Captain Benjamin Sisko
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Captain Benjamin Sisko (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Emissary (#1.1)" (1993)
Commander Benjamin Sisko: [meeting with Captain Picard] It's been a long time, Captain.
Capt. Picard: [puzzled] Have we met before?
Commander Benjamin Sisko: [stony-faced] Yes sir, we met in battle. I was on the Saratoga at Wolf 359.

[Picard and Sisko are discussing Bajor's possible membership in the Federation]
Commander Benjamin Sisko: Is it going to happen?
Capt. Picard: Not easily. The ruling parties are at each other's throats. Factions that were united against the Cardassians have resumed old conflicts.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: Sounds like they're not ready.
Capt. Picard: Your job is to do everything, short of violating the Prime Directive, to make sure that they are.

Chief Miles O'Brien: Sir, have you ever served with any Bajoran women?
Commander Benjamin Sisko: No, why?
Chief Miles O'Brien: I was just wondering, sir.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: It's really quite simple, Quark. You're not going to leave.
Quark: Not going to leave? But we're packed and ready to go.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: Unpack.
Quark: I don't understand, Commander. Why would you want me to stay?
Constable Odo: I'm curious myself. The man is a gambler and a thief.
Quark: I'm not a thief.
Constable Odo: You are a thief!
Quark: If I am, you haven't been able to prove it for four years.

Quark: Commander, I've made a career out of knowing when to leave. And this Bajoran provisional government is far too provisional for my taste. And when governments fall, people like me are lined up and shot.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: There is that risk. But then, you are a gambler, Quark.
Odo: And a thief.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: You know, Quark, that poor boy is about to spend the best years of his life in a Bajoran prison. I'm a father myself. I know what your brother must be going through. The boy should be with his family, not in some cold jail cell. Think about it. It's up to you.
[He exits]
Odo: You know, at first, I didn't think I was going to like him.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: In the meantime, I will do the job I've been ordered to do to the best of my ability, sir!

[after an orb experience]
Kai Opaka: Nine orbs, like this one, have appeared in the skies over the past 10,000 years. The Cardassians took the others. You must find the Celestial Temple before they do.
Sisko: The Celestial Temple?
Kai Opaka: Tradition says the orbs were sent by the Prophets to teach us. What we have learned has shaped our theology. The Cardassians will do ANYTHING to decipher their powers. If they discover the Celestial Temple... they could destroy it.
Sisko: What makes you think *I* can find your... temple?
Kai Opaka: [gives Sisko the orb ark] This will help you.
Sisko: Kai Opaka, I...
Kai Opaka: I can't unite my people till I know the Prophets have been warned. You will find the temple. Not for Bajor, not for the Federation, but for your own pagh. It is quite simply, Commander, the journey you have always been destined to take.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: Commence station log, Deep Space Nine, Commander Benjamin Sisko, stardate 46388.2. - At the request of the Bajoran provisional government, Starfleet has agreed to establish a Federation presence in this system, following the withdrawal of the Cardassian occupational forces. The first contingent of officers including my Chief of Operations, Miles O'Brien, arrived two days ago on the Enterprise.

[Sisko's first line of the series]
Commander Benjamin Sisko: Move us to position alpha, Ensign.

[O'Brien is showing Sisko around on ops]
Chief O'Brien: Uh, that's the prefect's office up there.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: So all others have to look up with respect. Cardassian architecture.
Chief O'Brien: Yes, sir. Major Kira's been using it.

Gul Dukat: [meeting Sisko in his office] Excuse my presumption, but this was my office only two weeks ago. I'm not used to being on this side of the desk. I'll be honest with you, Commander. I miss this office. I was not happy to leave it.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: Drop by any time you're feeling homesick.

Gul Dukat: Allow me to assure you that we only want to be helpful in this difficult transition. You're far from the Federation fleet, alone in this remote outpost, with poor defense systems. Your Cardassian neighbors will be quick to respond to any problems you might have.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: We'll try to keep the dog off your lawn.

Major Kira: [seeing Sisko for the first time, testily] Yes?
Commander Benjamin Sisko: I'm Benjamin Sisko.
Major Kira: I suppose you want the office.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: [jovially] Well, I thought I'd say 'hello' first, and then take the office. But we could do it in any order you like.
Major Kira: [sarcastically] Hello.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: My officers, Bajoran engineers, all their families depend on the shops and services of this promenade. If people like you abandon it, this is going to become a ghost town. We need someone to step forward and say "I'm staying. I'm rebuilding". We need a community leader, and it's going to be - you, Quark!
Quark: [guffaws] Community leader!
Odo: Seems reasonable. You have all the character references of a politician.

Sisko: I was just talking with our good neighbor Quark. He's laying odds that the government's going to fall.
Major Kira: Quark knows a good bet when he hears one. This government will be gone in a week, and so will you.
Sisko: What happens to Bajor then?
Major Kira: Civil war.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: [from a log entry] Meanwhile, our medical and science officers are arriving, and I'm looking forward to a reunion with a very old friend.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: [after Bashir has invited Dax for dinner] He's a little young for you, isn't he?
Lt. Jadzia Dax: He's twenty-seven, I'm twenty-eight.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: Three*hundred* twenty-eight maybe.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: [on Dax's new "appearance"] This is going to take some getting used to.
Lt. Jadzia Dax: Don't be ridiculous, I'm still the same old Dax - more or less.

Commander Benjamin Sisko: Dax, we might have just discovered the first stable wormhole known to exist!

Commander Benjamin Sisko: [looking at an orb] What is it?
Kai Opaka: The Tear of the Prophet.

Kai Opaka: Commander - I cannot give you what you deny yourself.
Commander Benjamin Sisko: I'm sorry?
Kai Opaka: Look for solutions from within, Commander.

Jennifer Sisko: You're awfully sure of yourself.
Ben Sisko: It's not every day you meet the girl you're going to marry.
Jennifer Sisko: Do you use this routine a lot with women?
Ben Sisko: No, never before - and never again.

Ben Sisko: The sound of children playing - what could be more beautiful?
Jennifer Sisko: So you like children?
Ben Sisko: That almost sounds like a domestic enquiry.
Jennifer Sisko: I've heard Starfleet officers don't want families because they complicate their lives.
Ben Sisko: Starfleet officers don't often find mates who want to raise families on a starship.
Jennifer Sisko: That almost sounds like a domestic enquiry.
Ben Sisko: I think it was.

Sisko: It can be argued that a human is ultimately the sum of his experiences.

[Sisko is trying to explain 'past' to the Prophets]
Jake Prophet: What comes before now is no different than what is now. Or what is to come. It is one's existence.
Sisko: Then for you, there is no linear time.

Alien Batter: Aggressive. Adversarial.
Sisko: Competition, for fun. It's a game that Jake and I play on the holodeck. It's called 'baseball'!
Jake Prophet: Baseball? What is this?
Sisko: I was afraid you'd ask that.

Sisko: [on the image of his dead wife on the Saratoga] I don't know if you can understand. I see her like this, every time I close my eyes. In the darkness, in the blink of an eye, I see her... like this.
Jennifer Prophet: None of your past experiences helped prepare you for this consequence.
Sisko: And I have never figured out how to live without her.
Jennifer Prophet: So, you choose to exist here.
[Sisko nods]
Jennifer Prophet: It is not linear.
Sisko: [sobs] No. It's not linear.

Sisko: In the end, it comes down to throwing one pitch after another, and seeing what happens. With each new consequence, the game begins to take shape.
Alien Batter: And you have no idea what that shape is until it is completed?
Sisko: That's right. In fact, the game wouldn't be worth playing if we knew what was going to happen.
Jake Prophet: You value your ignorance of what is to come?
Sisko: That may be the most important thing to understand about humans. It is the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions. We are explorers. We explore our lives day by day, and we explore the galaxy, trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. And that is why I am here. Not to conquer you with weapons, or with ideas. But to coexist... and learn.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Pale Moonlight (#6.19)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: Who's watching Tolar?
Garak: I've locked him in his quarters. I've also left him with the distinct impression that if he attempts to force the door open, it may explode.
Captain Sisko: I hope that's just an impression.
Garak: It's best not to dwell on such minutiae.

Garak: If you can allow your anger to subside for a moment, you'll see that they did *not* die in vain! The Romulans will enter the war!
Captain Sisko: There's no guarantee of that!
Garak: Oh, but I think that there is. You see, when the Tal Shiar finishes examining the wreckage of Vreenak's shuttle, they'll find the burnt remnants of a Cardassian optolythic data rod which somehow miraculously survived the explosion. After painstaking forensic examination, they'll discover that the rod contains a recording of a high-level Dominion meeting, at which the invasion of Romulus was being planned.
Captain Sisko: And then they'll discover that it is a *fraud*!
Garak: Oh, I don't think they will! Because any imperfections in the forgery will appear to be a result of the explosion. So - with a seemingly legitimate rod in one hand, and a dead senator in the other, I ask you, Captain - what conclusion would you draw?

[a criminal working for Sisko just tried to kill Quark]
Captain Sisko: Do you intend to press charges?
Quark: You bet I do.
Captain Sisko: What will it take, um... to, er, convince you otherwise?
Quark: Are you offering me... a bribe? I knew it. Captain, I've always liked you. I suspected that somewhere deep down in your heart of hearts there was a tiny bit of Ferengi just waiting to get out.
Captain Sisko: What's your price?
Quark: Well - let's start with replacing my clothes, and M'Pella's clothes...
Captain Sisko: All right.
Quark: I'm not finished. I think I should be compensated for the loss of business I suffered today, which I calculate as no less than... five bars of goldpressed latinum.
Captain Sisko: Done.
Quark: I'm also having a problem with station security. They're holding some cargo containers which I've been waiting for because of some missing... import license or something.
Captain Sisko: I'll handle it. Anything else?
Quark: No. I think we can call it a bribe. And thank you, Captain. Thank you for restoring my faith in the ninety-eighth Rule of Acquisition: "Every man has his price."

Captain Sisko: Welcome aboard, Senator. I'm Captain Benjamin Sisko.
Vreenak: So - you're the Commander of Deep Space Nine; and the Emissary to the Prophets, decorated combat officer, widower, father, mentor... and, oh yes - the man who started the war with the Dominion. Somehow I thought you'd be taller.
Captain Sisko: Sorry to disappoint you.
Vreenak: To be honest, my opinion of Starfleet officers is so low, you'd have to work very hard indeed to disappoint me.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] I was the one who had to make it happen. I was the one who had to look Senator Vreenak in his eye, and convince him that a lie... was the truth.

[first lines]
Captain Sisko: Captain's personal log, stardate five one seven... thr-, uh... Five one seven... four - Computer, what day is it?
Cardassian Computer Voice: Stardate 51721.3.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] I need to talk about this... I have to justify what's happened, what I've done - at least to myself. I can't talk to anyone else, not even to Dax. Maybe if I just lay it all out in my log, it'll finally make sense. I can see where it all went wrong - where I went wrong.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] Every Friday morning, for the past three months, I've posted the official list of Starfleet personnel killed, wounded or missing in the war. It's become something of a grim ritual around here. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't find the name of a loved one, a friend or an acquaintance on that damned list. I've grown to hate Fridays.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] It was like I had stepped through a door and locked it behind me: I was going to bring the Romulans into the war.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] My father used to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] If there is one thing I've learned over the years, it's that bad news invariably comes in the middle of the night.

Captain Sisko: [voice-over] I'm not an impatient man. I'm not one to agonize over decisions once they're made. I got that from my father. He always says, "Worry and doubt are the greatest enemies of a great chef. The soufflé will either rise or it won't. There's not a damn thing you can do about it, so you might as well just sit back and wait, and see what happens."

Garak: To do what you're asking would use up every resource I have left on Cardassia. And it may be a very messy, very... bloody business. Are you prepared for that?
Captain Sisko: I posted my fourteenth casualty list this morning. I'm already involved in a very messy, very bloody business.

Captain Sisko: People are dying out there, every day! Entire worlds are struggling for their freedom. And here I am, still worrying about the finer points of morality.

Captain Sisko: [in a hypothetical debate with a "Romulan" official] You can't be naive enough to think that the Dominion is going to stop with the Federation. When they're finished with us, they're coming after you!
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: That's speculation.
Captain Sisko: The Founders see it as their sacred duty to bring order to the galaxy - their order. Do you think they'll sit idly by while you keep your chaotic Empire right next to their perfect order? No. If you watch us go under, then what you're really doing is signing your own death warrant.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: But before I plunge my people into a conflict that will kill millions of loyal Romulan citizens, I need something more concrete than the self-serving argument of a Starfleet officer. I need proof of Dominion duplicity. Not more words. Proof.
Captain Sisko: [chuckles acknowledging] Very good, old man. You would have made a decent Romulan.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I prefer the spots to the pointed ears.

Captain Sisko: [in a debate with a real Romulan official] Maybe you're right. Maybe the Dominion will win in the end. Then the Founders will control what we now call Cardassia, the Klingon Empire and the Federation. So, instead of facing three separate opponents with three separate agendas, you'll find yourselves facing the same opponent on every side. There is a word for that: surrounded.
Vreenak: [... ] You make some very good points, Captain. But it's still all speculation and theory - nothing that would warrant abrogating our treaty and plunging the Empire into war.
Captain Sisko: What if I told you that the Dominion is planning a sneak attack on the Romulan Empire at this very moment?
Vreenak: Mm... I'd want proof.

Garak: The less I'm seen parading through Ops, the better.
Captain Sisko: I couldn't agree more.

Garak: Vreenak believes he's on the winning side, so until you can prove otherwise, you may have to put up with a certain... acerbic attitude.
Captain Sisko: Er, Mr. Garak, after having spent a week with you, I have developed a very, very thick skin.

Captain Sisko: So, it all blew up in my face.
[after Vreenak's analysis of his 'proof']

Captain Sisko: At 0800 hours, station time, the Romulan Empire formally declared war against the Dominion. They've already struck fifteen bases along the Cardassian border. So, this is a huge victory for the good guys! This may even be the turning point of the entire war. There is even a "Welcome to the Fight"-party tonight in the wardroom!

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: So... I lied. I cheated. I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But the most damning thing of all... I think I can live with it. And if I had to do it all over again - I would. Garak was right about one thing: a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant. So I will learn to live with it... Because I can live with it... I can live with it... Computer - erase that entire personal log.

Tolar: [Tolar has just finished a holographic forgery showing the plan for a Dominion invasion of Romulus in order to trick the Romulans into joining the war against the Dominion] Well, it's been a pleasure doing business with you gentlemen. Call me again if you ever need...
Captain Sisko: [interrupting] You're not going anywhere.
Tolar: What do you mean?
Captain Sisko: I mean you're not leaving until your work has been accepted by our client.
Tolar: [flying into a tantrum] That isn't fair! You can't keep me here against my will! I haven't done anything wrong! We had an agreement!
Captain Sisko: [Sisko grabs Tolar and slams him against a wall of the Holosuite] I am making a new agreement. If that program passes inspection, you go free. But if there is even the tiniest flaw, I will send you back to that Klingon prison and tell Gowron to take his time when he executes you!
Tolar: [Tolar's bluster evaporates and he becomes much more obseqious] It'll pass. You'll see. It will pass.
Garak: [pleasantly] I sincerely hope so. Now, why don't you go wait in your quarters. I'll be along shortly to say... hello.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Blaze of Glory (#5.23)" (1997)
Michael Eddington: As far as I'm concerned, my life is over. I'm dead.
Captain Sisko: For a dead man, you talk a lot.

[Sisko learns that the Maquis have allegedly launched missiles on Cardassia]
Captain Sisko: I knew the Maquis were desperate, but I didn't believe that they would resort to something like this.
Martok: A sabre bear is most deadly when it is trapped with no hope of escape.

Captain Sisko: If those missiles hit Cardassia, it could start a war. Billions of people will be killed.
Michael Eddington: If you expect me to shed a tear, you're going to be disappointed. I used up all my tears, when the Dominion slaughtered the Maquis. I sat here in this cell for three days and listened to the reports as they came in. In those three days, everyone, and everything I cared about was wiped out.
Captain Sisko: I heard the same reports. It was a tragedy.
Michael Eddington: Your generosity of spirit touches me. But you don't give a damn about what happened to us. And I don't give a damn about what happens to you.

Captain Sisko: Do you want your freedom or not?
Michael Eddington: Freedom, huh? Tell me, if they did release me - where would I go? What would I do?
Captain Sisko: Anything you want.
Michael Eddington: What about bringing the Maquis back from the dead? Can I do that? Can you? Can anyone? No. I didn't think so. In that case, I'll tell you what I want. I wanna lie here till the Jem'Hadar blow this place to pieces - and me along with it.

Michael Eddington: If you can't have victory, sometimes you just have to settle for revenge.
Captain Sisko: [laughs sarcastically] Is that what you want? To be remembered as the man who helped bring about the worst war in Federation history?
Michael Eddington: Not quite the legacy I had in mind. But I can live with it.
Captain Sisko: [sardonically] Can you?

Michael Eddington: Let's get one thing straight, Captain. I'll get you to the launch site and I'll help you deactivate those missiles. But then you and I are going to have it out, once and for all.
Captain Sisko: You want a fight, Mister, I will give you one.
Michael Eddington: I don't intend to fight you, Captain. I intend to kill you.

