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Henry Janeway (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: 11:59 (#5.23)" (1999)
Henry Janeway: You know, I was born in the wrong millennium.
Shannon O'Donnell: I'll stick with the modern age.
Henry Janeway: The classical age. Greatest literature mankind ever produced.
Shannon O'Donnell: No antibiotics.
Henry Janeway: Families that take care of one another.
Shannon O'Donnell: No cars.
Henry Janeway: Air you can breathe.
Shannon O'Donnell: No telephones.
Henry Janeway: What a pleasure.
Shannon O'Donnell: Shorter lifespans.
Henry Janeway: Lives that were worth living.
Shannon O'Donnell: No cold beer!
Henry Janeway: ...There you got me.

Henry Janeway: Glorious Hector, son of Priam, slips past the Greek front lines bringing much-needed supplies to the embattled city of Troy.

Henry Janeway: Any customers this morning?
Jason Janeway: No one here but us galliforms.

Shannon O'Donnell: I'm in a transitional period.
Henry Janeway: From what to what?
Shannon O'Donnell: From what I was doing to what I'm going to do.

Shannon O'Donnell: I love to see places I've never been and try new things. I'm kind of an explorer.
Henry Janeway: Really? Hm. That station wagon of yours doesn't exactly look like a sailing ship.
Shannon O'Donnell: It's a rocket ship.
Henry Janeway: My mistake.

Shannon O'Donnell: I've learned a few details about the Millennium Gate. It's a self-sustaining city, an experimental biosphere. It's never been done before.
Henry Janeway: What's wrong with the biosphere we're living in now?
Shannon O'Donnell: Nothing.
Henry Janeway: Exactly.
Shannon O'Donnell: But this project will help scientists learn more about our environment, possibly even recreate it on other worlds.
Henry Janeway: Other worlds! Don't we have enough problems on the one we're on?
Shannon O'Donnell: Yeah. Which is why I'd like to get the hell off it one day.
Henry Janeway: I think you're taking this exploring a little too far.

Henry Janeway: Zeus himself watched over the travelers. We should follow his example.

Henry Janeway: [indicating his library] These are my traveling companions. They'll take me anywhere anytime.
Shannon O'Donnell: It's not such a bad idea to experience the real thing every now and then.
Henry Janeway: I prefer my books.
Shannon O'Donnell: Maybe you just never had the right guide.
Henry Janeway: Is that an offer? I could make a similar argument: not such a bad idea to, uh, settle down every now and then.
Shannon O'Donnell: Is that an offer?

Henry Janeway: They have offered us 20% above the market price for our properties. You know what the catch is? We've *all* got to sell.
Shannon O'Donnell: Everybody must love you.
Henry Janeway: Hm, yeah. People I knew when I was growing up, family friends, it seems like they've all just turned against me. If this were Roman times, they'd feed me to the lions.
Shannon O'Donnell: To the good old days.

Henry Janeway: This time, Rome withstands the Barbarians.

Shannon O'Donnell: Half the town is out there, you're on the news, maybe you'll even go down in history; you have made your point.
Henry Janeway: Well, obviously I haven't, because if I had, you wouldn't be asking me to sign my life away.
Shannon O'Donnell: Maybe, if you'd looked up from your books once in a while, you'd see what's in front of you.
Henry Janeway: Oh, please, no more speeches about the future.
Shannon O'Donnell: As long as I don't have to hear you pontificate about the past.
Henry Janeway: It's a deal. Glad we had this chat. Goodbye.

Henry Janeway: Why are you here?
Shannon O'Donnell: It was the cookies.
Henry Janeway: Cookies?
Shannon O'Donnell: I was on the interstate. I stopped for gas. And I bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies in a convenience store. It's a little ritual of mine; whenever I get back on the highway, I like to treat myself.
Henry Janeway: I see. Well, um... what does this have to do with anything?
Shannon O'Donnell: They didn't taste good, Henry. It wasn't the same. I just kept thinking about you, and how I wish you'd been there.
Henry Janeway: Actually, I prefer oatmeal cookies. I'm allergic to chocolate.
Shannon O'Donnell: Oh, you don't know what you're missing.

Shannon O'Donnell: You know, Mr. Moss offered me a job in Canton, even though I failed to keep up my end of the bargain. I guess he felt sorry for me. But I'm prepared to turn him down - if you want me to stay with you.
Henry Janeway: [after a pause] I suppose I could... reopen my shop in that monstrosity you wanna build.
Shannon O'Donnell: [smiles] And I'll have a few connections. I could probably get you a nice remote location, so nobody would bother you.
Henry Janeway: Not much profit in that. You sure you won't drive away again?
Shannon O'Donnell: No. But if I do, we'll make the trip together.