Lieutenant Ezri Dax
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Lieutenant Ezri Dax (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Afterimage (#7.3)" (1998)
Ezri Dax: It's a strange sensation, dying. No matter how many times it happens to you, you never get used to it.

[first lines]
Ensign Ezri Dax: It's funny. Before yesterday, I'd never set foot on this station, but... it's as familiar to me as the back of my hand. Isn't that odd?

Captain Sisko: What are you gonna learn in the next few months that you haven't already learned in the last 300 years?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Oh, how to keep from breaking into tears for no reason... How to resist the urge to stand on my head - things like that.
Captain Sisko: Why are you standing on your head, by the way?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Emony used to do it.
Captain Sisko: The gymnast?
Ensign Ezri Dax: She found it relaxing.
Captain Sisko: Do you?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Actually, it's giving me a headache.

Quark: Remember all those late night tongo games?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Who could forget?
Quark: Mmm...
Ensign Ezri Dax: Wait a minute... You owe me ten strips of latinum from our last game!

Odo: Why don't you join us for dinner tonight?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I don't want to put you out.
Colonel Kira: Oh no, please come; it'll take the pressure off me. All he does is sit there and count how many times I chew.

Ensign Ezri Dax: I told him all about Trill traditions - Jadzia did. We discussed them - *they* discussed them.
Captain Sisko: I understand.
Ensign Ezri Dax: These pronouns are going to drive me crazy!

[Garak has tried to force open the door of an airlock]
Garak: I can't believe the way I humiliated myself back there. I just... wanted to get out. I couldn't breathe.
Ensign Ezri Dax: If you were looking for fresh air, you sure were knocking on the wrong door.

Ezri Dax: Do you remember anything traumatic happening to you when you were young? Something involving being trapped in a confined space?
Garak: If I had been that careless, my father would have left me there, to teach me a lesson.

Garak: They have no idea that I broke their code. All those Cardassians are going to die because of me!
Ensign Ezri Dax: I suppose that's one way of looking at it.
Garak: What other way is there?
Ensign Ezri Dax: That by helping to end the war, you'll be saving lives.
Garak: Save lives? And what lives would I be saving? Human? Klingon? Romulan?
Ensign Ezri Dax: And Cardassian.
Garak: No, not Cardassians! They're going to fight to the bitter end; the Dominion will see to that. Don't you understand? Don't you see? I wanted to believe that I was helping my people, liberating them. But all I've done is to pave the way for their annihilation. I'm a traitor!

Ensign Ezri Dax: It means a lot to me that you want me to stay, but... I can't.
Captain Sisko: Because of Worf?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Mostly.
Captain Sisko: Well... you just say the word, and I will intimidate him for you.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Prodigal Daughter (#7.11)" (1999)
[first lines]
Odo: By the way, your gagh has arrived.
Ezri Dax: My what...? Oh, no.
Colonel Kira Nerys: Oh, yes. And it's waiting for you in cargo bay 2.
Colonel Kira Nerys: [incredulous] Your *gagh*?
Ezri Dax: Jadzia ordered it. She was planning a party for Martok's birthday next week.
Colonel Kira Nerys: How much gagh did she order?
Odo: Fifty-one cases.
Ezri Dax: Each containing a different variety.
Colonel Kira Nerys: There are *varieties* of gagh?
Ezri Dax: Oh, yes. I can remember what each one tastes like. And the way they feel when you... swallow them. Torgud gagh wiggles. Filden gagh squirms. Meshta gagh jumps...
[She starts dry-heaving; the conversation continues as she composes herself]
Ezri Dax: ...Bithool gagh has *feet*.
[to Odo]
Ezri Dax: Flush it out the airlock. All of it.
Odo: [shaking his head] Environmental regulations.
Colonel Kira Nerys: Well, why don't you just give it to Martok?
Ezri Dax: He'd insist on sharing it with me, as a point of honor.
Ezri Dax: Wistan gagh is packed in Targ blood...
[she looks nauseated]
Ezri Dax: I have to go now.

Ezri Dax: I haven't talked to my mother in almost six months.
Captain Sisko: Oh.
Ezri Dax: Last time I saw her was just after I was joined. She came to visit me on Trill and... I was still a little confused. When she walked into my room, I put on a big smile, looked her right in the eye and said "Hi mom, it's me - Curzon!" Things kinda went downhill from there.