Captain Sisko: [about Cal Hudson] He was a good man.
Michael Eddington: He felt the same about you. He thought you were wrong about the Maquis; but he forgave you. Which is ironic, considering you never forgave him. You can't forgive any of us. And not because we betrayed Starfleet or the Federation. But because we betrayed *you*.

Captain Sisko: Report.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Do the words "needle in a haystack" mean anything to you?

[the runabout with Sisko and Eddington is hunted down by two Jem'Hadar ships]
Michael Eddington: Dissipating our warp signature didn't work.
Captain Sisko: Don't tell me the Maquis didn't have Plan B.
Michael Eddington: You're not going to like it.
Captain Sisko: Half an AU and closing. If you do have a plan, I guarantee I'll learn to love it.

Michael Eddington: Attacking two Jem'Hadar soldiers with a pipe, that's a brilliant plan.
Captain Sisko: It could be worse.
Michael Eddington: I know, it could be me holding the pipe.
Captain Sisko: Exactly!

[Eddington shoots a Jem'Hadar soldier who has knocked Sisko down during a fight in a badly lit tunnel]
Captain Sisko: You have sharp eyes.
Michael Eddington: Not really, I just waited to see which of you was knocked down first, and then I shot the one still standing.
Captain Sisko: Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Michael Eddington: You still there, Captain?
Captain Sisko: Disappointed?
Michael Eddington: Just checking.

Michael Eddington: The Maquis won its greatest victories under my leadership.
Captain Sisko: Your leadership, your shining moment of glory. Michael Eddington gets to take off his gold uniform and play hero. That's what you always wanted, to lead troops in a glorious cause. Well, you had your chance. And look where you led them: right into their graves!
Michael Eddington: They died because I wasn't there when they needed me most. Because you put me in jail.
Captain Sisko: They died because you filled their heads with false hopes, sold them dreams of a military victory, when what they needed was a negotiated peace.
Michael Eddington: We had the Cardassians on the run.
Captain Sisko: And they ran right into the arms of the Dominion. End of story!

Captain Sisko: I didn't know you were married.
Michael Eddington: We've held the ceremony two weeks before you captured me.
Captain Sisko: Not much of a honeymoon.

Captain Sisko: There is something attractive about a lost cause.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Maybe you have more in common with Eddington than you want to admit.
Captain Sisko: Maybe.

Captain Sisko: I called him a traitor once. But in a way he was the most loyal man I ever met. He was a Maquis - right up to the bitter end.

Nog: Squid. My favorite human food. Mmm. Delicious, sir.
Jake Sisko: Terrific as always, Dad.
Captain Sisko: I'm glad you like it.
Nog: Sir, if I may say so, this sauce tastes very familiar.
Captain Sisko: Well it should. It's puree of tube grubs.
Jake Sisko: [vomits in napkin] Tube grubs?
Captain Sisko: I figured if Nog is willing to eat squid, it's only fair that we try tube grubs. Besides, you said it was terrific.
Jake Sisko: That was before I knew what it was!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Through the Looking Glass (#3.19)" (1995)
Commander Sisko: Where are we?
Smiley O'Brien: I guess you could say we just stepped through the looking glass.

[first lines]
Odo: [to Sisko] I found 27 voles in his storeroom.
Quark: Vole infestations are not uncommon on this station. If you don't believe me, ask Chief O'Brien.
Odo: When I came in, he and Morn were painting numbers on the voles' backs.
Quark: We were just... counting them, to see how many we'd caught.
Commander Sisko: You were getting ready to stage a vole fight.
Quark: A vole fight? I'm appalled. Do you really think that was what Morn was up to?
Commander Sisko: Constable, I want the voles confiscated and removed from the station.
Quark: You can't confiscate Morn's voles, they're like his pets!
Commander Sisko: I'll see if I can get him some... goldfish.

Tuvok: What do you propose we do?
Captain Bashir: We smuggle explosives aboard the station, plant them in her quarters... and detonate them.
Tuvok: You realize it is highly unlikely that anyone assigned to such a mission would survive.
Captain Bashir: I say it's worth the risk.
Commander Sisko: [from the background] Does that mean you're volunteering for the job?

Commander Sisko: I thought you told me I was married.
Smiley O'Brien: Well, you are, technically, but... she is your mistress.
Commander Sisko: I see what you meant by "surprises".

Intendant Kira: I'm afraid I can never trust you again. Which means... that I will have to dispose of you eventually. The question is... should it be sooner, or later?
Commander Sisko: Do I get a vote?
Intendant Kira: Of course you do. It just doesn't count.

Intendant Kira: The only reason I can think of to keep you alive is to infuriate Garak.
Commander Sisko: What better reason do you need?

Commander Sisko: [of Jennifer] I can't let her die. Not again.
Smiley O'Brien: You're the only one who can save her.

[Sisko and O'Brien are surrounded by Alliance ships]
Smiley O'Brien: You know, Captain Sisko would try to fight his way out of this.
Commander Sisko: Be glad I'm not him.

Jennifer Sisko: You know what I wish? I wish I'd never met you.
Commander Sisko: And I wish things could've been better between us. But this isn't about us... Or is it?

Commander Sisko: I think the two of us have been fighting each other so long, that you've gotten used to us being on opposite sides. But I'm not the enemy this time, Jennifer. The Alliance is.
Jennifer Sisko: The Alliance is your enemy, not mine.
Commander Sisko: That's where you're wrong. Don't you see? You're no different than the slaves working in the ore processing center. In fact, you may even be worse off; at least they know they're prisoners.
Jennifer Sisko: What if I am a prisoner?
Commander Sisko: You don't have to be. Fight back. Come with me!
Jennifer Sisko: You want me to join the Rebellion?
Commander Sisko: The way I see it, freedom is a whole lot better than slavery.

Jennifer Sisko: Let's get one thing clear.
Commander Sisko: What's that?
Jennifer Sisko: I still hate you.
Commander Sisko: I know.

Commander Sisko: Jennifer, there's so much I want to tell you. I just don't know where to start.
Jennifer Sisko: Why don't you start by telling me what happened to my husband?

[Sisko has activated the station's self-destruct sequence]
Intendant Kira: Computer, disengage self-destruct sequence. Authorization Kira, Alpha 9175 Blue.
Cardassian Computer Voice: Authorization denied.
Commander Sisko: I changed it!

Intendant Kira: This isn't over, Benjamin. I'll hunt you down. I swear it.
Commander Sisko: You're welcome to try.

Jennifer Sisko: Thank you, for rescuing me.
Commander Sisko: It was my pleasure.

[last lines]
Commander Sisko: Take me home, Smiley.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: For the Uniform (#5.13)" (1997)
[Sisko is trying to arrest a former Security officer turned traitor]
Odo: Sir, have you ever reminded Starfleet Command that they stationed Eddington here because they didn't trust me?
Sisko: No.
Odo: Please do.

Michael Eddington: Mr. Cing'ta won't be joining us. His shuttle had an accident on the way to this rendezvous.
Sisko: Is he dead?
Michael Eddington: You just don't understand the Maquis, do you, Captain? We're not killers. Mr. Cing'ta's accident has marooned him on a particularly nasty planet in the Badlands. But I assure you, he's very much alive.
Sisko: How merciful. You condemned him to a slow death.
Michael Eddington: It's more than he deserved. He was going to sell us out to you. He betrayed us.
Sisko: Now, there's a subject *you* know a lot about.

Sisko: [letting off steam pummeling a punch bag] He worked under me for a year and a half. I saw him almost every day, read his reports, had him for dinner. I even took him to a baseball game in a holosuite once, and I never saw it! It's my job to be a good judge of character, and what did I do? Not only did I not see it, I put him up for a promotion.
[shouts angrily]
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: He played his hand well.
Sisko: He played me all right. And what is my excuse? Is he a Changeling? No! Is he a being with seven lifetimes of experience? No! Is he a wormhole alien? No! He's just a man, like me - arrgh! And he beat me!

Michael Eddington: Look at them, Captain. They're humans - just like you and me. And Starfleet took everything away from them. Remember that the next time you put on that uniform. There's a war out there, and you're on the wrong side.
Sisko: You know what I see out there, Mr. Eddington? I see victims. But not of Cardassia or the Federation. Victims of you, the Maquis.

Sisko: All right, say it.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: What?
Sisko: That I have lost all perspective, that I'm turning this into a vendetta between me and Eddington, and that I am putting the ship, the crew, and my entire career at risk, and if I had any brains at all, I'd go back to my office, sit down, and read Odo's crime reports.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I wasn't going to say that.
Sisko: But that's what you were thinking, right?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: No. Actually, what I was thinking is... you're becoming more like Curzon all the time.
Sisko: I don't know how to take that.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Consider it a compliment. And the next time *I* go off, half-cocked on some wild-eyed adventure, think back to this moment, and be a little more understanding.

Chief O'Brien: With most of the bridge control functions offline, all orders to Engineering will have to be relayed. In the interest of clarity, I thought it best that those messages be relayed with one voice:
Chief O'Brien: [indicates Nog] Mr. Academy here. I figured you'd want somebody who could hear you while the bridge is exploding all around you.
Nog: [alarmed] Exploding?
Sisko: We may be going into a combat situation. Do you think you're ready for that, Cadet?
Nog: Sir, yes, sir! Absolutely, sir!
Sisko: I'm glad to hear it. Report to the bridge.
Nog: Aye, sir.
Nog: [walks off despondently] Exploding...

[Eddington has sent Sisko a copy of "Les Misérables" to read]
Michael Eddington: Pay close attention to the character of Inspector Javert - the French policeman who spends twenty years chasing a man for stealing a loaf of bread. Sound like anyone you know?
Sisko: Why don't you beam over and we'll discuss it?

Sisko: "Les Misérables" isn't about the policeman. It's about Valjean - the victim of a monstrous injustice, who spends his entire life helping people, making noble sacrifices for others. That's how Eddington sees himself: he is Valjean, he's Robin Hood, he's a romantic, dashing figure, fighting the good fight against insurmountable odds.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: The secret life of Michael Eddington.

Sisko: Eddington is the hero of his own story. That makes me the villain. And what is it that every hero wants to do?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Kill the bad guy.

Sisko: I think it's time for me to become the villain.

[Sisko and Sanders are trying out the new holo-communicator]
Captain Sanders: Are you receiving my image, Captain?
Sisko: Yes, and you?
Captain Sanders: You appear to be sitting on my bridge. May take me a while to get used to this; I'm not fond of uninvited guests.
Sisko: I'll try not to overstay my welcome.

Captain Sanders: [talking about Eddington] Do me a favor.
Sisko: Of course.
Captain Sanders: Save of me a seat at his court martial.

[to provoke Eddington, Sisko has just poisoned the atmosphere of a Maquis planet]
Michael Eddington: Can't you see what's happening to you? You're going against everything you claim to believe in. And for what? To satisfy a personal vendetta?
Sisko: You betrayed your uniform!
Michael Eddington: And you're betraying yours, right now! The sad part is, you don't even realize it. I feel sorry for you, Captain. This obsession with me - look what it's cost you.

[last lines]
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Benjamin, I'm curious. Your plan to poison the Maquis planets - you didn't clear it with Starfleet first, did you?
Sisko: I knew I'd forgotten to do something.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Big gamble.
Sisko: That's what it takes to be a good villain.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: You know, sometimes I like it when the bad guy wins.

Sisko: Is the new holo-communicator ready?
Major Kira: The Chief's had online for six hours now. I think he's eager for someone to give it a try.
Sisko: Always like to please the Chief.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Trials and Tribble-ations (#5.6)" (1996)
[the crew has traveled back in time and is now wearing TOS-style uniforms. Sisko is wearing gold, O'Brien red and Bashir blue]
Doctor Bashir: Wait a minute. Aren't you two wearing the wrong color?
O'Brien: Don't you know anything about this period in time?
Doctor Bashir: I'm a doctor, not an historian.
Sisko: In the old days, operations officers wore red, command officers wore gold...
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: And women wore less.
[Dax appears behind them, dressed in a revealing TOS miniskirt-style uniform]
Doctor Bashir: I think I'm going to like history.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Maybe we should beam over to the station to help Odo and Worf. We know Darvin was there a few hours ago.
Sisko: I think it might be better if Chief O'Brien and Dr. Bashir go.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: But if we went, we might run into Koloth.
Sisko: Exactly.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [pleading] It's not as if he would recognize me! I'd love to see him at his prime!
Sisko: Dax.
[Dax is sulking]
Sisko: Major, beam the Chief and the Doctor to K-7 and fill them in.
Major Kira Nerys: [over communicator] Aye, sir.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [pouting] It would have been fun.
Sisko: Too much fun!

Doctor Bashir: Captain.
Sisko: [dressed in a gold TOS-style uniform] Well... Lieutenant, actually. I didn't want to push my luck.

Captain Sisko: Are you sure you don't want anything?
Dulmur: Just the truth, Captain.
Captain Sisko: You'll get it. Where do you want to start?
Dulmur: The beginning.
Lucsly: If there is such a thing.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: That's...
Captain Sisko: The Enterprise!

Dulmur: Be specific, Captain, which Enterprise? There've been five.
Lucsly: Six.
Captain Sisko: This was the first Enterprise - Constitution-class.
Dulmur: His ship!
Lucsly: James T. Kirk.
Captain Sisko: The one and only!
Lucsly: Seventeen separate temporal violations; the biggest file on record.
Dulmur: The man was a menace.

Sisko: The last thing I want is a visit from temporal investigations when we get home.

O'Brien: Captain, I'm not sure we can get to K7's internal sensors.
Sisko: Then you will have to manually scan every tribble on the station.
O'Brien: There must be thousands of them by now.
Doctor Bashir: Hundreds of thousands.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: 1,771,561! That's starting with one tribble, with an average litter of ten every twelve hours. After three days...
Sisko: Thank you!

Sisko: If my people had caused any changes in the timeline, we would have been the first to notice when we got back.
Lucsly: Why do they all have to say that?

Dulmur: Captain, why'd you take the Defiant back in time?
Captain Sisko: It was an accident.
Lucsly: So you're not contending it was a pre-destination paradox?
Dulmur: A time loop? That you were meant to go back into the past?
Captain Sisko: Um... no.
Dulmur: Good.
Lucsly: We hate those. So - what happened?
Captain Sisko: This may take some time.
Dulmur: Is that a joke?
Captain Sisko: No.
Lucsly: Good.
Dulmur: We hate those too.

[Sisko and Dax are getting an unexpected glimpse of Kirk and Spock]
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I had no idea.
Sisko: What?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: He's so much more handsome in person. Those eyes!
Sisko: Kirk had quite the reputation as a ladies' man.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Not him. Spock.
Sisko: [drags Dax away] Let's go.

Sisko: He put a bomb in a tribble?

[Sisko on the Enterprise bridge... ]
Sisko: Excuse me, Captain. Here's tomorrow's duty roster for your approval.
Captain James T. Kirk: Lieutenant... er, Lieutenant...?
Sisko: Benjamin Sisko, sir. I've been on temporary assignment here. Before I leave, I just want to say... it's been an honor serving with you, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: All right, Lieutenant, carry on.
Sisko: Thank you, sir.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: I'm open to suggestions, people.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: We could build another station...
[on how to deal with the growing tribble population on DS9... ]

Sisko: [unknowingly echoing a Kirk line from the original episode] Storage compartments... storage compartments...

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Paradise Lost (#4.11)" (1996)
[Nog is telling Captain Sisko about the Red Squad]
Captain Sisko: I'd like to meet some of these cadets. You think you could introduce me to one of them?
Cadet Nog: I'm sorry, I can't do that, sir. The names of Red Squad members are supposed to be secret.
Captain Sisko: But you know who they are?
Cadet Nog: It's not easy keeping secrets from a Ferengi. But I feel funny telling anyone else. Besides, if they found out I'd told you who they were, I'd never get in.
Captain Sisko: [with increasingly commanding voice] Cadet, you are obviously under the mistaken impression that I'm asking a favor. I want a name, and I want it now, and that is an order! Understood, Mr. Nog?
Cadet Nog: Yes sir.

[Sisko is interrogating Cadet Shepard]
Captain Sisko: Who told you there wasn't to be a written record?
Riley Shepard: Briefing officer, sir.
Captain Sisko: I want that officer's name.
Riley Shepard: She didn't give us her name, sir. But she did say there would be no record of our actions, and our role would have to go unrecognized, at least for now.
Captain Sisko: Maybe if you'd done your job better it would have. But you fouled it up, didn't you? You cadets did some sloppy work, some *damn* sloppy work!

Odo: And are you sure that this cadet is telling the truth?
Captain Sisko: He admitted to committing acts of treason against the Federation. If he was going to lie, I think he would have made up a better story.

Captain Sisko: These aren't evil people, Odo. These are people I've worked with. They're my friends - people I respect. How can I turn against them?
Odo: It seems to me, if they have committed treason against the Federation, the Federation that you swore to protect - you won't be turning against them. *They* will have turned against you.

Changeling: Let me ask you a question. How many Changelings do you think are here on Earth right at this moment?
Captain Sisko: I'm not going to play any guessing games with you.
Changeling: Ah. What if I were to tell you that there are only four on this entire planet? Huh? Not counting Constable Odo, of course. Think of it - just four of us. And look at the havoc we've wrought.

Captain Sisko: I don't get much time to spend on Earth. And it is so pleasant here, with a Starfleet officer on every corner. Paradise has never seemed so well armed.

