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Lovok (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Die Is Cast (#3.21)" (1995)
Lovok: [to Garak] You will not enter the Bridge, or any other secured space aboard this ship unescorted. If you do so, you will be killed.
Elim Garak: [to Tain] Direct isn't he?

Lovok: [just as Odo and Garak are to make their escape, Colonel Lovok arrives armed with a disruptor, but he then hands Odo a PADD] You will need this in order to gain access to your Runabout.
Odo: [surprised] Why are you doing this?
Lovok: Because no Changeling has ever harmed another.
Elim Garak: [even more surprised] You are one of the Founders.
Odo: [with realisation] Of course. This whole plan was the Founders' idea in the first place. You wanted the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order to combine forces and come into the Gamma Quadrant so you could wipe them out.
Lovok: Not exactly. Tain originated the plan, and when we learned of it, we did everything we could to carry it forward. The Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order are both ruthless, efficient organisations. A definite threat to us.
Odo: [his realisation is deepening] But not after today.
Lovok: After today, the only real threats to us from the Alpha Quadrant are the Klingons and the Federation. And I doubt either of them will be a threat for much longer.
[the Lovok Changeling steps towards Odo, as this conversation clearly excludes Garak]
Lovok: It is not too late for you, Odo. Come with me. You can still become one with the Great Link - if you wish.
Odo: [Odo leaves that last sentence up in the air for a moment before he responds] Thankyou, but my answer is still no.
[the Lovok Changeling returns to his previous position and then beams away in a Dominion transporter]