Ezri Dax: Nothing's simple for Ezri.

[Bashir hands Dax a PADD]
Doctor Bashir: Everything Starfleet knows on Bilby and his widow.
Ezri Dax: Where's your report?
Doctor Bashir: Oh, it's in there. It's the one with Captain Sisko's boot prints all over it.

Ezri Dax: Our mother is a force of nature.

Ezri Dax: There's times when the computer asked me to identify myself, and I have to think about what to say. Or worse yet, there's days when I wake up, and I don't even know if I'm a man or a woman until I pull back the covers!

Ezri Dax: [of a painting on the wall] Is this yours?
Norvo: Mom insisted on hanging it in here. I hate it.
Ezri Dax: Why?
Norvo: Well, the composition is puerile and obvious, the colors belong on a child's toy, and the technique is laughable.
Ezri Dax: But other than that?
Norvo: It's perfect.

[Norvo wakes up with a hangover]
Norvo: Good morning.
Ezri Dax: Good *afternoon.*
Norvo: Oh.

Ezri Dax: Norvo - you don't know what happened to Morica, do you?
Norvo: [smirking sardonically] I'm the idiot brother. How would I know?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shadows and Symbols (#7.2)" (1998)
[first lines]
Sisko: Dax! I can't believe it!
Ensign Ezri Dax: I can hardly believe it myself. But... I'm Dax. I mean, I'm not Jadzia Dax; I'm Ezri Dax. But I have all of Jadzia's memories - not to mention Lela's, Tobin's, Emony's, Audrid's, Joran's, Curzon's - am I forgetting anyone?
Sisko: Torias.
Ensign Ezri Dax: Right. You're probably asking yourself, "Who is this person, how did she get the symbiont, do I even want another Dax in my life, does she always talk this much?" These are all very good questions; and I wish I had good answers for you.

Ensign Ezri Dax: Hi Jake.
Jake Sisko: Hi.
Ensign Ezri Dax: You seem taller. Or am I shorter?

Jake Sisko: How did you get the symbiont?
Ensign Ezri Dax: It was an accident.
Joseph Sisko: Some accident...

Ensign Ezri Dax: I was on the Destiny when they brought the Dax symbiont aboard to be taken back to Trill. Halfway through the trip, the symbiont took a turn for the worse and it needed to be placed in a host immediately...
Sisko: And you were the only Trill on board.
Ensign Ezri Dax: [nods] I lay down on that operating table one person and I woke up a completely different person - well, I should say eight different people. I was not prepared for this at all. I mean you're supposed to get years of training and preparation before you get joined and all I got was a 15-minute lecture from the ship's surgeon and he wasn't even a Trill...
Sisko: I'm starting to see the problem.

Ensign Ezri Dax: [on traveling to Tyree] When do we leave?
Sisko: Today.
Ensign Ezri Dax: Great. It'll be just like old times. Except, different.

Sisko: I wish he'd get there.
Ensign Ezri Dax: Who?
Sisko: Dr. Wycoff. They're waiting for him in the isolation ward.
Ensign Ezri Dax: You have definitely gotten stranger.

Jake Sisko: The Prophets have spoken.
Ensign Ezri Dax: I hope he heard them right.

[last lines]
Ensign Ezri Dax: [arriving on DS9] Odo! Nerys, Julian, it's so good to see you. Worf, we need to talk!
Doctor Bashir: Who's that?
Jake Sisko: It's Dax.
Lt. Commander Worf: Dax?
Jake Sisko: That's right. Ezri Dax. Incredible, isn't it?
Lt. Commander Worf: It cannot be.
Quark: She's so much... shorter!
Odo: Just when you thought things couldn't get more interesting...

Ensign Ezri Dax: Ben, maybe my memories are playing tricks on me, but have you gotten stranger?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Strange Bedfellows (#7.19)" (1999)
[Dax and Worf are hung up upside down]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I hate to say it, but this is doing wonders for my back.
Lt. Commander Worf: I doubt that is what our captors had in mind.