Admiral Leyton: You've always had a strong sense of duty.
Captain Sisko: My duty is to protect the Federation.
Admiral Leyton: That's what we're trying to do.
Captain Sisko: What you're trying to do is to seize control of Earth and place it under military rule.
Admiral Leyton: If that's what it takes to stop the Dominion.
Captain Sisko: So you're willing to destroy Paradise in order to save it?

Admiral Leyton: You know, Ben... I stand here looking at you - best officer who ever served under me. Trapped in this holding cell. And I think... life can be damned cruel.
Captain Sisko: Let me out. Maybe life will look a little better.

Captain Sisko: [reciting his father's advice] There comes a time in every man's life when he must stop thinking and start doing.

Admiral Leyton: I've sent the Lakota to intercept the Defiant.
Captain Sisko: You think that one Starfleet ship is going to fire on another?
Admiral Leyton: As far as Captain Benteen's crew is concerned, the Defiant isn't a Starfleet ship. They've been told everyone on the Defiant has been replaced... by shapeshifters.

Captain Sisko: Are you willing to risk a civil war? If the Lakota fires on the Defiant, you will be opening up a Pandora's Box that may never be closed!
Admiral Leyton: Then contact the Defiant, and tell them to stand down.
Captain Sisko: I won't do that.
Admiral Leyton: I didn't think so. But don't kid yourself, Ben. This Pandora's Box of yours - we're opening it together.

Admiral Leyton: I have enough loyal officers to make a fight of it.
Captain Sisko: Who will you fight? Starfleet? The Federation? Don't you see, Admiral? You're fighting the wrong war! And as for your loyal officers, Benteen's already abandoned you. And she was closer to you than anyone. You've lost! Don't make anyone else pay for your mistakes.
[Leyton slowly gets up, takes off his rank insignia and lays them on the table]
Admiral Leyton: I hope... you're not the one making the mistake.

Odo: Am I the only one who's worried that there are still Changelings here on Earth?
Joseph Sisko: Worried? I'm scared to death. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna let them change the way I live my life.
Captain Sisko: If the Changelings want to destroy what we've built here, they're going to have to do it themselves. We will not do it for them.

Admiral Leyton: I only wish I'd taught you more about the importance of loyalty.
Captain Sisko: You want to talk to me about loyalty? After you broke your oath with the Federation! Lied to the people of Earth? Ordered one of our own starships to fire on another! You don't have the right!
Admiral Leyton: You don't understand me at all, do you?
Captain Sisko: I used to think I did. I used to think that you were a man of principles, a man of honor! I see that I was mistaken!
Admiral Leyton: I'm sorry you feel that way.
Captain Sisko: So am I!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Maquis: Part 2 (#2.21)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Do you know what the trouble is? The trouble is Earth-on Earth there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see paradise. It's easy to be a saint in paradise, but the Maquis do not live in paradise. Out there in the demilitarized zone all the problems haven't been solved yet. Out there, there are no saints, just people-angry, scared, determined people who are going to do whatever it takes to survive, whether it meets with Federation approval or not.

Commander Sisko: According to Sakonna, the Maquis are going to attack the depot sometime within the next 52 hours.
Gul Dukat: But she didn't tell you on which colony the depot is hidden?
Commander Sisko: She says she doesn't know.
Gul Dukat: How convenient.
Commander Sisko: I believe her.
Gul Dukat: Why? Because Vulcans don't lie?
Commander Sisko: As a rule, they don't.
Gul Dukat: They don't blow up ships either, as a rule.

Gul Dukat: In Cardassia, the verdict is always known before the trial begins; and it's always the same.
Commander Sisko: In that case, why bother with a trial at all?
Gul Dukat: Because the people demand it. They enjoy watching justice triumph over evil, every time. They find it comforting.
Commander Sisko: Isn't there ever a chance you might try an innocent man by mistake?
Gul Dukat: Cardassians don't make mistakes.
Commander Sisko: I'll have to remember that.

Gul Dukat: [on Legate Parn] I'm sure he made some rather ugly threats on my behalf, hm?
Commander Sisko: He said that you were the one responsible for smuggling weapons into the demilitarized zone. That if the Maquis did not execute you, then the Central Command would - *after* a comforting trial, I'm sure.

Commander Sisko: [of Dukat] The Central Command wants him dead. That's reason enough for us to want him alive.

Commander Sisko: You're throwing away your entire life!
Cal Hudson: And beginning a new one.

Commander Sisko: I said I would stop the Maquis. And one way or another, I will.

Commander Sisko: [to Amaros] Tell Cal Hudson I haven't told Starfleet anything yet. Tell him we can still solve this thing together, but we're running out of time. Tell him I still have his uniform; he can have it back any time he wants.

Gul Dukat: I thought you were strong, Commander. You're not. You're a fool - a sentimental fool.
Commander Sisko: I said I'd stop the Maquis, and I have. But I will not kill a good man for defending his home.

Cal Hudson: I'm going to miss you, Ben. You've been a good friend.
Commander Sisko: So have you.

[last lines]
Commander Sisko: I just got a communique from Starfleet, congratulating me on my good work, and thanking me for preserving the peace with the Cardassians.
Major Kira: You deserve it. You prevented a war.
Commander Sisko: Did I? Or did I just delay the inevitable?

Odo: And one other thing...
[nods towards Quark in the holding cell]
Odo: How long do I keep him here?
Commander Sisko: Forever.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Jem'Hadar (#2.26)" (1994)
[Sisko and Quark have been captured by the Jem'Hadar]
Third Talak'talan: A Ferengi, and a human. I was hoping the first race I'd meet from the other side of the anomaly would be the Klingons.
Sisko: I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Third Talak'talan: It's too late for apologies. The Dominion will no longer stand by and allow ships from your side to violate our territory.

Third Talak'talan: We gain more knowledge every day. And now we have you to help us learn more.
Sisko: I don't plan on telling you anything.
Third Talak'talan: I won't be the one asking the questions.
Sisko: Who will?
Third Talak'talan: I was really hoping to meet a Klingon.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: [about Captain Keogh] Don't you find him just a little arrogant?
Sisko: Funny, he said the same thing about you.

[Quark is making smalltalk to Sisko on a wild planet]
Quark: I'm glad we could talk like this. There's nothing like facing the wilderness to bring people closer.
Sisko: The answer is still no, Quark.

Quark: I have the right to express my opinion.
Sisko: I'm about to put my fist in your opinion!
Quark: You don't scare me. And you want to know why you don't scare me? Because I'm already more scared than I've ever been in my life.

Sisko: I want to know why we are being held here.
Third Talak'talan: That's not my concern.
Sisko: Then why won't you let us go?
Third Talak'talan: Because the Founders don't want you released.
Sisko: And who are the Founders?
Third Talak'talan: That's not *your* concern.

Sisko: How did you know that the security barrier is lethal?
Eris: Because everything about the Jem'Hadar is lethal.

[Quark is making a racket calling for the Jem'Hadar]
Eris: If we escape, do we have to take him with us?
Sisko: He's not so bad.
Eris: Doesn't he realize he's not accomplishing anything?
Sisko: Don't be so sure. We need to know what the Jem'Hadar plan to do with us, which means we need to get their attention. And if there's one thing I know...
Third Talak'talan: [from the background] That's enough!
Sisko:'s that Quark is hard to ignore.

Sisko: You know, Jake, we really need to get away more often.
Jake Sisko: I'm ready whenever you are. I'm sure Nog is, too.

Quark: I think I figured out why Humans don't like Ferengi.
Sisko: Not now, Quark.
Quark: The way I see it, Humans used to be a lot like Ferengi: greedy, acquisitive, interested only in profit. We're a constant reminder of a part of your past you'd like to forget.
Sisko: Quark, we don't have time for this.
Quark: You're overlooking something. Humans used to be a lot worse than the Ferengi: slavery, concentration camps, interstellar wars. We have nothing in our past that approaches that kind of barbarism. You see? We're nothing like you... we're better.

[a Jem'Hadar ship has made a suicide run against the Odyssey and caused it to explode]
Chief O'Brien: [aghast] We were retreating. There was no need for a suicide run.
Sisko: They're showing us how far they're willing to go.

[last lines]
Major Kira: She'll be back. The question is who she'll bring with her.
Sisko: If the Dominion comes through the Wormhole, the first battle will be fought here. And I intend to be ready for them.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Take Me Out to the Holosuite (#7.4)" (1998)
Doctor Bashir: So, when is this "Clash of the Titans"?
Captain Sisko: Two weeks, in holosuite 5.
Colonel Kira: What's the contest?
[Sisko produces a round white object and places it on the table]
Captain Sisko: Baseball!

Captain Sisko: [shouting] You stole the run from us! You stole it just as if you reached up and tore it off the score board!
[begins poking Odo in the chest]
Captain Sisko: You stole it from us!
Odo: You - you're out of here!
Captain Sisko: What?
Odo: No player shall at any time make contact with the umpire in any manner. The prescribed penalty for the violation is immediate ejection from the game. Rule Number 4.06, subsection a, paragraph four. Look it up, but do it in the stands. You're GONE!

Captain Solok: [insincerely] I understand you were recently honored with the Christopher Pike Medal for Valor. Congratulations.
Captain Sisko: [just as insincerely] Thank you. And congratulations to you. I heard you received your medal last month.
Captain Solok: My second, actually.

Captain Sisko: It's been a long time.
Captain Solok: 10 years, 2 months, 5 days.
Captain Sisko: You mean you don't know it to the minute?
Captain Solok: Of course I do. But Humans are often irked by such precision - especially the more emotional Humans.

Captain Sisko: There is more to baseball than physical strength. It's, uh... it's about courage; and it's also about faith; and it is also about heart. And if there's one thing our Vulcan friends lack, it's heart.

[Sisko has recruited Odo to fill the post of the umpire in their baseball game]
Captain Sisko: Remember, the game is in less than two weeks, so you better start to, er, work on your moves.
Odo: My "moves"?

Captain Sisko: [to Odo] You can't tell me that ball was over the plate! What were you doing, regenerating?

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: [offering Solok his signature covered baseball] Would you like to sign it?

Captain Sisko: Well, there's an old saying: those who can't - coach!

Captain Sisko: If you have some time, one day - maybe you can teach me how to bunt.
Rom: Sure!
Rom: [to Leeta] What's a bunt?

Captain Sisko: [telling the story of him and Solok to Kasidy] We were in the same class at the academy. One weekend, I was with some friends in a bar off campus, The Launching Pad, when Solok came in with a group of Vulcan cadets. Said they were doing research on 'illogical human bonding rituals'. We didn't take too kindly to that.
Kasidy Yates: And you'd had a few drinks.
Captain Sisko: One or two. Well, we got into a debate and Solok said that Vulcans were naturally superior to Humans and other 'emotionally handicapped species'. Of course, I took the opposite position. So there I am, drunk and debating logic versus emotion with a smug and very sober Vulcan. Well, to make a long story short, I decided that the best way to prove that Humans were every bit the equal of Vulcans was to challenge him to a wrestling match.
Kasidy Yates: Wrestling?
Captain Sisko: All I wanted to do was wipe that arrogant look off his face so with everyone watching, in the heat of the moment, I challenged him.
Kasidy Yates: And?
Captain Sisko: I ended up in the infirmary with a separated shoulder, two cracked ribs and a very bruised ego.
Kasidy Yates: [laughing] Oh Ben! I don't mean to laugh but what did you expect? A Vulcan has three times the strength of a human.
Captain Sisko: [whistles] And they're faster too. But you're right - I got what I deserved. And if it had ended right there it would've been fine. But it didn't. Solok took every opportunity to remind me about our match. He used to point me out whenever I walked across the campus. In fact, he wrote 5 psychology papers about our match. I became the living embodiment of why Vulcans were inherently superior to Humans.
Kasidy Yates: You don't mean he was gloating? A Vulcan?
Captain Sisko: That's exactly what I mean. He may have hidden it beneath that Vulcan calm of his, but he loved every minute of it. And you'd think that once we graduated it would have stopped. But it didn't. Over the years, Solok wrote over a dozen papers on Vulcan/Human comparative profiles, and at the beginning of every paper is an analysis of that damn wrestling match.
Kasidy Yates: And now he comes to your station and announces that he's put together a baseball team.
Captain Sisko: Solok doesn't care about baseball. All he wants to do is rub it in my nose on more time but this time he's using my game. My game!

Captain Sisko: Alright Niners! Let's hear some chatter! Hey batter!
Kasidy Yates: Hey batter batter batter batter batter!
Leeta: Hey batter batter batter batter batter batter!
Worf: Death to the opposition!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Penumbra (#7.17)" (1999)
Captain Sisko: [of Ezri] She's a Dax. Sometimes they don't think. They just do.

Captain Sisko: Vedek Oram wanted me to visit his monastery. We took a transport across the mountains. The sun was just going down, and the entire valley was shimmering in the light. And I said to myself, *this*... is the place, this is where I'm going to build my house.

Captain Sisko: Maybe someday, I'll retire here.
Kasidy Yates: Ah! Oh, I could see you now - sitting in your rocking chair, watching the sun set over the mountains every night... wondering where you put your teeth.
Captain Sisko: Just like my great-great-grandfather - in the glass, next to the chair.

Captain Sisko: Let's get married.

[Sisko has appointed Jake to be his best man]
Jake Sisko: Best man, huh?
Captain Sisko: Yes.
Jake Sisko: That means I get to plan the bachelor party!

Captain Sisko: From the moment I set foot on this station, nothing has turned out the way I imagined it. This was supposed to be just a temporary assignment. But it's become much more than that. I guess I was meant to come here. You see, it's almost like my... my...
Kasidy Yates: Destiny.
Captain Sisko: Destiny, yes.
Kasidy Yates: I guess when your mother turns out to be part Prophet or part wormhole alien or whatever it is you want to call her, words like 'destiny' begin to mean something.

Captain Sisko: We're going to be married.
Sarah Sisko: That is not your destiny.
Captain Sisko: My destiny is my own.

Sarah Sisko: You are the Sisko. You are part of me.
Captain Sisko: If that's true, if you really do care about me, if you do consider me your son, then let me have this!
Sarah Sisko: It is not for you to have. There are still many tasks ahead of you.

Kasidy Yates: About the guest list - I wanted to keep it... small, just family and friends.
Captain Sisko: Well, that's fine by me, there's only room for 30 or 40 people in the wardroom. -... - Kasidy, what else do we need to talk about? I have the feeling we're forgetting something.
Kasidy Yates: You tell me. You're the one who's been married before.
Captain Sisko: Well, that's just it, it was a lot more complicated before.
Kasidy Yates: People get carried away with weddings. I... just want it to be nice and simple.

Saghi: Can I be one of your dais bearers?
Kasidy Yates: My what, honey?
Saghi: For the bridal procession. I know you can only choose 51 girls, but it would be such an honor for me.
Kasidy Yates: Well, um...
Saghi: People are saying it's gonna be the biggest wedding Bajor's ever seen.
Kasidy Yates: They are?
Saghi: The Emissary's getting married!
Kasidy Yates: Ben...?
Captain Sisko: [looking over to the Promenade... ] Kasidy... I think this is going to be a little more complicated than we thought.
[... where a crowd of Bajorans has gathered to catch a glimpse of the Emissary and his bride-to-be]

Sarah Sisko: You must walk the path alone.
Captain Sisko: You're not listening to me. I want to spend my life with her.
Sarah Sisko: If you do, you will know nothing but sorrow.

[last lines]
Sarah Sisko: Accept your fate. Your greatest trial is about to begin. Don't be afraid. All will be as it should be.
Captain Sisko: Mother...
Sarah Sisko: Stay on the path... Benjamin.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Second Sight (#2.9)" (1993)
[first lines]
Commander Sisko: Personal log, stardate 47329.4 - I finally realize why I've had trouble sleeping the last few nights. Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the massacre at Wolf 359, the fourth anniversary of Jennifer's death. I'm not sure what bothers me more, the date itself, or the fact that it almost passed unnoticed.

Commander Sisko: That's one of the great things about this station: you never know what's going to happen next... or who you're going to meet.

Commander Sisko: I'm looking for someone - a woman.
Odo: Name?
Commander Sisko: Fenna.
Odo: First name or last?
Commander Sisko: I don't know.
Odo: Species?
Commander Sisko: I don't know. Humanoid.
Odo: What ship did she arrive on?
Commander Sisko: I... don't know.
Odo: Well - what *can* you tell me about her?
Commander Sisko: Let's see - I'd say she's about... 1.6 meters tall, brown skin, dark hair, and the last time I saw her, she was wearing a... She was wearing *red*!
Odo: Well, that's something anyway.
Commander Sisko: Do you think you can help me?
Odo: I don't know.
Commander Sisko: I need to find her, Constable. I think she may be in some kind of trouble.
Odo: What kind of trouble? Ah - let me guess: you don't know.

[Sisko and Fenna are looking at the stars]
Commander Sisko: The Bajorans call that constellation the Runners. I can never figure out if they're running toward something or away from something.
Fenna: Does that matter? Sometimes it just feels good to run.
Commander Sisko: I never thought about it that way.

Jake Sisko: Dad - are you in love?
Commander Sisko: What?
Jake Sisko: You know, with a woman. You're showing all three of the signs.
Commander Sisko: Signs?
Jake Sisko: The ones that Nog told me about: loss of appetite, daydreaming, smiling all the time...

Major Kira: Commander, do you think he'd notice if we weren't here when he got back?
Commander Sisko: Don't even think about it, Major. I have had dinner with about two dozen Bajoran ministers, I think you owe me this one. Besides, Seyetik is one of the Federation's greatest minds.
Major Kira: I know, he told me.

