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Quotes for
Iko (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Repentance (#7.13)" (2001)
Iko: You don't feel pain?
The Doctor: Well, I suppose my pride has been wounded on occasion.

Iko: You're not afraid of me.
Seven of Nine: There's no reason to fear someone in your condition.
Iko: You were never afraid of me, not even when I tried to kill you. It's nice to look into someone's eyes and... not see fear.

Iko: When I was a child, I'd... lie under the stars for hours. I'd stare at them until I could see the shapes.
Seven of Nine: Shapes?
Iko: Faces and animals made out of stars
Seven of Nine: You're referring to constellations.
Iko: I named them. There was Paedos the Warrior and... Gezid the Beast. No matter how hard he tried, Paedos could never catch Gezid.

Iko: Death is what I deserve. You say I've changed, but I look at these hands every day, and I see them squeezing that man's throat. And I hear the sounds he made. I'm disgusting.

Iko: Boche and Ledara.
Warden Yediq: What did you say?
Iko: Your children.
Warden Yediq: How did you know that?
Iko: Are you sure they're safe?