Lt. Commander Worf: We must get back to the station and warn Starfleet about the Breen.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You're right. There's just a few problems. We're on a Jem'Hadar ship, heading in the wrong direction, hanging upside down, and...
Lt. Commander Worf: And what?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I think I'm getting space-sick.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You have the biggest ego of any man I've ever known!
Lt. Commander Worf: Considering how many men you have known, that is quite a statement.

Lt. Commander Worf: You never listen!
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Look who's talking.

Lt. Commander Worf: I realize, Jadzia saw physical love differently than I do. To her it could mean many things, but to me it was a deeply spiritual act. When I made love to you... my motives were not spiritual. It was an unworthy impulse.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Worf, we're not gods or prophets. We're people. We make mistakes.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: [after reconciling with Worf] Friends?
Lt. Commander Worf: And more.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: And more.

Lt. Commander Worf: It appears, all we have left to do is to be executed.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Sounds like a lazy day to me.

[Damar helps Dax and Worf to escape]
Lt. Commander Worf: Why are you doing this?
Damar: I want you to give a message to the Federation: tell them they have an ally here on Cardassia.
Lt. Commander Worf: Why should we trust you?
Damar: You can either trust me, or you can stay here and be executed.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I vote for Option One.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You know, Worf, I have had just about enough of your little Klingon aphorisms. The only reason I came on this mission was to save your miserable life, so the least you could do is stop acting like a self-righteous targ!
Lt. Commander Worf: Your motives for rescuing me are not honorable.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Do you really think that I would disobey orders and risk my life so that I could seduce you? I hate to burst your bubble, Worf, but it wasn't that good.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Emperor's New Cloak (#7.12)" (1999)
Captain Bashir: There's nothing I loathe more than traitors.
Ezri Tigan: I'm not a traitor.
Chief O'Brien: She's right. You have to believe in something before you can betray it.

Ezri Tigan: If you're found in Alliance territory without the cloaking device, you're dead.
Quark: Are you suggesting we should go back home?
Ezri Tigan: It's the smart move.
Quark: Do we look smart to you?

[Quark is visited in his quarters, apparently from Ezri Dax, who attacks him twisting his arm on his back]
Ezri Tigan: Anyone else here?
Quark: [suggestive] Just you and me.
[she pushes him forward to the next room]
Ezri Tigan: Is that the bedroom?
[Ezri thrusts him brutally against the wall]
Quark: I owe you... Ow! Does it have to be so rough the first time?
Ezri Tigan: [holding a knife to Quark's throat] I don't know what you think is going on here, but think again!

Ezri Tigan: You're a very confused man, aren't you? If your friend Zek is depending on you, he's in a lot more trouble than he thinks.

Quark: He's the Nagus. He's the man my mother loves, not to mention he's the head of the Ferengi Alliance.
Ezri Tigan: In other words, he's rich!
Quark: [chuckles] They don't come any richer.
Ezri Tigan: I see. How much are you expecting to get out of him?
Quark: Knowing the Nagus, I'd say, a pat on the head and a fistful of empty promises.
Ezri Tigan: I don't understand.
Quark: There's nothing to understand. He's my Nagus; and when your Nagus gets in trouble, you're supposed to do something about it.
Ezri Tigan: Why?
Quark: I don't know - loyalty.
Ezri Tigan: [incredulous] You're kidding me, right? You're doing this out of loyalty?
Quark: Would you stop looking at me like that? You're making me feel like an idiot.
Ezri Tigan: I hope so.

[Ezri Tigan, Quark and Rom arrive in the alternate universe]
Rom: It didn't work.
Ezri Tigan: Yes, it did. We're on Terok Nor.
Rom: It looks like Deep Space Nine to me.
Quark: I suppose a cargo bay is a cargo bay, no matter what universe you're in.

Intendant Kira: [after killing Brunt] Dispose of that, would you? It depresses me.
Ezri Tigan: It's your mess. You clean it up.

Ezri Tigan: You shouldn't have killed Brunt.
Intendant Kira: Isn't it a little late to be developing a conscience?
Ezri Tigan: I hope not.
Zek: Brunt's dead?
Rom: Sorry - wrong Brunt.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Field of Fire (#7.13)" (1999)
[Dax is investigating the murders on the station]
Lt. Commander Worf: I am certain that you will do whatever is necessary to complete your task.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: And how do you know that?
Lt. Commander Worf: You're Dax. It is your way.