Dr. Gideon Seyetik: [reciting from a poem by G'trok] "So honor the valiant who die 'neath your sword."
Commander Sisko: "But pity the warrior who slays all his foes."

Dr. Gideon Seyetik: So, what were we talking about?
Commander Sisko: You.
Dr. Gideon Seyetik: Ha! Of course, my favorite subject.

[Jake is telling his father about his dream]
Jake Sisko: ...I guess I got a little scared and started looking for you. But I couldn't find you. Some... somehow I ended up in ops, but you weren't in your... you weren't in your office. And... and then... it was like... like the- like the floor started sloping, and-and I couldn't keep my balance. And all I wanted to do is find you.
Commander Sisko: And here I am.

Jake Sisko: Dad?
Commander Sisko: Hm?
Jake Sisko: I miss her.
Commander Sisko: Me too.

[last lines]
Nidell: I wish that I could remember Fenna - what she did... how she felt, but I can't, I'm sorry.
Commander Sisko: That's all right. I can remember for both of us.
Nidell: Tell me one thing.
Commander Sisko: If I can.
Nidell: What was she like?
Commander Sisko: Fenna?
[he turns to look her in the face]
Commander Sisko: She was just like you.

Commander Sisko: [O'Brien is working on a conduit, with the occasional spark flying] Is this maintenance or repair?
Chief O'Brien: Right now, it's maintenance. Five will get you ten it'll be repair by the time I'm through.
Commander Sisko: Admit it, Chief: if you were on a station where everything worked, you'd be miserable.
Chief O'Brien: Well, you may be right, sir
Chief O'Brien: but I'd be willing to give it a try.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Search: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1994)
[Quark has opened business negotiations with a Karemma in order to get information about the whereabouts of the Founders]
Quark: Name your terms.
Ornithar: [searching the ship for valuables] Nothing, nothing, nothing. - The terms are not the issue. I cannot help you locate the Founders because I do not know who they are or if they even exist. - Nothing.
[he spots Kira's earring]
Ornithar: Ah, here is something interesting. Appears to be diamide-laced beritium. I'll give you 52 diraks for it.
Quark: Done.
Commander Sisko: Quark.
Quark: I mean, one bargain at a time, Ornithar. We were talking about the Founders.

Ornithar: Our only contact with the Dominion has been through the Vorta. I have no idea who they report to; all I know is that the Vorta say to do something, and you do it.
Commander Sisko: Why?
Ornithar: Because if you do not, they will send in the Jem'Hadar. And then you die.

Commander Sisko: I've brought back a little surprise for the Dominion.

Commander Sisko: Officially, it's classified as an escort vessel. Unofficially, the Defiant's a warship - nothing more, nothing less.
Major Kira: I thought Starfleet didn't believe in warships.
Commander Sisko: Desperate times breed desperate measures, Major.

Major Kira: And this is the ship that Starfleet sends us to fight off an attack by the Dominion?
Commander Sisko: We're not going to fight the Dominion, Major - at least, not yet, anyway.

Commander Sisko: [of the Defiant] She may have flaws, but she has teeth.

Commander Sisko: If the station falls, then Bajor falls, and I will not let that happen!
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: [smiles] You know - after Jennifer died, I never thought I would see you this passionate about something again.

Commander Sisko: May I present my officers: this is Major Kira...
T'Rul: Thank you, but I know their names, and I'm not here to make friends.
[walks off]
Major Kira: Charming.
Lt. Commander Michael Eddington: Well, I am here to make friends. I'm Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington, Starfleet Security.

Odo: You needn't brace yourself to give me unpleasant news, Commander, I'll save you the trouble: I've been relieved as Chief of Security!
[walks out]
Commander Sisko: [goes after him] Odo, wait. You've not been relieved. You're still in charge of all non-Starfleet security matters aboard this station.
Odo: And what about matters that *are* Starfleet?
Commander Sisko: In those areas, you coordinate your efforts with Commander Eddington.
Odo: [scoffs] 'Coordinate' is another way of saying, 'I'll report to *him*'!

Commander Sisko: Starfleet likes team players. Starfleet likes the chain of command, and frankly, so do I.

Commander Sisko: The first thing to go right in the Gamma Quadrant in a long time.
Major Kira: Let's hope it's not the last.
[after the cloaked Defiant has passed an anti-proton scan by Jem'Hadar ships undetected]

Commander Sisko: [about Starfleet Headquarters] I used to get a thrill just walking into that building. I'd look around at the admirals and think: One day that's going to be me. One day, I'm the one that's going to be making the big decisions!
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: [smiles] Curzon always thought that was very funny.
Commander Sisko: Did he?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: What I mean is, he could never see a set of admiral's stars on your collar. He thought that just making the decisions would never satisfy you. You had to implement them, see the results, face the consequences. Curzon always thought you were the kind of man who had to be in the thick of things - not behind some desk at Headquarters.
Commander Sisko: He was a smart old man, wasn't he?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Call to Arms (#5.26)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: One thing I'll say for the Dominion: they're punctual.

Chief O'Brien: I wish they'd just attack and get it over with.
Captain Sisko: I have the feeling you're going to get your wish.

Captain Sisko: One thing is certain: we're losing the peace - which means a war could be our only... hope.

Jake Sisko: Thanks for the invite, Dad. I haven't had a home-cooked meal since...
Captain Sisko: Since the last time you were here.

Jake Sisko: You're a public figure, Dad. You're the captain of the most important space station in the entire Federation. You're news!
Captain Sisko: Don't remind me.

Gul Dukat: Captain Sisko. I don't suppose you would like to surrender and avoid unnecessary bloodshed?
Captain Sisko: Absolutely not.
Gul Dukat: I was hoping you'd say that.

Captain Sisko: As someone once said: these are the times that try men's souls.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: We should rendez-vous with the Federation task force in 48 hours.
Doctor Bashir: And then what?
Nog: And then we'll make the Dominion sorry they ever set foot in the Alpha Quadrant!
Captain Sisko: Cadet, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Major Kira: Captain, as a major in the Bajoran Militia, I must officially protest Starfleet's refusal to turn over the station to my government.
Captain Sisko: Your protest is duly noted.
Major Kira: Good. Now, that that's over with - Kira Nerys reporting for duty.

Captain Sisko: When I first took command of this post, all I wanted was to be somewhere else - anywhere but here. But now, five years later, this has become my home, and you have become my family. And leaving this station, leaving you, is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do -... - No victory can make this moment any easier for me. And I promise, I will not rest until I stand with you again, here... in this place where I belong.

Leeta: Captain! Can we speak to you for a moment?
Rom: If you're not too busy.
Captain Sisko: Rom, go ahead.
Rom: Would you marry me? I mean... us. I mean... would YOU... perform OUR... wedding ceremony?

Major Kira: You want Bajor to sign the treaty with the Dominion? Why?
Captain Sisko: Major, when I came here my orders were to protect Bajor and help your people rebuild from the occupation.
Major Kira: You've succeeded.
Captain Sisko: And I refuse to see everything we've accomplished torn down again. The sad truth is Major, that if there is a war now, the Federation can't guarantee the safety of Bajor. Which means Bajor must be kept out of the fighting. I don't like this any more than you do, but it's Bajor's only chance for survival.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind (#7.25)" (1999)
[Dukat is dominating Sisko during a final confrontation in the Fire Caves]
Sisko: You are pathetic!
Gul Dukat: Then why are you the one on your knees?
Sisko: First the Dominion, now the Pah-wraiths. You have a talent for picking the losing sides...
[Sisko cries out in pain]
Gul Dukat: Benjamin, please, we've known each other too long. And since this is the last time we will ever be together, let's try to speak honestly. We've both had our victories and our defeats. Now it's time to resolve our differences and face the ultimate truth: I've won, Benjamin. You've lost.
Sisko: [defiantly in pain] The Pah-wraiths will never conquer anything - not Bajor, not the Celestial Temple, and certainly not the Alpha Quadrant!
Gul Dukat: And who's going to stop us?
Sisko: [in pain] I am!
Gul Dukat: [laughs] You can't even stand up.

Kasidy Yates: [after being sick] Reports of my death have been exaggerated, but not by much. Ooh...
Jake Sisko: Isn't there something she can take to make her feel better?
Captain Sisko: She doesn't like taking medication, unless it's absolutely necessary.
Kasidy Yates: Ooohh...!
Jake Sisko: Sounds necessary to me.

Jake Sisko: [discussing O'Brien's move to Earth] Any idea where you're gonna live?
O'Brien: No, Keiko and I're still mulling over a few possibilities.
Worf: Have you ever considered Minsk?
O'Brien: I don't think that's on our list.
Sisko: New Orleans is a gorgeous city.
Kasidy Yates: I've heard great things about Paris.
Worf: Minsk.
Lieutenant Ezri Dax: Jadzia loved Rio.
Odo: Well, you've certainly got a lot of choices.
O'Brien: Yeah, too many, hm?
Worf: Minsk.

Captain Sisko: All right, people, what do you say we end this war?
Chief O'Brien: Sounds good to me.

Captain Sisko: All right, people, you heard the orders. Let's finish what we started.

Captain Sisko: Ensign, I believe you know the way to Cardassia.
Nog: If I get lost, I'll just follow the ship in front of us.

Nog: I lost the Breen ship we were after.
Captain Sisko: I wouldn't worry about it. There are plenty more to choose from.

Martok: Before you waste too many tears, remember: these are Cardassians lying dead at your feet. Bajorans would call this poetic justice.
Captain Sisko: That doesn't mean I have to drink a toast over their bodies.

Kasidy Yates: When will you be back?
Captain Sisko: It's hard to say - maybe a year, maybe... yesterday. But I will be back.
Kasidy Yates: And I will be waiting.

[Ben Sisko's last line of the series]
Captain Sisko: It's hard to say - maybe a year, maybe... yesterday. But I will be back.

Captain Sisko: This may be the last time we're all together. But no matter what the future holds, no matter how far we travel, a part of us - a very important part - will always remain here, on Deep Space Nine.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Ship (#5.2)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: [about the Jem'Hadar ship] Can we use the runabout's tractor beam to haul this thing into orbit? This would be the greatest intelligence find in the last ten years. We're not going to leave it here to rot. What d'you say, Chief?
Chief O'Brien: Well, we're not gonna haul it out with a runabout.
Captain Sisko: Then we need something with a little more muscle.

Captain Sisko: If you think I'm going to deliver my people into your hands without a fight, then this really must be your first mission.

Kilana: It seems we're approaching an impasse.
Captain Sisko: We've already arrived.

Captain Sisko: How're you doing, Muñiz?
Muñiz: We seem to be having a difference of opinion on that one, sir.

Captain Sisko: The Vorta doesn't want the ship; she wants something aboard it.
Chief O'Brien: Any idea what?
Captain Sisko: It could be anything - encoding device, guidance system...
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Maybe she lost an earring.

Captain Sisko: And you, Mr. Muñiz - your orders are... to stay alive.

Captain Sisko: I've got to get this ship back to the station, old man. Five people have died on this mission. I want to be able to tell their families why.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: It may sound cruel; but we both know, that ship out there was worth it. Those five deaths may save five thousand lives, or maybe even five million.
Captain Sisko: And if I had to make the same trade all over again, I would. But five people are dead - fine men and women, who deserved a lot more than to die on some lonely planet, 50,000 light years away from home!

Kilana: Do you have any gods, Captain Sisko?
Captain Sisko: There are things I believe in.
Kilana: Duty? Starfleet, the Federation? You must be pleased with yourself. You have this ship to take back to them. I hope it was worth it.
Captain Sisko: So do I.

[Sisko and Dax are discussing the five dead]
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [of Rooney] You know something else I remember about him? How *proud* he was to wear his uniform. And how proud he was to serve under you. The same as Hoya, T'Lor, Bertram, and Muñiz. They chose a life in Starfleet. They knew the risks. And they died fighting for something that they believed in.
Captain Sisko: That doesn't make it any easier.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Maybe nothing should.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [Sisko has just broken up a fight between Worf and O'Brien] Tough guys. A little pressure and they buckle.
Captain Sisko: [turns to her] Dax, maybe you haven't noticed, but no one's laughing.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Apocalypse Rising (#5.1)" (1996)
Quark: Captain! You're just in time for happy hour.
Captain Sisko: Do I look happy, Quark?

Quark: [about Odo] We all have our failures, and he's mine. Ever since he lost his shapeshifting abilities, I haven't been able to get a smile out of him.
Captain Sisko: Where is he?
Quark: I'm telling you, Captain, that's one depressed ex-Changeling. He's upstairs at his usual table. Just follow the black cloud.

Captain Sisko: Starfleet's sending an infiltration team to Klingon territory. Their orders are to do whatever it takes to prove that Gowron's a shapeshifter.
Major Kira Nerys: Tough assignment. Who're they sending?
Captain Sisko: Me.

Captain Sisko: Starfleet has ordered us to try to expose the Gowron Changeling. I want you to come with us.
Odo: Hm... Maybe it would be better for you to take Deputy Yndar. There's nothing I can do that he can't.
Captain Sisko: I don't need Yndar, I need you.
Odo: What you need is someone who can turn into Gowron's pet targ. I can't do that anymore.

Captain Sisko: [as Jodmos] What's wrong, Dukat? Haven't you ever seen a Klingon before?

[Sisko/Jodmos hits Worf with the back of his hand]
Captain Sisko: [as Jodmos] Are you questioning the validity of my plan?
Lt. Commander Worf: Very convincing, Captain. But was it your intention to challenge me to a battle to the death?
Captain Sisko: [surprised] No, not at all.
Lt. Commander Worf: Then next time, do not strike me with the back of your hand. Use your fist.

[when encountering another Bird-of-Prey, Dukat destroys it with a couple of photon torpedoes]
Captain Sisko: Was that really necessary?
Gul Dukat: It was either that or trust in Mr. Worf's ability to lie. And frankly, I have more faith in my weapons.

Captain Sisko: Where Gowron leads, the Council will follow.

[Sisko has reverted to his Human self]
Doctor Bashir: Now, that's better, isn't it?
Captain Sisko: I don't know. I could do without the ridges, but I kind of miss the fangs.

Captain Sisko: [after defeating a Klingon in a wrist-wrestling match] Captain of the Academy wrestling team!
[rubs his shoulder]
Captain Sisko: Twenty-two years ago. Ow.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Hands of the Prophets (#1.19)" (1993)
[Jake is questioning the 'stupidity' of the Bajoran beliefs, comparing it with the inquisition during the Middle Ages]
Commander Sisko: You've got to realize something, Jake: for over fifty years, the one thing that allowed the Bajorans to survive the Cardassian occupation was their faith. The prophets were their only source of hope and courage.
Jake Sisko: But there were no prophets; they were just aliens that you found in the wormhole.
Commander Sisko: To those aliens, the future is no more difficult to see than the past. Why shouldn't they be considered prophets?
Jake Sisko: Are you serious?
Commander Sisko: My point is, it's a matter of interpretation. It may not be what you believe, but that doesn't make it wrong. If you start to think that way, you'll be acting just like Vedek Winn, only from the other side. We can't afford to think that way, Jake. We'd lose everything we've worked for here.

Vedek Bareil: I was five, the first time one of the monks grabbed my ear. He was a stern old crow who could virtually squeeze the pod of you with his thumb and forefinger. And as a chronic misbehaver, I was his favorite victim. I swore one of my life's goals would be to do away with that archaic ritual.
Commander Sisko: You can count on the Federation's support.

Vedek Bareil: Today I am only a vedek. If the Prophets will it, someday I may be Kai. And I can be a better friend to you then.
Commander Sisko: In other words, being my friend now might hurt your chances?
Vedek Bareil: The Prophets teach us patience.
Commander Sisko: It appears they also teach you politics.

Commander Sisko: Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever find the common ground we need to bring Bajor into the Federation.

[some Bajoran crewmen have reported sick for dubious reasons]
Commander Sisko: [to Kira] You tell our sick Bajoran crewmen they'd better get well immediately, or they'll recover on the way to their next assignment.

Vedek Bareil: I'm sorry, Commander; the Vedek assembly will not see you.
Commander Sisko: Why not?
Vedek Bareil: Some fear you as the symbol of the Federation they view as godless. Some fear you as the Emissary who walked with the Prophets. And some fear you because Vedek Winn told them to. Oh, we're all very good at conjuring up enough fear to justify whatever we want to do.

[the school has been blown up, but no one has come to harm]
Vedek Winn: The Prophets have been kind today.
Commander Sisko: The Prophets had nothing to do with what happened here today. This was the work of a disturbed and violent mind, who listened to your voice, not the Prophets'.
Vedek Winn: Is the Emissary holding *me* responsible for this act of terrorism?
Commander Sisko: The Commander of this station is.
Vedek Winn: May the Prophets forgive you for abandoning them.

Vedek Winn: You live without a soul, Commander. You and your Federation exist in a universe of darkness, and you would drag us in there with you. But we will not go!
Commander Sisko: You have just made your first mistake, Vedek.
Vedek Winn: Have I?
Commander Sisko: The Bajorans who have lived with us on the station, who have worked with us for months, who helped us move this station to protect the wormhole, who joined us to explore the Gamma Quadrant, who have begun to build the future of Bajor with us, these people know that we are neither the enemy nor the devil. We don't always agree. We have some damn good fights in fact. But we always come away from them, with a little better understanding and appreciation of each other. You won't succeed here. The school will reopen, and when your rhetoric gets old, the Bajoran parents will bring their children back.
Vedek Winn: We'll see.

