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Tellarite Ambassador Gral (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: United (#4.13)" (2005)
Commander Shran: I'd rather cohabit with Klingon targs than join forces with Tellarites!
Tellarite Ambassador Gral: Your personal mating preference is no concern of mine.

Captain Jonathan Archer: [to Gral] Instead of insulting you to make you feel at home...
Captain Jonathan Archer: [to Shran] and putting up with your arrogance as a sign of my respect - why don't the two of you try behaving like Humans for a change?
Tellarite Ambassador Gral: And you said you wouldn't be insulting?

Tellarite Ambassador Gral: I believe we have more to discuss than trade disputes.
[he offers Shran his hand, who accepts it]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Why wait until we get to Babel?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Babel One (#4.12)" (2005)
Tellarite Ambassador Gral: I'm told this ship is the pride of Starfleet. I find it small and unimpressive.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Funny. I was about to say the same thing about you.