Joran Belar: You're holding back, Ezri. You refuse to see with his eyes, feel with his hands, think with his mind.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You want to turn me into a killer, make me like you.
Joran Belar: You are me.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You want me to kill someone? What do you say I start with you?
Joran Belar: That's the spirit!

Lt. Commander Worf: It is dangerous for you to be wandering the Promenade alone.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You were worried about me?
Lt. Commander Worf: There is a killer on the station. You have no right to endanger yourself this way!
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You *were* worried about me. Thank you, Worf, that's... sweet.
Lt. Commander Worf: You are a fellow officer. I would have the same concern for Chief O'Brien... or Dr. Bashir.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Of course! I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Lt. Hector Ilario: You know something, Lieutenant? You're very beautiful.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: And you're very drunk.
Lt. Hector Ilario: True enough. But in the morning I'll be sober, and you'll still be beautiful.

[Dax is getting the feel for the murder weapon by aiming it at a potential victim in his quarters]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: But why kill like this? Why not choose a victim on the Promenade or in Quark's?
Joran Belar: If you want to know the answer, pull the trigger.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: [when apprehending Chu'lak] Tell me, why did you do it?
Chu'lak: Because logic demanded it.

Lt. Hector Ilario: To the class of '72!
[Kira motions for him to drink, but she and Ezri will sit this one out]
Lt. Hector Ilario: Another round?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax, Colonel Kira: NO!
Lt. Hector Ilario: Time to go?
Colonel Kira: It was time to go about an hour ago.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind (#7.25)" (1999)
[first lines]
Cardassian Computer Voice: The time is 0500.
Doctor Bashir: [half asleep] Mmyeahalright.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: [appearing behind him] Julian?
Doctor Bashir: Yes?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: We have to get up.
Doctor Bashir: Are you sure?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: It's a big day.
Doctor Bashir: [sighs] It was a big night. Cleared up a lot of unanswered questions.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Such as?
Doctor Bashir: Such as, just how far these spots really go down.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You're sure you're not angry?
Lt. Commander Worf: Why should I be angry? I have been asking you to tell the Doctor how you feel about him for the past month.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Well - now that he knows how I feel...?
Lt. Commander Worf: I am happy for you.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: That's a relief.
Lt. Commander Worf: But... I am going to kill him.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You're kidding, right?
Lt. Commander Worf: And Jadzia said I did not have a sense of humor.

Jake Sisko: [discussing O'Brien's move to Earth] Any idea where you're gonna live?
O'Brien: No, Keiko and I're still mulling over a few possibilities.
Worf: Have you ever considered Minsk?
O'Brien: I don't think that's on our list.
Sisko: New Orleans is a gorgeous city.
Kasidy Yates: I've heard great things about Paris.
Worf: Minsk.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Jadzia loved Rio.
Odo: Well, you've certainly got a lot of choices.
O'Brien: Yeah, too many, hm?
Worf: Minsk.

[Bashir invites Dax to a holo-battle between Spartans and Persians about a mountain pass, in which the Spartans are eventually defeated]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I take it we'll be the Spartans?
Doctor Bashir: Fighting to the last man.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Just like the Alamo.
Doctor Bashir: Exactly.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Have you talked to a counselor about these annihilation fantasies?
Doctor Bashir: Do you think I should?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: M-m. I'll set up a session for you tomorrow.
Doctor Bashir: What about tonight?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Tonight we defend the pass.

[Ezri Dax's last line of the series]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Tonight, we defend the pass.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Penumbra (#7.17)" (1999)
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I bumped into Captain Boday the other night.
Chief O'Brien: Captain Boday?
Doctor Bashir: The Gallamite. Jadzia dated him.
Chief O'Brien: Oh, the toothy smile and the transparent skull?
Doctor Bashir: That's him. -... - Personally, I don't know what Jadzia ever saw in the man.
Chief O'Brien: Well - his brains.