[last lines]
Major Kira: Commander... I heard what you said to Vedek Winn at the school. I just wanted you to know, you were right what you said about the Bajorans - at least about me. I don't think that you're... the devil.
Commander Sisko: Maybe we have made some progress after all.

Commander Sisko: It's easy to look back seven centuries and judge what was right or wrong.
[In response to Jake's comment on the Catholic Church's inquisition of Galileo Galilei's teaching that the Earth revolves around the Sun]

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: To the Death (#4.22)" (1996)
Sisko: I have a few things I want to make clear. First, this is my ship and my command, which means, I give the orders, not you and not Weyoun. What's more, I'm holding you personally responsible for the actions of your men. If I have a problem with them, *you're* the one who's going to have to answer for it.
Omet'iklan: That's as it should be. After all, I'm the First.
Sisko: As far as I'm concerned, on this mission, *I'm* the First.
Omet'iklan: Until the traitors are found and terminated. After that, we shall see.

Omet'iklan: I am First Omet'iklan, and I am dead. As of this moment, we are all dead. We go into battle to reclaim our lives. This we do gladly, for we are Jem'Hadar. Remember: victory is life.
Jem'Hadar: Victory is life!
[the Jem'Hadar march out]
Weyoun: Such a delightful people.
[O'Brien turns to face the assembled Federation officers]
O'Brien: I am Chief Miles Edward O'Brien. I am very much alive, and I intend to stay that way.
Sisko: Amen! Let's get it done!

Sisko: Sometimes I wish we could have the Defiant standing guard over the station 26 hours a day.

Sisko: There'll be a joint briefing session at 1900 hours.
O'Brien: ...followed by a get-to-know-you buffet at 1930.
Jadzia Dax: And I forgot my dress uniform.

Omet'iklan: [about his Starfleet allies] They'll never succeed as long as they value their lives more than victory.
Weyoun: There's something to be said for soldiers who aren't afraid to die.
Sisko: I don't know, I found that nothing keeps me alert quite like a healthy fear of death.

[after a brawl between Worf and a Jem'Hadar, Omet'iklan has executed his subordinate for discipline, while Sisko has only sent Worf to his quarters]
Omet'iklan: You call that discipline?
Sisko: A dead man can't learn from his mistakes.

Omet'iklan: Any soldier who cannot follow orders is a danger to his unit and must be eliminated.
Sisko: Mister Worf is not a danger to my command. But if I eliminate him for a simple breach of discipline, then *I* would be. My men would stop trusting me - and I wouldn't blame them.

[Sisko fends off a fatal blow aimed at Omet'iklan with his arm and gets injured in the process]
Omet'iklan: [baffled] I threatened to kill you. But you were willing to sacrifice yourself, to save my life.
Sisko: [holding his arm] Looks that way.
Omet'iklan: Why?
Sisko: If you have to ask, you'll never understand.

Weyoun: What would you say... if I offered to make you absolute ruler of the Federation? No President, no Starfleet Chief of Staff, just you.
Sisko: I'd say your psychographic profile of me isn't as good as you think.
Weyoun: [laughs richly] Just doing my job.

Weyoun: The Founders' ability to control the Jem'Hadar has been somewhat... overstated. Otherwise we never would have had to addict them to the white.
Sisko: Sounds like the Dominion isn't quite as stable as you'd like us to believe.
Weyoun: [with cold fury] The Dominion has endured for two thousand years and will continue to endure long after the Federation has crumbled into dust.
[calms down]
Weyoun: But we'll leave that to history.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Homefront (#4.10)" (1996)
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [of the wormhole] It seems to be opening and closing completely at random. No unusual readings, no ships coming through. For all we know, the Bajorans are right, maybe it is a message from the Prophets.
Captain Sisko: Hm, if it is, they didn't tell *me*.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Maybe the Prophets don't recognize you with the new beard.

Captain Sisko: I was hoping that this would never happen. But it finally has. The Changelings... have reached Earth.

Jake Sisko: Dad! You know if we stay with grandpa, he's gonna put me to work in the kitchen.
Captain Sisko: Is that so bad?
Jake Sisko: Chopping vegetables for nine hours a day isn't exactly my idea of a vacation.
Captain Sisko: Jake, you're not a child anymore. Grandpa will not expect you to chop vegetables. He'll want you to wait tables!

Captain Sisko: You've lost weight.
Joseph Sisko: You think so?
Jake Sisko: The doctors said you have to keep your weight up.
Joseph Sisko: Don't you start too. I've a vat of crayfish in the back that needs cleaning and it's got your name on it.

Captain Sisko: But you're feeling okay?
Joseph Sisko: Just point me in the direction of a party and a pretty girl and I'll show you how good I feel!

[Joseph Sisko has refused two Starfleet officers to be blood-tested]
Joseph Sisko: You take these two vampires and tell them to either sit down and grab a menu or get out of my restaurant!
Captain Sisko: Jake, get them a menu!
Head Officer: But sir...
Captain Sisko: I would recommend the Shrimp Creole.

Joseph Sisko: Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, what the hell has gotten into your head? You actually thought I was one of them, didn't you?
Captain Sisko: I don't know. I wasn't sure.
Joseph Sisko: This business has got you so twisted around, you... you can't think straight. You're seeing shapeshifters everywhere! Maybe you ought to think about something for a minute. If I was a smart shapeshifter, a really good one, the first thing I would do would be to grab some poor soul off the street, absorb every ounce of his blood and let it out on cue whenever someone like you tried to test me. Don't you see? There isn't a test that's been created a smart man can't find his way around.

Captain Sisko: I didn't know you liked Creole food.
Nog: I don't. I like tube grubs, and your father is the only person on this planet who can get me live ones.
Joseph Sisko: I've been thinking of adding them to our menu. Of course I'll have to cook them for our Human customers, serve them with a nice remoulade.
Nog: Cook them? What good are tube grubs if they don't wiggle on the way down?

Captain Sisko: I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Constable. But there are times I wish you'd never found your people.
Odo: Believe me, Captain - sometimes, I feel the same way.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Cards (#5.25)" (1997)
Sisko: Even in the darkest moments, you can always find something that'll make you smile.

[Kai Winn has informed Sisko about an upcoming meeting between Bajor and the Dominion]
Sisko: I'm concerned. The Dominion is notorious for its political intrigue.
Kai Winn: I have some experience in that area as well.

Kai Winn: Can you promise me that you will not let one Jem'Hadar soldier set foot on Bajor? Can you promise me that you will use your entire fleet to protect our planet, even if it means sacrificing other worlds, like Vulcan, or Andor, or Berengaria, or perhaps even Earth itself?
Sisko: I can't make that kind of promise.
Kai Winn: I wouldn't believe you if you did.

Kai Winn: If we ally ourselves with the Federation against the Dominion, we risk becoming the first casualty of the next war.
Sisko: And if you ally yourselves with the Dominion, you risk becoming the next conquered world.
Kai Winn: A most unhappy choice.

Weyoun: Captain Sisko! I can't tell you how happy I am to see you again.
Sisko: I wish I could say the same.
Weyoun: [laughs] How delightful! You feel comfortable enough around me to make jokes. I'm so pleased to see our relationship evolving beyond the stale adversarial stage.
Sisko: No, it's not. But before you twist that into a compliment, let me be blunt: I don't like the Dominion, I don't like what it stands for and I don't like you. So let's dispense with the hollow pleasantries and stick to business!

Sisko: [aghast] You accused the Kai of burglary and kidnapping?
Jake Sisko: W... we didn't really accuse her of anything.
Sisko: Oh I see, you just implied it?
Cadet Nog: Exactly!

[last lines]
Sisko: Captain's log, stardate 50929.4. Two days ago, this station felt like a tomb. I'd never seen so many of my crew depressed at the same time. But for some reason, it now seems as though a new spirit has swept through the station, as if someone had opened a door and let a gust of fresh air blow through a musty old house. Why this is happening, frankly, is a mystery to me. After all, nothing has really changed. The Dominion is still a threat, the Cardassians are still threatening to retake the station, and I can still see the clouds of war gathering on the horizon. So why do I sense a newfound sense of optimism in the air? But maybe I'm overthinking this. Maybe the real explanation is as simple as something my father taught me a long time ago: even in the darkest moments, you can always find something that'll make you smile.

Sisko: [at the end of a depressing dinner party, as the other officers leave] Mister Worf! You've been paroled; the party's over.

Sisko: [furious] You accused the Kai of burglary and kidnapping?
Jake Sisko: We didn't really accuse her of anything.
Sisko: Oh, I see. So you just implied it then?
Cadet Nog: That's exactly what happened.
Sisko: Are you trying to be funny, Cadet? Because I'm not laughing.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Past Tense: Part 1 (#3.11)" (1995)
[the Defiant is approaching Earth]
Commander Sisko: Now, there's something I never get tired of looking at.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: If you ask me, the seas could be a little more purple.
Major Kira: That's funny, I was just thinking they weren't green enough.
Dr. Julian Bashir: I guess it's true what they say: there is no place like home, no matter what color the water is.

Commander Sisko: [111th Rule of Acquisition] Treat people in your debt like family. Exploit them.

Commander Sisko: Those shotguns, uniforms - there's something very familiar about this.
Vin: Yeah, probably from the last time you were in a Sanctuary District.

Commander Sisko: By the early 2020s, there was a place like this in every major city in the United States.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Why are these people in here? Are they criminals?
Commander Sisko: No, people with criminal records weren't allowed in the Sanctuary Districts.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Then what did they do to deserve this?
Commander Sisko: Nothing. Just people, without jobs or places to live.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Ah, so they get put in here?
Commander Sisko: Welcome to the 21st century, Doctor.

[Sisko tells Bashir about the Bell Riots that are about to occur in their Sanctuary, causing the death of hundreds of residents]
Dr. Julian Bashir: Starfleet temporal displacement policy may sound good in the classroom, but to know that hundreds of people are going to die, and to not be able to do a thing to save them...
Commander Sisko: I sympathize, Doctor. But if it will make you feel any better, the riots will be one of the watershed events of the 21st century. Gabriel Bell will see to that.

Dr. Julian Bashir: It makes you wonder, doesn't it? Are Humans really any different than Cardassians or... Romulans? If push comes to shove, if something disastrous happens to the Federation, if we are frightened enough, or desperate enough, how would we react? Would we stay true to our ideals or... would we just... stay here, right back where we started?
Commander Sisko: I don't know. But as a Starfleet officer, it's my job to make sure we never have to find out.

Commander Sisko: Is there something wrong?
Lee: Well, according to these forms, you're supposed to be dims. But you're not, are you?
Commander Sisko: I hope you're not disappointed.

Commander Sisko: [after trading their uniforms for contemporary clothes] Well, at least now, we look like we belong here.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Yeah, and we smell just as bad as everyone else, too.

[last lines]
B.C.: I've waited a long time for this. And I know I won't be disappointed. Ain't that right, new boy?
Commander Sisko: The name is Bell - Gabriel Bell.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: For the Cause (#4.21)" (1996)
Kasidy Yates: You are evil.
Captain Sisko: I am a Starfleet officer, the paragon of virtue.
Kasidy Yates: You're more like a parody of virtue.

Captain Sisko: I'm a little tired. Didn't get much sleep last night.
Jake Sisko: I guess you're not used to sleeping alone anymore.

Captain Sisko: Okay, everyone grab a plate and prepare to be dazzled.

Kasidy Yates: Miss me?
Captain Sisko: Were you gone?

Captain Sisko: You know what, Mr. Eddington? I don't give a damn what you think of the Federation, the Maquis or anything else. All I know is that you betrayed your oath, your duty, and me. And if it takes me the rest of my life, I will see you standing before a court martial that'll break you and send you to a penal colony, where you will spend the rest of your days growing old and wondering whether a ship full of replicators was really worth it.

Kasidy Yates: I dropped my crew off at a Maquis base. I had to come back, but I didn't see any reason to drag them here just to face a prison sentence.
Captain Sisko: You didn't have to come back either.
Kasidy Yates: Yes - I did. And I think we both know that's why you left us alone out there - to see if I would.

Kasidy Yates: I'm not gonna stand here and apologize for what I did. You had your duty. I had mine.
Captain Sisko: I still have my duty.
Kasidy Yates: I know.

[first lines]
Captain Sisko: Kasidy Yates, where are you going?

[last lines]
Kasidy Yates: I'll be back.
Captain Sisko: I'll be here.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Way of the Warrior (#4.1)" (1995)
Captain Sisko: Curzon told me once that in the long run, the only people who can really handle the Klingons... are Klingons.

Captain Sisko: My father always says, the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.

[Dukat enters the Defiant's bridge with an armed guard in tow, after Sisko has rescued him from the Klingons]
Gul Dukat: Captain, would you kindly inform this security guard that he does not have to monitor my every move? It makes me feel unwelcome.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Looks like I won, Benjamin. You owe me dinner.
Gul Dukat: And what is that supposed to mean?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Captain Sisko bet me that you would thank him for the rescue before you started complaining.
Captain Sisko: I lost.

[Worf has decided to resign from Starfleet, not unlike Sisko had almost done once]
Captain Sisko: I understand you're headed for the Nyberrite Alliance?
Lt. Commander Worf: Yes, I leave this afternoon.
Captain Sisko: For me, it was a job on Earth - directing construction of orbital habitats.
Lt. Commander Worf: Why did you change your mind?
Captain Sisko: I finally realized that it wasn't Starfleet I wanted to get away from. I was trying to escape the pain I felt, after my wife's death. I thought I could take the uniform, wrap it around that pain and toss them both away. But it doesn't work like that. Running may help for a little while. But sooner or later, the pain catches up with you; and the only way to get rid of it is to stand your ground, and face it.
Lt. Commander Worf: But wearing that uniform must remind you of what you have lost.
Captain Sisko: Sometimes. But it also reminds me of what I've gained, and who I am. Oh, I can throw away the uniform, resign my commission, run all the way to the Nyberrite Alliance. But it really wouldn't matter. A Starfleet officer - that's what I am, and that's what I'll always be.

Doctor Bashir: Sir, I hate to bring this up, but our agreement with the Romulans expressly prohibits use of the cloaking device in the Alpha Quadrant.
Captain Sisko: You're right, it does. But there are hundreds of Klingon ships between us and Dukat, and I intend to make that rendezvous in one piece.
Doctor Bashir: Well, I won't tell the Romulans if you don't.

Gowron: Surrender the council members, or we will have no choice but to take them by force.
Captain Sisko: And risk an all-out war with the Federation?
Gowron: If a war starts here, the blame will be yours.
Captain Sisko: I doubt very much history will agree.
Gowron: History is written by the victors.

Gowron: You're like a toothless old Grishnar cat trying to frighten us with your roar.
Captain Sisko: I can assure you, this 'old cat' may not be as toothless as you think.

[last lines]
Major Kira: Looks like the Klingons are here to stay.
Captain Sisko: Maybe they are. But so are we.

Captain Sisko: This is exactly what the Founders want: Klingon against Cardassian! Federation against Klingon! The more we fight each other, the weaker we'll get, and the less chance we have against the Dominion!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Things Past (#5.8)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: This is Terok Nor, DS9 during the Occupation.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Time travel?
Elim Garak: Er, no, it's more than that, our clothes have changed.
Odo: Could we be in a holosuite?
Captain Sisko: [testing] Computer, end program.
[nothing happens]
Captain Sisko: Let's assume that's a "no" for the moment.

[the crew in the runabout are discussing the conference on Bajor they are returning from]
Captain Sisko: I thought the Bajorans bent over backwards to be polite to you, Garak.
Elim Garak: Giving me a name tag that read, 'Elim Garak - Former Cardassian Oppressor' was hardly polite.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: And what did you want it to say - 'Former Spy'?

[Odo, Sisko and Garak appear with the identities of Timor, Ishan and Jillur respectively]
Odo: Timor, Ishan and Jillur were the names of three Bajorans who were accused of attempting to assassinate Gul Dukat on the Promenade.
Captain Sisko: Half the Resistance tried to kill Dukat.
Odo: These three were innocent. However, no one knew that at the time, and... Dukat wanted to make an example of them, so he had them led out onto the Promenade and publicly... executed.
Elim Garak: If we're them...
Captain Sisko: If we're them, we'd better find a way out of here before Dukat makes an example out of *us*.

Elim Garak: You'd think they'd put us in our own cell block instead of with the common criminals. After all, we are accused of attempting to assassinate the station commander. That deserves some respect!
Captain Sisko: [sardonically] Maybe they'll salute when they execute us.

Elim Garak: I never knew we were such messy conquerors. I remember the Occupation being a little more tidy than this.
Captain Sisko: Everything's tidy when someone else is doing the cleaning.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: What was it the moderator said? That you may have worked for the Cardassians, but your only master... was justice.
Captain Sisko: And a legend is born.

Odo: How much damage would it do to the timeline if Quark were to suffer a mysterious "accident"?
Captain Sisko: I'm not sure. But maybe we should conduct a little experiment and find out.

Elim Garak: [about cleaning work] The Bajorans were much more suited for this sort of thing than we were. Servile work is in their nature.
Captain Sisko: I'll remember to mention that to Major Kira when we get back.
Elim Garak: There are exceptions to every rule.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Reckoning (#6.21)" (1998)
Major Kira: [possessed by a Prophet] The Reckoning. It is time.
Captain Sisko: The Reckoning - what is it?
Major Kira: The end, or the beginning.

