andorian bull.

Keiko O'Brien: So you're sure Dr. Bashir said your test results were negative?
Chief O'Brien: That's right. My headache was just a headache. I never was affected by Mrs. Troi.
Keiko O'Brien: Well, I guess that means you don't have a latent attraction to me after all.
Chief O'Brien: Nothing latent about it. Weren't you paying attention last night?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rivals (#2.11)" (1994)
Keiko O'Brien: Kick his butt.
[Keiko's encouragement for O'Brien's upcoming racquetball match against Bashir]

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Man Alone (#1.3)" (1993)
[last lines]
Keiko O'Brien: My name is Keiko O'Brien, I'll be your teacher. Why don't we turn on our computers and access the files on Bajor to find out a little bit more about the people and history of this world?

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Data's Day (#4.11)" (1991)
Keiko Ishikawa: Now, don't be nervous.
Lt. Commander Data: I am not nervous. I am confused.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Armageddon Game (#2.13)" (1994)
[last lines]
Chief O'Brien: You know... I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee right now.
Keiko O'Brien: [surprised] Miles, you never drink coffee in the afternoon.
Chief O'Brien: Sure I do!
Keiko O'Brien: [stunned] You do?

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Wounded (#4.12)" (1991)
Chief Miles O'Brien: [about dinner] What... Wh-what is it?
Keiko O'Brien: Kelp buds, plankton loaf and sea berries.
Chief Miles O'Brien: Sweetheart... I'm not a fish.