[Worf has gone missing in the Badlands, leaving Ezri distraught]
Quark: He'll be back before you know it.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You really think so?
Quark: Absolutely. The night before he went on patrol, he brought the Koraga's crew in here and bought them three barrels of bloodwine.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: And?
Quark: And he didn't pay the tab! Do you really think he'd go to Sto-vo-kor owing me money?

[Ezri is reminiscing Jadzia's wedding day with Worf]
Sirella: [voice] Jadzia, daughter of Kela, does your heart beat only for this man?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [voice] Yes.
Sirella: [voice] And do you swear to join with him and stand with him against all who would oppose you?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [voice] I swear.
Sirella: [voice] And do you swear to join with him and stand with him against all who would oppose you?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: [whispering] I swear.

[Dax has rescued Worf out of the Badlands]
Lt. Commander Worf: Why would Captain Sisko risk sending a runabout to look for me?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: He didn't. I came without his permission.
[Worf looks at her stunned and incredulous]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You're a fellow officer. I would've done the same for Kira or Julian.
Lt. Commander Worf: Of course.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 'Til Death Do Us Part (#7.18)" (1999)
[Ezri tells Worf about a dream where she is chased by a Breen]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Anyway, I got away from him; but then there was nowhere to run. And then, just when I thought he was about to kill me, he reached up and took off his helmet...
Lt. Commander Worf: And?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: And... it was Julian.
Lt. Commander Worf: Dr. Bashir?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Isn't that strange? I wonder what it meant.
Lt. Commander Worf: Dr. Bashir is a Breen.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me that I need to... confront emotions that I've repressed since birth. But which one? I've been born nine times...

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I wonder what the Breen look like under those helmets.
Lt. Commander Worf: They say no one has ever seen one and lived to speak of it.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Maybe they're all furry. It's supposed to be very cold on Breen.
Lt. Commander Worf: One thing is certain...
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: They're horrible cooks?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Siege of AR-558 (#7.8)" (1998)
Kellin: You're sure you're not an engineer?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: In nine lives, I've been a little of everything.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: This is my first time on the front lines.
Kellin: You're talking about Ezri now?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Right. But Torias, Curzon and Jadzia, they were in battle many times. And I can remember what that felt like. I remember the fear, the anger, and the adrenaline surge.
Kellin: Having someone else's memories of being in combat is one thing. Living through it yourself... is another.

[Sisko has suggested to use the Dominion's subspace mines against the Jem'Hadar]
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: A few hours ago, we thought of these mines as the kind of ruthless weapon only the Dominion would use. But now...
Reese: ...they become a whole lot friendlier.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Tacking Into the Wind (#7.22)" (1999)
Lt. Commander Worf: [referring to Martok] He likes you, and he considers you an honorable woman, a worthy successor to Jadzia. And so do I.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: That's very sweet of him.
Lt. Commander Worf: Sweet?
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Not a very Klingon word, is it?
Lt. Commander Worf: No.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: It's very... honorable.
Lt. Commander Worf: Better - albeit a little obvious.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I think that the situation with Gowron is a symptom of a bigger problem. The Klingon Empire is dying; and I think it deserves to die.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I tend to look at the Empire with a little more skepticism than Curzon or Jadzia did. I see a society that is in deep denial about itself. We're talking about a warrior culture that prides itself on maintaining centuries-old traditions of honor and integrity. But in reality, it's willing to accept corruption at the highest levels.
Lt. Commander Worf: You are overstating your case.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Am I? Who was the last leader of the High Council that you respected? Has there even been one? And how many times have you had to cover up the crimes of Klingon leaders because you were told that it was for the good of the Empire? I... I know this sounds harsh, but the truth is, you have been willing to accept a government that you know is corrupt. Gowron is just the latest example. Worf, you are the most honorable and decent man that I've ever met. And if *you're* willing to tolerate men like Gowron, then what hope is there for the Empire?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Changing Face of Evil (#7.20)" (1999)
[On the Defiant, the crew is going through the pre-flight procedure]
Nog: This is bad, very bad.
Colonel Kira: You say that every time we take the Defiant into battle.
Nog: Impulse manifold purged and clear. - If we lose the Chin'toka system, we lose our only foothold in the Dominion territory. I think that qualifies as bad.
Colonel Kira: Oh, we haven't lost it yet. - Initiating impulse pre-start sequence.
Nog: Microfusion generators online. - But the Breen, they seem unstoppable. First Earth, now Chin'toka?
Lt. Commander Worf: Ensign, no one is unstoppable. - Collimate the nadion emitters.
Nog: Collimation sequence in progress.
[Bashir and O'Brien enter the bridge]
Doctor Bashir: What more can I say, Miles, but 'I'm sorry'?
Chief O'Brien: Dilithium matrix is aligned and calibrated. - Just be a bit more careful, that's all I ask.
Colonel Kira: Opening antimatter injector ports. - Trouble in paradise?
Doctor Bashir: It was nothing. - Emergency life support and damage control systems standing by.
Chief O'Brien: I wouldn't call it nothing.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Autonomous guidance system initialized and active.
Chief O'Brien: He lost Travis.
Colonel Kira: Hm - sounds serious. - Verify astrometric database.
Doctor Bashir: Miles built this Alamo model, replete with small figures. Quite spectacular, actually. - Data sets loaded and verified. - Anyway, he was showing it to me in Quark's when we - rather I - accidentally misplaced Colonel Travis.
Nog: Phaser safeties engaged. - Can't you make another one?
Chief O'Brien: What, so he can lose it again? - Field stabilizers online.
Colonel Kira: [playfully] Well, that's what happens when you share your toys. - Synchronizing warp plasma flow...
Chief O'Brien: It's not a toy! It's a model, built to scale.
Doctor Bashir: He really did a fantastic job.
Chief O'Brien: Nacelles holding at pre-warp threshold.
Doctor Bashir: Miles, look...