Captain Sisko: [reading the Bajoran prophecy] "The time of Reckoning is at hand. The Prophets will weep. Their sorrow will consume... the Gateway to the Temple."

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [trying to translate a Bajoran inscription] The computer has given me two possibilities.
Captain Sisko: They are?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: During the Reckoning, the Bajorans will either "suffer horribly" or "eat fruit".
Captain Sisko: "Eat fruit?"
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Given the tone of the rest of the inscriptions, I would bet on horrible suffering.

Captain Sisko: [to Jake] You know, I didn't ask to be the Emissary. But for better or worse, I guess, that's what I am - except for being your dad.

Captain Sisko: She may be the spiritual leader of millions of Bajorans, but she is not an easy woman to like.

Captain Sisko: I just had this uncontrollable urge to smash the tablet.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Oh, I get those urges all the time. Of course, I never act on them.

Captain Sisko: [to Winn] You and I haven't always seen things eye to eye. But we have one thing in common: we both believe that the Prophets have a plan for Bajor. Sometimes, it's not easy to see the path they've laid out for us. Right now, I don't know what they want from me; but I'm willing to take a leap of faith and trust that they're guiding me, and I'm asking you to take that leap with me.

Captain Sisko: I want to explain what happened. But I'm not sure that I can.
Jake Sisko: You don't have to explain. When the Pah-wraith was inside me, I could feel its hatred. And I knew that no matter what, it couldn't be allowed to win - even if it meant I had to die. You did the right thing.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: You Are Cordially Invited... (#6.7)" (1997)
Martok: You knew about this, didn't you?
Captain Sisko: Oh, I had a pretty good idea.
Martok: And you did nothing to stop it?
Captain Sisko: No. In fact, I recommended you for the position myself. Allow me to offer my congratulations to the new Supreme Commander of the Ninth Fleet.
Martok: Do you have any idea how much paperwork a supreme commander has to do?
Captain Sisko: You're welcome!

Captain Sisko: Morning, Major.
Major Kira: Good morning, Captain.
Captain Sisko: Do you know how much I missed hearing you say that?
Major Kira: Do you know how much I hated saying 'Good morning, Dukat'?
Captain Sisko: I can imagine.

Captain Sisko: Have I mentioned that it's good to be home?
Major Kira: Once or twice.

Lt. Commander Worf: There are six trials we must face on the path to Kal'Hyah. This is the first - deprivation. We now begin a fast that will continue until the day of the wedding.
Doctor Bashir: That's four days away.
Martok: It is a short time, I know, but we must make the best of it.
Captain Sisko: What are the other five trials?
Lt. Commander Worf: Blood, pain, sacrifice, anguish, and death.
Doctor Bashir: Sounds like marriage alright.
Chief O'Brien: How would you know?

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I wasn't looking to fall in love. I was perfectly happy by myself. I had friends, a career, adventure. Then one day, this Klingon with a bad attitude walked into my life - and the next thing I know, I'm getting married! After 356 years and seven lifetimes... I still lead with my heart.
Captain Sisko: You know, that is what I've always loved about you. And I think that's why Worf loves you too.

Lt. Commander Worf: [referring to a number of pugil sticks] These... are Ma'Stakas.
Doctor Bashir: What, er... what do we do with them?
General Martok: At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, you will use them to attack Worf and Dax.
Chief O'Brien: Obviously. Don't you know anything?
Lt. Commander Worf: The tradition dates back to the wedding of Kahless and Lukara, who were nearly killed by Molor's troops, moments after they were married. Until the ceremony, you should keep these with you at all times.
Captain Sisko: I trust this combat is non-lethal?
General Martok: It is a symbolic attack only.

Captain Sisko: Quark, take it all away. No food for those on the path to kal'Hyah!
Quark: No refunds for those on the path to kal'Hyah as well. Sorry.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Whatever happened to that young, callow ensign I used to know? The one who used to turn to me for advice all the time? You know - the one with hair?
Captain Sisko: I grew up.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I guess it's time I grew up too.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dax (#1.7)" (1993)
Ilon Tandro: [after trying to abduct Dax off the station] My name is Ilon Tandro, special envoy from Klaestron IV, in charge of this extradition procedure.
Commander Sisko: Extradition? I call this kidnapping and assault.

Odo: This case has thirty years of dust covering it. The extradition hearing will take about thirty minutes.
Commander Sisko: I was hoping to make it a little longer than that.
Odo: Good luck.

Commander Sisko: I want you to find all the medical evidence you can to support the theory that Jadzia Dax and Curzon Dax are two entirely separate people. Major...
Doctor Bashir: Excuse me, sir, I-I don't know that there is any medical evidence on that.
Commander Sisko: Assume there is, then find it.

[Sisko has asked Kira to search for precedents involving Trills]
Major Kira: Is a Trill responsible for the conduct - for the acts - of its antecedent selves?
Commander Sisko: Right, that kind of thing.
Major Kira: What if I find the answer is yes?
Commander Sisko: Then *that* answer is wrong. From this minute on, our answer is 'no'.

Odo: It says Dax betrayed the Klaestron government to the rebels.
Commander Sisko: It's all nonsense, Constable, I'm telling you, I knew the man!
Odo: But did you know the symbiont *inside* the man?

Major Kira: What was exactly your relationship with Curzon Dax?
Commander Sisko: He took a raw young ensign under his wing, and taught me to appreciate life in ways I'd never thought about before. He taught me about art, and science, and diplomacy. Whatever sense of honor I might have today, he nurtured. Treason, murder - he was not capable of those things.

Odo: Treason plus the murder of his own best friend, huh - strange business. If those charges *are* true, I'd want to hang Curzon Dax up by his heels myself.
Commander Sisko: Thanks for the confidence.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: When one of my kind stumbles, Benjamin, it is a mistake that's there forever. I can't tell you which part of Curzon Dax couldn't stop himself from acting shamefully with another man's wife. I can tell you that he did love her - for whatever that's worth.
Commander Sisko: Enough to kill her husband?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: So you are questioning?
Commander Sisko: What else can I do?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Nothing, Benjamin. Nothing at all.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rules of Engagement (#4.17)" (1996)
Ch'Pok: It's an interesting system of justice you have, Captain. It does have its flaws however. It emphasizes procedure over substance, form over fact.
Captain Sisko: I'm sorry if you feel that puts you at a disadvantage.
Ch'Pok: On the contrary. I look forward to fighting on your terms.
Captain Sisko: This is not a fight. It's the search for the truth.
Ch'Pok: The truth must be won! I'll see you on the battlefield.

[Ch'Pok has suggested to Sisko to concede Worf's extradition process, so he can defend Worf in a Klingon court]
Ch'Pok: What matters to me is the thrill of the fight, not which side I'm on. And I think we both know, the extradition fight is over.
Captain Sisko: You're not making this offer out of kindness. You want the Federation to concede, so the convoys will stop, and the Klingons can move in on the Pentath system.
Ch'Pok: As Humans would say, that would be icing on the cake.
Captain Sisko: I wouldn't try eating that cake just yet, if I were you.

Captain Sisko: Care to step onto *my* battlefield?

Captain Sisko: 441 people somehow survived a crash on Galorda Prime. And then a few weeks later, they all decide to take another trip - on the same day, on the same transport ship, under the same captain and crew; and then that ship is destroyed, too. This is a very unlucky group of people, wouldn't you say?
Ch'Pok: I am not an expert on luck.

[on behalf of his crew, Sisko has invited Worf to a party at Quark's]
Lt. Commander Worf: But I do not feel like celebrating.
Captain Sisko: Part of being a captain is knowing when to smile. Make the troops happy, even when it's the last thing in the world you want to do. Because they're your troops, and you have to take care of them.

Captain Sisko: You made a military decision, to protect your ship and crew. But you're a Starfleet officer, Worf. We don't put civilians at risk or even potentially at risk to save ourselves. Sometimes that means we lose the battle, and sometimes our lives. But if you can't make that choice, then you can't wear that uniform.

[last lines]
Lt. Commander Worf: Life is a great deal more complicated in this red uniform.
Captain Sisko: Wait till you get four pips on that collar. You'll wish you had gone into botany.

Captain Sisko: Chief, do you believe Worf was correct in giving the order to fire?
Chief O'Brien: I stand by his decision.
Captain Sisko: Is there any question in your mind about his motives?
Chief O'Brien: No, sir. I've known Commander Worf for nine years. He's an honorable man. He would never intentionally fire on an unarmed ship.
Captain Sisko: Thank you, Chief.
Ch'Pok: I'm curious, Chief. You said you stand by Commander Worf's decision. Do you agree with it?
Chief O'Brien: I completely support him.
Ch'Pok: That's not my question. Do you agree with his decision?
Chief O'Brien: I wasn't in command. It's not my place to question his judgment.
Ch'Pok: What if you were in command? What would you have done?
Chief O'Brien: I don't know.
Ch'Pok: Chief, how many years have you been in Starfleet?
Chief O'Brien: Twenty-two.
Ch'Pok: And how many combat situations have you been in?
Chief O'Brien: I couldn't even guess.
Ch'Pok: Try.
Chief O'Brien: A hundred... a hundred and fifty?
Ch'Pok: [to the JAG officer] For the record, Chief O'Brien has been in 235 separate engagements and Starfleet has decorated him fifteen times. I would like to have him declared an expert in the area of starship combat.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Battle Lines (#1.12)" (1993)
Commander Sisko: You died before?
Shel-la: Many times, too many to count.

Shel-la: Your doctor acts as though he's seen a miracle.
Commander Sisko: He's not alone.

Commander Sisko: Dr. Bashir will give you any medical assistance he can, but understand, we can't take sides in your battle.
Shel-la: It doesn't matter what I understand if the Nol capture you.

Commander Sisko: We'd be willing to transport all of you away from here, if that's what you want.
Shel-la: Away from here? To live one life, to die in peace? To us, this is an ancient prayer that had never been answered, Commander.

Doctor Bashir: What's going on?
Commander Sisko: Talks about a ceasefire.
Doctor Bashir: No kidding! How'd you arrange that?
Commander Sisko: I told them we'd transport them off this moon.
Doctor Bashir: Isn't that a bit like assisting a jailbreak?
Commander Sisko: I don't need you to interpret the Prime Directive for me, Doctor.

Shel-la: [holding up a phaser] This is an energy weapon?
Commander Sisko: Yes.
Shel-la: The Ennis stopped using directed energy weapons centuries ago. Not damaging enough.

Commander Sisko: Opaka - if we can ever find a way...
Kai Opaka: My work is here now, Commander. But your pagh and mine... will cross again.

Zlangco: [to Sisko] So, you are the leader of the aliens.
Commander Sisko: Benjamin Sisko. I'm Commander of a Federation space station.
Zlangco: Federation?
Shel-la: What does it matter to us, Zlangco?
Zlangco: It matters to me.
Commander Sisko: The Federation is made up of over a hundred planets who have allied themselves for mutual scientific, cultural and defensive benefits. The mission that my people and I are on is to explore the galaxy.
Zlangco: [unimpressed] Such a noble purpose. They'll be no reward for our release, you know.
Shel-la: You're being a fool, as usual.
Zlangco: A fool... who has managed to outwit you, Shel-la... over and over again.
Shel-la: [drawing his weapon] If you care to die again Zlangco... all you have to do is ask.
Commander Sisko: [before things escalate back into conflict, Sisko comes between them] If you've had enough of this, then make your leaders stop and listen... you are fighting a war for the sake of war... your only reason to live is to make each other suffer. If you've suffered enough, then end this nightmare. I'm not here to be a mediator, but if you're asking for an alternative, I will give you one.
Zlangco: We're listening.
Commander Sisko: In a matter of days, when our rescue party arrives, I can arrange to transport you and your people off this moon... if both sides will simply stop the fighting until then.
Shel-la: Zlangco, they will resettle us on different planets.
Commander Sisko: If that's what you wish.
Zlangco: [suspiciously] The two of you seem to have discussed this plan in some detail.
Shel-la: Of course. His crew has been with us for the last two days.
Zlangco: [to Sisko] Explain why you chose to ally yourselves with the Ennis.
Commander Sisko: We have allied ourselves with no-one.
Zlangco: One of your people fired a weapon at us.
Commander Sisko: We were defending ourselves.
Zlangco: I think you're lying.
[turns to the Nol-Ennis]
Zlangco: I don't know the alien. But I know Shel-la. I know how his mind works. I promise you... this is an Ennis trick to lure our entire population out of hiding to be slaughtered.
Commander Sisko: That's not true.
Zlangco: Fine, then the Ennis will surely be willing to make the first gesture of peace. Let them bring all of their people out into the open first... to prove their honourable intentions.
Shel-la: [laughing at the very idea of a peace agreement he never intended to pursue] Do you think... that I would allow a single Nol... to escape this planet alive?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Accession (#4.16)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: [on relinquishing his role as Emissary] No more ceremonies to attend; no more blessings to give; no more prophecies to fulfill. I'm just a Starfleet officer again. All I have to worry about are the Klingons, the Dominion, and the Maquis. I feel like I'm on vacation!

Captain Sisko: I remember when I got promoted to lieutenant; it took me a while to get used to being called 'sir' by my friends who were still ensigns.

[Kira has suggested Major Jatarn as new first officer for Sisko]
Major Kira: If, um... if you don't hit it off with Major Jatarn, um, I can think of a few other people. Shouldn't be that hard to find someone to replace me.
Captain Sisko: I don't doubt that I can find someone to fill your post. But to replace you...

Kai Opaka: [as prophet] Who are you?
Captain Sisko: Don't you know me?
Kai Opaka: [as prophet] Know you? How can I know someone who doesn't know himself?

Kai Opaka: [as prophet] We are of Bajor.
Captain Sisko: What does that mean?
Kai Opaka: [as prophet] You are of Bajor.

[Sisko is criticizing Akorem's plan to bring back Bajor's ancient traditions]
Akorem Laan: Must I remind you, Captain? I'm merely fulfilling the will of the Prophets.
Captain Sisko: How do you know that?
Akorem Laan: I'm the Emissary.
Captain Sisko: And what you've done with the position has made me wish I had never given it up.

[Kira places a crude clay sculpture in front of Sisko]
Major Kira: I want you to have this. It's an original Kira Nerys. Could be very valuable one day.
Captain Sisko: I hear she didn't make many.

Captain Sisko: I was just reading one of Akorem's poems, "The Call of the Prophets".
Major Kira: Oh, that's one of my favorites. It's a shame he never finished it.
Captain Sisko: He did. Look.
[he hands her the PADD with the poem]
Major Kira: Now, this is confusing. The last time I read this poem, it ended after the 12th stanza. If the timeline's been changed, then why do I remember things the way they used to be?
Captain Sisko: The Prophets work in mysterious ways.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rocks and Shoals (#6.2)" (1997)
[first lines]
Captain Sisko: Captain's log, supplemental - O'Brien needed three days to restore main power to our commandeered Dominion ship. But he's not going to get them. Sensors have detected two Jem'Hadar fighters heading our way, and without main power our chances of survival are slim to none.

Chief O'Brien: Reroute the damn gyrodyne through the damn thruster array.
Nog: Got it.
Captain Sisko: Mr. Garak, where are those ships now?
Garak: Bearing 310, Mark 215, still closing.
Chief O'Brien: Nog, did you reroute that damn gyrodyne?
Nog: I've tried, but the damn thruster array won't take the input.
Chief O'Brien: Try the lateral impulse thrusters and watch your mouth!

Chief O'Brien: Oh no!
Captain Sisko: What?
Chief O'Brien: I can't believe it!
Captain Sisko: What?
Chief O'Brien: I tore my pants!
Captain Sisko: You... you tore your pants?
Chief O'Brien: Yeah, I tore my pants!
[Everybody laughs]
Chief O'Brien: I guess... I guess I'm really in trouble now, eh?

[Remata'Klan has proposed on Keevan's behalf to return the hostages Nog and Garak in exchange for Captain Sisko and Doctor Bashir]
Captain Sisko: Sounds like he wants to trade two low-ranking prisoners for two more valuable ones. Would you make a deal like that?
Remata'Klan: No.
Captain Sisko: Then why should I?
Remata'Klan: You shouldn't.
Captain Sisko: You're not a very good negotiator, are you?

Captain Sisko: How was the show?
Remata'Klan: Informative.
[on Bashir's surgery on Keevan]

Captain Sisko: Keevan doesn't deserve the unwavering loyalty you're giving him.
Remata'Klan: He does not have to earn my loyalty, Captain. He has had it from the moment I was conceived. I am a Jem'Hadar. He is a Vorta. It is the order of things.
Captain Sisko: Do you really want to give up your life for 'the order of things'?
Remata'Klan: It is not my life to give up, Captain. And it never was.

Chief O'Brien: What did he say?
Captain Sisko: All the wrong things.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Siege (#2.3)" (1993)
Li Nalas: I've done everything I can to help. I'd die for my people, but...
Commander Sisko: Sure you would. Dying gets you off the hook. Question is, are you willing to live for your people, live the role they want you to play? That's what they need from you right now.

