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Remata'Klan (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rocks and Shoals (#6.2)" (1997)
Remata'Klan: Remember, "Obedience brings victory."
Limara'Son: "And victory is life."
Remata'Klan: Until we reestablish communications, we will hold this world for the Dominion.
Limara'Son: And if we cannot reestablish communications?
Remata'Klan: Then we will hold this world for the Dominion... until we die.

[Remata'Klan has proposed on Keevan's behalf to return the hostages Nog and Garak in exchange for Captain Sisko and Doctor Bashir]
Captain Sisko: Sounds like he wants to trade two low-ranking prisoners for two more valuable ones. Would you make a deal like that?
Remata'Klan: No.
Captain Sisko: Then why should I?
Remata'Klan: You shouldn't.
Captain Sisko: You're not a very good negotiator, are you?

Captain Sisko: How was the show?
Remata'Klan: Informative.
[on Bashir's surgery on Keevan]

[Keevan has asked for the Jem'Hadar who had disobeyed orders]
Remata'Klan: I may not be First, but I am the unit leader. You may discipline me, but only *I* discipline the man. That is the order of things.

Captain Sisko: Keevan doesn't deserve the unwavering loyalty you're giving him.
Remata'Klan: He does not have to earn my loyalty, Captain. He has had it from the moment I was conceived. I am a Jem'Hadar. He is a Vorta. It is the order of things.
Captain Sisko: Do you really want to give up your life for 'the order of things'?
Remata'Klan: It is not my life to give up, Captain. And it never was.

Remata'Klan: Our death is glory to the Founders.