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You're a good friend, Worf.
Lt. Commander Worf: I know.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Once More Unto the Breach (#7.7)" (1998)
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: You'd make a pretty good counselor. You wanna trade jobs?
Colonel Kira: Oh, yeah, people would love bringing their problems to me. "You dreamt about what? You're crazy! Now, get out of my office! Next patient!"

Quark: You're making a mistake by pursuing another relationship with Worf.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Excuse me?
Quark: You heard me. I know how Jadzia felt about Worf; but that was her life, not yours. You're Ezri Dax. You need to give yourself a chance to explore other relationships. You're young, and beautiful, and full of life. Why go after a man who's only a memory to you? I've had my problems with Worf, I'll admit that, but this is not about me or my feelings; this is about you. Worf has done nothing, and I mean nothing, to deserve you. Shouldn't you try and find someone who's willing to win your heart, not just inherit it? You deserve better. There, I've said my piece.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Can I say something now? I'm not interested in having another relationship with Worf. I care about him, and I probably always will, but he's moved on with his life, and so have I.
Quark: Oh... Well, good!
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: And I'd also like to say that what you just did was one of the kindest, dearest, and for you one of the most embarrassing things that I have ever heard.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: It's Only a Paper Moon (#7.10)" (1998)
[Nog has chosen Vic Fontaine's holoprogram as his rehab]
Ezri Dax: At first, it struck me as a little... peculiar. But after I thought it over, I began to think that this might be a good sign after all.
Quark: How can hiding in one of Julian's adolescent programs be a good sign?
Dr. Julian Bashir: Hey...
Jake Sisko: It could be worse. He could be hiding in the Alamo program.
Leeta: Or that ridiculous secret agent program.
Dr. Julian Bashir: [defensively] Hey...
Rom: Or that stupid Viking program!
Dr. Julian Bashir: HEY!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (#7.15)" (1999)
Doctor Bashir: A vodka martini. Stirred, not shaken.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Right away, sir.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dogs of War (#7.24)" (1999)
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I didn't know we were getting another Defiant-class ship.
Captain Sisko: That's what happens when you miss staff meetings.
Chief O'Brien: Looks... just like her.
Captain Sisko: Let's hope she fights like her.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Image in the Sand (#7.1)" (1998)
[last lines]
Ensign Ezri Dax: Hello, Benjamin.
Ben Sisko: Do I know you?
Ensign Ezri Dax: It's me - Dax.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Covenant (#7.9)" (1998)
Odo: How was it?
Colonel Kira: Oh, beautiful. Ranjen Telna gave a very moving sermon.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: What was it about?
Colonel Kira: About how important it is to forgive the people who've wronged you.