[Odo leads Quark into ops]
Odo: He's been brokering seats on the evacuation vessels.
Commander Sisko: Where did you get more seats?
Quark: Everybody always asks the brokers where they get their extra seats; and all I can say, this is my business to find preferred seating for select listed clients...
Commander Sisko: [grabs Quark by his throat] I have got more than 200 people who want to get off this station. Where did you get more seats?
Quark: A few trades... A person here or there who changed his mind about leaving at the sight of a reasonable stipend.
Dr. Julian Bashir: [over comm] Bashir to Commander Sisko.
Commander Sisko: Go ahead.
Dr. Julian Bashir: We're having a bit of a panic at the airlock, sir. Far more passengers than we can handle have shown up, and they all claim to have made arrangements to leave.
Quark: I might have overbooked slightly...

Quark: My ship... the Rio Grande... my brother's on it; he's got my ticket.
Dr. Julian Bashir: [to Sisko] That ship is full, sir, I checked the list myself, and Quark's name wasn't on it. His brother Rom did go aboard, but he was with a dabo girl.
Quark: [aghast] A dabo girl? What?
Commander Sisko: Looks like he sold your seat.
[smirks smugly]

Commander Sisko: Sisko to all units - you can thank Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien for your repast this afternoon.
Dr. Julian Bashir: [sniffs at his combat ration] Woah - you haven't made any friends here, Chief - or should I say 'chef'?

Commander Sisko: [to Colonel Day] We don't want to fight you or hurt anyone. Your officers will be our guests for a while. I hope they won't mind Starfleet combat rations.

Major Kira Nerys: [referring to Li Nalas] Somehow you figured now that he was here... things would be better. You know, he'd... he'd find a way to make things better. Because he was a man who could do that - a great man. I wish I knew where we could find others like him.
Commander Sisko: Major, there are heroes all over Bajor. I'm sitting with one.

Chief O'Brien: Sir, can I ask you something?
Commander Sisko: Sure.
Chief O'Brien: About Li Nalas.
Commander Sisko: M-hm.
Chief O'Brien: Well, listening to Kira talk about all he was, all he did, all he was going through... She makes him sound like he was larger than life, like he was some kind of military genius. But the Li Nalas I...
Commander Sisko: Chief, Li Nalas was the hero of the Bajoran resistance. He performed extraordinary acts of courage for his people and died for their freedom. That's how the history books on Bajor will be written, and that's how I'll remember him, when anybody asks.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rapture (#5.10)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: I remember the first time I held you in my hands. You were only a few minutes old. And I looked down at your face. And it was almost as if I could see your whole life stretched out in front of you - all the joys it would bring, and the bruises - it was all there, hidden in that scrunched up little face. The baby I'm holding in my hands now is the universe itself. And I need time to study its face.

Captain Sisko: Admiral...
Admiral Whatley: What is it, Ben?
Captain Sisko: Your son. You can stop worrying about him. He forgives you.
[walks on]
Admiral Whatley: How the hell did he know that Kevin and I weren't getting along?
Doctor Bashir: He's the Emissary.

Captain Sisko: Locusts! They'll destroy Bajor, unless it stands alone!
Admiral Whatley: Ben, what the hell are you talking about?
Captain Sisko: It's too soon. Bajor must not join the Federation. If it does, it will be destroyed!

Captain Sisko: When I said that Bajor should wait before it joins the Federation, I have never felt so certain about anything in my life.
Admiral Whatley: I was afraid you would say that, Ben.

Captain Sisko: Admiral, for what it's worth, I wish things had turned out differently.
Admiral Whatley: So do I.
Captain Sisko: But it's not over. One day, Bajor will join the Federation. That I'm sure of.
Admiral Whatley: Are you speaking as a Starfleet captain or as the Emissary of the Prophets?
Captain Sisko: Both.
Admiral Whatley: In that case I'll keep the champagne on ice.

Captain Sisko: Sometimes being the Emissary isn't such a bad thing.

Captain Sisko: B'hala. It was the eve of the Peldor Festival. I could hear them ringing the temple chimes.
Major Kira: You were dreaming.
Captain Sisko: No. I was there. I could smell the burning bateret leaves, taste the incense on the wind. I was standing in front of the Obelisk, and as I looked up, for one moment, I understood it all. B'hala, the Orbs, the Occupation, the discovery of the wormhole - the coming war with the Dominion.
Major Kira: You could see the future as well as the past?
Captain Sisko: For one moment, I could see the pattern that held it all together.
Major Kira: You were having a pagh'tem'far - a sacred vision!
Captain Sisko: Well, I don't know what I had. But it felt *wonderful*!
Major Kira: The Prophets chose well when they made you their Emissary. So how does it all fit together?
Captain Sisko: I wish I knew...
Captain Sisko: [playfully] Someone woke me up!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Forsaken (#1.16)" (1993)
[Bashir has been assigned to chaperone a trio of visiting diplomats]
Commander Sisko: Think of it as an opportunity, Doctor. You never know when a friendly ambassador is going to be in the right place at the right time to help your career.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Another hour with them could destroy my career!
Commander Sisko: It's a simple job: just keep them happy, and away from me.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Simple? Nothing makes them happy! They are dedicated to being unhappy, and to spreading that unhappiness wherever they go! They are the Ambassadors of Unhappy!

Commander Sisko: All of us have had these assignments, Doctor.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Have you, sir?
Commander Sisko: As a matter of fact, Curzon Dax used to take perverse pleasure in assigning me to take care of V.I.P. guests.
Dr. Julian Bashir: Ah, so now you take the same perverse pleasure in doing it to me.
Commander Sisko: Exactly!

Odo: There was a minor incident at the bar that I helped her with, and now she's... grateful.
Commander Sisko: What's the problem?
Odo: The manner in which she expresses her gratitude. To be honest, Commander, she seems... interested in me.
Commander Sisko: What's wrong with that?
Odo: She's extremely aggressive.
Commander Sisko: I see. So she's after you.
Odo: Like a Wanoni tracehound.

Odo: Frankly, in my humble opinion, most of you humanoids spend far too much time on your respective mating rituals.
Commander Sisko: It does help the procreation of one's species.
Odo: Procreation does not require changing how you smell, or writing bad poetry, or sacrificing various plants to serve as tokens of affection.

[O'Brien is getting upset with the station computer]
Commander Sisko: Relax, Chief, it's just a computer.
Chief O'Brien: This is no computer. This is my archenemy!

Odo: I'm just trying to avoid a diplomatic incident; I don't want to insult the ambassador.
Commander Sisko: A reasonable concern. I suggest you handle the matter with great delicacy.
Odo: I don't handle "delicacy" very well.

Commander Sisko: Constable, you can handle thieves and killers, but not one Betazoid woman?
Odo: I understand thieves and killers. I don't understand... her.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Paradise (#2.15)" (1994)
[Sisko reads in Alixus' journal about her views about mankind]
Commander Sisko: ...She says we have become fat and lazy and dull.
Chief O'Brien: My wife told me something along those lines just last week.

Commander Sisko: [reading] "The common conceit that the human species has evolved over the last several centuries is ludicrous. What gains we have made have come at the cost of our own core identities. Man has lost touch with his true power."
Chief O'Brien: Sounds like it took a crash landing for her to find her paradise.

Alixus: No one follows me; they follow their own hearts.
Commander Sisko: My heart tells me to try to get back to my ship.
Alixus: I'm sure it does. But if we'd had that attitude for the last ten years, we wouldn't have been doing what was necessary to survive here - to find the plants, herbs, molds that cure disease. We've conquered seventeen illnesses, with the most powerful resource man has: his ingenuity.
Commander Sisko: An interesting philosophy. And while we're debating it, a woman is dying.
Alixus: We're doing everything we can for her.
Commander Sisko: No, we're not.

Commander Sisko: [after being stranded on a planet] I hope you find a few more of those talents you never knew you had...

Alixus: That's the first core behavior I've seen from you since you arrived.
Commander Sisko: 'Core behavior' - does that chapter come before or after sexual procurement?

Alixus: Cassandra came to me; she was worried. She sensed that you weren't happy.
Commander Sisko: She was right about that.

Commander Sisko: You never had much use for technology, did you? It's interesting how you happened to crash on a planet that fit your philosophy of life so well.
Alixus: I agree. In fact, I've started writing a book about our experiences. I've been wondering if in the ancient religions of man there aren't some new truths to be found, something, to explain how sometimes fate delivers us exactly where we need to be.
Commander Sisko: [sarcastic] Perhaps one day, you'll even feel the hand of God on your shoulder.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Siege of AR-558 (#7.8)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: I think that's what I'm going to remember most about this war - looking through casualty reports. Sometimes it feels like that's all I do - stare at the names of the dead. When the war started, I read every name. I felt it was the least I could do to honor their sacrifices... But now, the names have begun to blur together.

Reese: [of the replacement troops] Children.
Captain Sisko: Not for long.

Larkin: Sir, what're your orders?
Captain Sisko: There's only one order, Lieutenant. We hold.

Nog: [after losing his leg] Captain... The communications array - it's worth it, right?
Captain Sisko: I hope to God it is.

Captain Sisko: We held.
Reese: Those were our orders, sir.

Lt. Commander Worf: This was a great victory - one worthy of story and song.
Captain Sisko: It cost enough.

[last lines]
Colonel Kira: Sir, the latest casualty reports have just been posted.
Captain Sisko: How many this time?
Colonel Kira: Including the troops lost at AR-558 - 1730.
Captain Sisko: [whispering] 1730...
Colonel Kira: It's a lot of names.
Captain Sisko: They're not just names. It's important we remember that. We have to remember.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Man Alone (#1.3)" (1993)
Sisko: [to Odo] If you can't work within the rules I'll find someone who can.

Commander Sisko: I've missed your steamed Azna.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You must miss Curzon too.
Commander Sisko: He was... You were - are - a mentor. Another father to me.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: This happens to Trills, Benjamin. Sometimes our friendships with other species don't survive because of the change.
Commander Sisko: It won't be that way with us. It's just, er... a little uncomfortable right now.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: I suggest that you allow yourself to feel comfortable with your discomfort. Time can do the rest.

Commander Sisko: Mr. Odo, you're not going to take the law into your own hands.
Odo: The law? Commander, laws change, depending on who's making them - Cardassians one day, Federation the next. But justice is justice.

Commander Sisko: What the hell do you people intend to accomplish here?
Bajoran #1: We want the shape-shifter!
Commander Sisko: And what do you think you're gonna do to him *if* you get to him?
Zayra: [sarcastic] He's right. How do you get a rope around the neck of a shape-shifter?

Sisko: [Keiko has come to Sisko to broach the idea of opening a school on the station after seeing Jake and Nog get into trouble] You won't get any argument from me, Mrs. O'Brien. When I heard what happened this morning on the promenade...
Jake Sisko: [interrupting] We weren't doing anything!
Sisko: [giving him a Look] I don't want to talk about this now.

Sisko: [referring to Nog] If I *hear* of you hanging around with him...
Jake Sisko: [getting ready to run for his life] I thought you didn't want to talk about this now!

Sisko: [Odo wants to throw Ibudan off the station] If he hasn't done anything wrong, you can't just arbitrarily force him to leave.
Odo: Watch me.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Time to Stand (#6.1)" (1997)
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: So, what do you plan on doing the next couple of hours?
Captain Sisko: I haven't given it much thought.
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: Maybe now would be a good time to contact your father.
Captain Sisko: Maybe.
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: Benjamin, you haven't spoken to him for months. And Jake is his grandson.
Captain Sisko: How do I explain that I evacuated every Federation citizen off Deep Space Nine except his grandson?
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: You'll think of something. You always do.

Captain Sisko: Take it from me, old man: a small wedding is the way to go.
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: You get married the way you want, and I'll get married the way I want. I'll see you later, Captain.
[leaves with Worf]
Captain Sisko: Try not to break any bones!

Captain Sisko: How is the restaurant doing?
Joseph Sisko: All right. It's been three weeks since I poisoned anyone.

Joseph Sisko: Are things really as bad as the news service claims?
Captain Sisko: Maybe worse.
Joseph Sisko: Well, you certainly know how to comfort a frightened old man.
Captain Sisko: You didn't raise me to be a liar.
Joseph Sisko: I raised you to be a chef, for all the good it did me.

Joseph Sisko: You know, there's something I just don't understand. You're always telling me that space is big, that it's an endless frontier, filled with infinite wonders.
Captain Sisko: It's true.
Joseph Sisko: Well, if that's the case, you would think it would be more than enough room to allow people to leave each other alone.
Captain Sisko: It just doesn't work that way. It should; but it doesn't.

[last lines]
[During a secret mission, Sisko and his crew lose their warp drive]
Garak: Forgive my ignorance, but if we don't have warp drive, how long is it gonna take us to reach the closest Federation starbase?
Captain Sisko: A long time, Mr. Garak.
Garak: How long?
Doctor Bashir: Seventeen years, two months and three days - give or take an hour.

Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: Let's see... a radial geodesic in a thirty-nine Cochrane warp field contracts normal space at a rate of...
Doctor Bashir: [with confident authority] Full impulse one point three seconds before the bomb detonates.
Captain Sisko: Dax?
Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax: [off her console] The computer agrees with Julian.
Garak: Of course it does... they think alike.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Invasive Procedures (#2.4)" (1993)
[DS9 is hit by a plasma storm]
Commander Sisko: I assume the promenade is secure?
Doctor Bashir: Oh yes, sir, I've struck the sails and battened the hatches, so to speak.

Verad: I'm... I'm... sorry about all this, a- Please, believe me, I-I wish I didn't have to do this.
Commander Sisko: Then don't.

[Verad has taken over the Dax-symbiont]
Commander Sisko: Remember when we first met?
Verad Dax: Pelios Station.
Commander Sisko: Anastasia?
Verad Dax: And that trip we took to the Cliffs of Bole?
[they laugh]

Mareel: [referring to Sisko] Why are you wasting your time with him?
Verad Dax: Because he's my friend! Now go watch the others.
Verad Dax: [to Sisko] We are still friends, aren't we, Benjamin?
Commander Sisko: I hope so. Come with me down to the infirmary and prove it.
Verad Dax: I can't do that.
Commander Sisko: [stony-faced] Then you're not the Dax that I know. Our friendship is over!

Verad Dax: Well, Benjamin, I guess this is goodbye. Not many friendships last over two lifetimes. I wish we could have made it three.
Commander Sisko: You'll be seeing me again, Verad.

[Sisko has persuaded Mareel to help him save Jadzia and Verad]
Mareel: If you hurt him - I'll kill you.
[she hands Sisko her phaser and communicator]
Commander Sisko: I don't doubt it.

[Sisko threatens Verad Dax with a phaser]
Verad Dax: Don't be ridiculous, you're not going to shoot me.
Commander Sisko: What makes you so sure?
Verad Dax: This is Dax you're talking to, Benjamin. We both know that if you shoot me, even on stun, you risk killing the symbiont.
Commander Sisko: If I let you go, Jadzia dies.
Verad Dax: But Dax will live. What's one girl's life compared to eight lifetimes of knowledge and experience? - You're not going to shoot me. You know that, and so do I. Goodbye, Benjamin.
[he walks past Sisko into the shuttle]
Commander Sisko: Verad!
[Verad turns around]
Commander Sisko: Don't call me Benjamin.
[shoots him]

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shattered Mirror (#4.19)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: All right, I'm here. And I'm going to help you. But I want you to leave my son alone.
Jennifer Sisko: I can't.
Captain Sisko: Why not?
Jake Sisko: [from the background] Jennifer!
Jennifer Sisko: Because he won't leave *me* alone.

[Jadzia slaps Sisko's face]
Jadzia Dax: That's for making love to me under false pretenses. I was suspicious of you from the start.
Captain Sisko: You hid it well.
Jadzia Dax: If you ever touch me again...
[she holds a large knife to his throat]
Jadzia Dax: Do you get my point?
Captain Sisko: I hope not.

[Sisko has voluntarily taken command of the rebels' Defiant]
Chief O'Brien: Captain, you never cease to amaze me.
Captain Sisko: Sometimes I even surprise myself.

Jennifer Sisko: I knew that Jake would want to meet me, that I'd remind him of his mother.
Captain Sisko: You're nothing like his mother.
Jennifer Sisko: I think Jake would disagree.
Captain Sisko: Of course he would. In his mind, the three of us are already living together!

Captain Sisko: There's a difference between interrogation and torture.
Captain Bashir: The Alliance never made that distinction.
Captain Sisko: But you should.

Jennifer Sisko: By the way, you have done a good job with him. Jake, I mean.
Captain Sisko: Well, you're not making that job any easier.
Jennifer Sisko: Oh, he'll get over me.
Captain Sisko: Maybe.
Jennifer Sisko: [gloomily] I wish I could say the same.
[Sisko looks at her surprised]
Jennifer Sisko: Is that really a surprise? Think about it. My Ben Sisko is dead. I look at Jake... and all I see... is the son that I'll never have. Maybe bringing him here wasn't such a good idea after all.

Chief O'Brien: [after Sisko has already taught O'Brien Evasive Pattern Delta] Shields are down to forty percent! That cruiser has us in weapons range! Do we make a run for it?
Captain Sisko: We run, all right - right at it!
Chief O'Brien: Ah. "Pattern Suicide".

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: By Inferno's Light (#5.15)" (1997)
Chief O'Brien: They're still not responding to our hails.
Captain Sisko: I think they're trying to intimidate us.
Chief O'Brien: It's working.

Captain Sisko: I have a feeling the Klingons' war against the Cardassians has taken a turn for the worse.

Gowron: Think of it... Five years ago, no one had ever heard of Bajor or Deep Space Nine, and now... all our hopes rest here. Where the tides of fortune take us, no man can know.
Captain Sisko: They're tricky, those tides.

Major Kira: Klingons helping to protect Deep Space Nine... What an interesting concept.
Captain Sisko: These are interesting times, Major.

Gul Dukat: A few days ago, I swore all Cardassia lost would be regained. That space station you're so fond of was built by Cardassia.
Captain Sisko: Funny, I thought it was built by Bajoran slave labour.
Gul Dukat: Either surrender the station or I'll take it by force. The choice is yours.
Captain Sisko: If you want to retake the station, Dukat, you're welcome to try.

Captain Sisko: Tell our friends out there to stand down. Armageddon will have to wait for another day.

[last lines]
Gul Dukat: What I did, I did to make Cardassia strong again. And mark my words, Captain, I succeeded. You may have escaped defeat this day. But tomorrow...
Captain Sisko: We will see about tomorrow.
Gul Dukat: Yes, we will.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Indiscretion (#4.4)" (1995)
Kasidy Yates: You know, I was thinking about what Dax said. Maybe I should get quarters on the station.
Captain Sisko: That's a big step.
Kasidy Yates: What does that mean?
Captain Sisko: I just meant... it's a big step.
Kasidy Yates: A bad big step or a good big step?
Captain Sisko: A good one.
Kasidy Yates: Could you muster up a little more enthusiasm?
Captain Sisko: I *am* enthusiastic!

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: "It's a big step." That's all you said?
Captain Sisko: That's all.
Doctor Bashir: You're sure?
Captain Sisko: Positive.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: What do you think, Julian?
Doctor Bashir: It's ambiguous, definitely open to interpretation. But it could've been worse, he could have said 'It's a *very* big step'.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: You didn't say that, did you?
Captain Sisko: I don't think so.

[Dax has asked Sisko about his honest opinion on Kasidy moving to the station]
Quark: Captain, I would think long and hard before answering.
Captain Sisko: I don't recall asking your opinion, Quark.
Quark: Well, maybe you should. I mean, who knows more about women than me?
Doctor Bashir: Everyone.

Jake Sisko: Nog and I ran into Kasidy last night over at the, uh, Vulcan restaurant. I guess she's not gonna take that job after all.
Captain Sisko: She told you. Did she say why?
Jake Sisko: She said you didn't want her to take it.
Captain Sisko: [sighs] Look, Jake - sometimes, things between men and women can get a little... complicated.
Jake Sisko: Yeah, maybe, but... I don't think this is one of those times. It's pretty simple, Dad. You're scared.

[Jake is lecturing his father on how to deal with the Kasidy situation]
Captain Sisko: Have you told any of this to Kasidy?
Jake Sisko: Nog and I thought about it, but, uh, we thought it would be better if you told her yourself.
Captain Sisko: I see...
Jake Sisko: So, er... what's new with you?

Captain Sisko: I think you should take the job, I... *want* you to take the job.
Kasidy Yates: You've been talking to Jake.
Captain Sisko: How do you know?
Kasidy Yates: Oh, he's a smart boy. Must take after his mother.

Kasidy Yates: Look... I could stay here and listen to you apologize all day. But I've got to get to Bajor.
Captain Sisko: Bajor? I-I thought...
Kasidy Yates: Oh - I know what you thought. But I took the job. Do you think I'd give up a great opportunity just because *you* got cold feet? You're a good man, Benjamin Sisko. But you got a lot to learn about women - especially this one.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Changing Face of Evil (#7.20)" (1999)
Martok: [about the Breen] Captain, every species has its weakness. They're no exception.
Captain Sisko: Let's hope you're right. But whatever the weakness is - we better find it soon.

[Kasidy has burned the dinner]
Captain Sisko: What're you... you doing? You don't cook!
Kasidy Yates: I know; I was just making sure.

[Sisko has made up with Kasidy wih a bunch of flowers, when the door chimes]
Captain Sisko: Ah, that must be Quark with the necklace.
Kasidy Yates: The necklace?
Captain Sisko: Just in case the flowers didn't work.

[last lines]
Admiral Ross: Damar may have just bought us some precious time - if the Dominion doesn't track him down too quickly.
Captain Sisko: We need to find a way to help him. Legate Damar may be the key to saving the Alpha Quadrant.

Captain Sisko: [of the Defiant] She's a fine ship.
Chief O'Brien: No one will argue with that. But like you say, it's time to go.

Captain Sisko: Nobody touches my peppers!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Destiny (#3.15)" (1995)
Commander Sisko: [about Ulani and Gilora] Now, those are about the two friendliest vipers I have ever met.

Commander Sisko: [of the prophecy] But that all hinges on how you interpret an ancient text that's been translated and re-translated over the centuries. Words that were couched in metaphor to begin with. I'm sorry, Major; but where you see a sword of stars, I see a comet. Where you see vipers, I see three scientists. And where you see the Emissary, I see a Starfleet officer.

Odo: [on Sisko's role as Emissary] It's just an observation, of course; but it's always seemed to me that you've never been comfortable with it.
Commander Sisko: [pondering this] I can't deny that, I... Are you suggesting that I'm dismissing this prophecy too easily because I don't want to be the Emissary?
Odo: I'm not suggesting anything. But it's been my experience that all humanoids have an agenda of some sort, and that their agendas can influence them without their even realizing it.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Let me ask you something. If you'd never heard Trakor's prophecy, what would you do?
Commander Sisko: I'd continue working on the communications relay.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Then it seems to me you have a choice. You can either make your own decisions, or you can let these prophecies make them for you.

[last lines]
Vedek Yarka: There are signs that Trakor's Forth Prophecy will soon come to pass as well.
Commander Sisko: Don't tell me that has something to do with me.
Vedek Yarka: You, Commander? Well, it is a prophecy about the Emissary.
Commander Sisko: Tell me about it.
Vedek Yarka: Trakor's Forth Prophecy says that the Emissary will face a fiery trial, and he'll be forced to choose...

Quark: Rumor has it that the shop next door to mine is going out of business. I'm thinking of renting it and setting up a few Cardassian gaming concessions.
Odo: There'll be no live vole fights on the Promenade, Quark.
Quark: I would never be party to anything so cruel and inhumane! But... of course, if some Cardassians happen to bring their voles along, and they happen to get into a fight, I could hardly be held responsible!
Odo: Oh, yes, you could!
Commander Sisko: And you will be.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Visitor (#4.2)" (1995)
Captain Sisko: I'm no writer; but if I were, it seems to me I'd wanna poke my head up every once in a while and take a look around, see what's going on. It's life, Jake. You can miss it if you don't open your eyes.

Captain Sisko: [to his son] Look at you. You're older than I am!

Captain Sisko: I'm proud of what you've accomplished.
Adult Jake Sisko: None of it matters - now that I know that you're out there lost somewhere.
Captain Sisko: Of course it matters. You have a wife; a career. And don't think because I'm not around much, that I... don't want grandchildren!

Captain Sisko: Jake - you didn't have to do this. Not for me.
Adult Jake Sisko: For you, and for the boy that I was. He needs you, more than you know. Don't you see? We're going to get a second... chance.

[last lines]
Jake Sisko: You okay, Dad?
Captain Sisko: I am now, Jake. I am now.

Captain Sisko: [reading Jake's dedication] "To my father, who's coming home."

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Move Along Home (#1.9)" (1993)
Sisko: Major, I gave you a direct order.
Major Kira Nerys: Court-martial me.
Sisko: I can't. You're not in Starfleet.
Jadzia Dax: [glaring at Sisko and Kira] If I were your superior officer, I'd court-martial both of you.

Commander Sisko: You know what time you're s'pposed to go to bed? We never had any problems with it, until Nog.
Jake Sisko: Dad, I'm fourteen!
Commander Sisko: I'm glad we agree on something.

Commander Sisko: First contact is our most important mission, Jake. It has to be handled delicately. You might say, it's sort of like... a... first date with a girl.

[Commander Sisko is introducing his senior staff to the Wadi]
Falow: [uninterested] Yes... yes... yes, now - where are the games?
Commander Sisko: Games?
Falow: We were told you had games... 'Quark's'. Take us to 'Quark's'.
[Sisko looks at the others, dumbfounded]
Major Kira: [motioning] Right this way.
[she leads the Wadi away]
Commander Sisko: First contact is not what it used to be.

[Sisko refuses to abandon Dax who has been injured]
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: If you were hurt, I'd leave you behind.
Commander Sisko: Then I'm glad I'm not the one who's hurt.

Commander Sisko: Use your tricorders for proximity checks every two minutes. And if all else fails, just yell again, Doctor. We'll find you.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Circle (#2.2)" (1993)
Li Nalas: Commander, anything you need from me, I will try my best to do. But I know that I can never replace Major Kira.
Commander Sisko: No one could.

Commander Sisko: If you need any other help...
Li Nalas: Help? I can't even sneeze without three people handing me handkerchiefs.

Commander Sisko: I'm going to get you back, Major. I promise that to both of us.

Commander Sisko: General Krim. I'm Benjamin Sisko. We met during a session of the Executive Committee last year.
Krim: I remember, Commander. I was impressed by your talk.
Commander Sisko: As I recall, you disagreed with all of it.

Krim: Commander Sisko... You told me about the Kressari before you asked the favor regarding Kira... You could've tried to trade that information... for the favor.
Commander Sisko: I wouldn't do that.
Krim: I'll remember that about you.

Commander Sisko: For a minute I was thinking to myself, there's a warm wind blowing in from Minicoy.
Minister Jaro: I'm sorry?
Commander Sisko: It's just an old saying from Earth. It all started with the famous ambassador from Minicoy, who used to bluster, exaggerate and dissemble to get what he wanted - not at all like you or me. He was a bag of hot air, and everyone recognized him for what he was.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dogs of War (#7.24)" (1999)
[Sisko has taken over the command of the Sao Paulo]
Captain Sisko: [reading his orders] "Special dispensation from the Chief of Starfleet Operations to change the name from Sao Paulo... to Defiant."

Lieutenant Ezri Dax: I didn't know we were getting another Defiant-class ship.
Captain Sisko: That's what happens when you miss staff meetings.
Chief O'Brien: Looks... just like her.
Captain Sisko: Let's hope she fights like her.

Captain Sisko: Hello, ship.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: We're gonna have a baby.
Kasidy Yates: A baby.

Captain Sisko: If we do nothing, the Dominion could sit behind that perimeter for the next five years rearming themselves. And when they're ready to come out, God help us all.

Captain Sisko: Then it's settled: we attack.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Past Tense: Part 2 (#3.12)" (1995)
B.C.: You really gonna shoot me, Bell? I don't think so.
Sisko: Think again.
B.C.: I thought we were on the same side here!
Sisko: We are. But you get on my nerves, and I don't like your hat!

[Sisko has taken over the role of Gabriel Bell]
Doctor Bashir: Didn't you say Gabriel Bell died when the police stormed the building?
Sisko: Right. But I'm not Bell.
Doctor Bashir: No. But we're the only ones who know that.

Preston: Change takes time.
Sisko: You've run out of time.

B.C.: [about his demands] It's simple: we trade the hostages for our freedom. We get amnesty, a handful of credit chips, and a flight to anywhere we want. Personally, I'm thinking Tasmania.
Sisko: Tasmania...
B.C.: Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania!

Commander Sisko: [on seeing his picture in the historical database of the 21st century] I'm not looking forward to explaining this to Starfleet Command.

[last lines]
Doctor Bashir: You know, Commander... having seen a little of the 21st century, there is one thing I don't understand: how could they have let things get so bad?
Commander Sisko: That's a good question. I wish I had an answer.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Adversary (#3.26)" (1995)
[first lines]
Commander Sisko: Commander's log, stardate 48959.1 - It is with mixed emotions that I record this, my final Commander's log. The last three years have been the most demanding and rewarding of my career. I can only hope that the future will hold even greater challenges.

Captain Sisko: My son, the writer, thinks I should say something profound on this occasion. He even offered to write me a brief statement. I told him I'd take care of it myself; but as it turns out, the only thing I can think of is: Begin Captain's log, stardate 48960.9.

Major Kira: Well, now that you have another pip on your collar, does that mean I can't disagree with you anymore?
Captain Sisko: No. It just means, I'm never wrong.
Major Kira: Ah - we'll see about that.

Michael Eddington: Captain - I just want to say that... I agree with what Chief O'Brien said. About your promotion. It's about time.
Captain Sisko: I appreciate the sentiment, Commander, but it really doesn't change anything. I have the assignment I want, I have the crew that I want. The rank doesn't make much difference.
Michael Eddington: You'd be surprised. People don't enter Starfleet to become commanders, or admirals, for that matter. It's the captain's chair that everyone has their eye on. That's what I wanted when I joined up... You don't get to be a captain wearing a gold uniform.
Captain Sisko: You could always transfer from Security to Command.
Michael Eddington: [with fake naivety] Then who would protect the Ambassador?

[having lost any control of the Defiant's systems, Sisko has initiated the auto-destruct sequence]
Chief O'Brien: I think I may be able to shut down the Changeling's force fields, and gain access to the sabotaged systems. The only problem is, we may lose our force fields too.
Federation Computer: Auto-destruct in seven minutes.
Captain Sisko: Just tell me how long it will take.
Chief O'Brien: Well, I guess it'll have to be less than seven minutes, won't it?
Captain Sisko: That'd be my suggestion.

[last lines]
Odo: Captain, there's something you need to know. The Changeling, before he... died - he whispered something to me.
Captain Sisko: Go on.
Odo: He said..."You're too late. We are everywhere."

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Waltz (#6.11)" (1998)
Gul Dukat: [of the Bajorans] I hated everything about them! Their superstitions, and their cries for sympathy, their treachery and their lies. Their smug superiority and their stiff-necked obstinacy. Their earrings, and their broken, wrinkled noses!
Captain Sisko: You should have killed them all, hm?
Gul Dukat: Yes! Yes! That's right, isn't it? I knew it! I've always known it! I should've killed every last one of them! I should've turned their planet into a graveyard the likes of which the galaxy had never seen! I should have killed them all.
[Sisko clubs him over the back with a metal pole]
Captain Sisko: And that is why you're not an evil man?

[first lines]
Captain Sisko: Captain's log, stardate 51408.6. I've been aboard the Honshu for two days now, and I still haven't spoken to him, although the doctors have assured me that he's made a full recovery. Maybe that's what I'm afraid of. Maybe I prefer to think of him as a crazy man, a broken man. He'd be less dangerous that way. As terrible as it sounds, there's a part of me that wishes he were dead. But that's a thought unworthy of a Starfleet officer. He lost an empire, he lost his daughter, and he nearly lost his mind. Whatever his crimes, isn't that enough punishment for one lifetime?

Gul Dukat: About my daughter... You and Major Kira took care of her for almost a year. I wanted to thank you for that, it was very generous.
Captain Sisko: Ziyal was a very special young woman. It was a pleasure to have her with us, even if it was only a short time.
Gul Dukat: A short time is all she ever had.

Gul Dukat: No more pretense, no games! Just you, me and the truth.
Captain Sisko: What do you know about the truth? You bend the truth into whatever shape suits you.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: You know, old man, sometimes life seems so complicated. Nothing is truly good or truly evil. Everything seems to be a shade of gray. And then you spend some time with a man like Dukat, and you realize that there is such a thing as truly evil.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: To realize that is one thing. To do something about it is another. So what are you going to do?
Captain Sisko: I'll tell you what I'm not going to do: I'm not going to let him destroy Bajor. I fear no evil. From now on, it's him... or me.

Captain Sisko: Is there anything I can get for you?
Gul Dukat: Hmm. A bottle of kanar and an Orion slave girl would be nice.
Captain Sisko: [smiling in spite of himself] I'll see what I can do.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Ties of Blood and Water (#5.19)" (1997)
[Weyoun swallows a whole glass of a drink just proven to be poisoned]
Gul Dukat: Wha...?
Weyoun: Oh my! That is quite toxic, isn't it?
Gul Dukat: Are-you-insane?
Weyoun: The Vorta are immune to most forms of poison. Comes in handy when you're a diplomat.
Captain Sisko: Especially when you're working with the Cardassians.

Captain Sisko: Still calling yourself Gul? I'm surprised you haven't promoted yourself back to Legate by now.
Gul Dukat: I prefer the title 'Gul' - So much more hands-on than 'Legate', hm? And less pretentious than the other alternatives - President, Emperor, First Minister - Emissary!
Captain Sisko: How about 'Dominion Puppet'?

Captain Sisko: I saw you die.
Weyoun: That wasn't me - at least, not exactly.

Captain Sisko: Ghemor just doesn't want to be debriefed. He wants someone to talk to - someone to be with until the end.
Major Kira: And that someone... is me...
[Kira has a flashback to a moment during the occupation, where her father was badly wounded, leaving a younger Kira rather helpless]
Captain Sisko: Are you up to it?
Major Kira: [tearfully] I have no choice... I'm all he's got.

Gul Dukat: It takes a great man to admit he's wrong. And that's what Ghemor did. I'm speaking of his last minute change of heart - his deathbed decision to embrace the new Dominion government.
Captain Sisko: That's very moving. Except for one small problem: it never happened!
Weyoun: As you say, it's a... small problem.

Captain Sisko: [after intercepting a poisoned drink meant for a Cardassian defector] What's wrong, Ducat? Are you afraid Ghemor is going to say something that might undermine your new cozy position?
Gul Dukat: Tread with care, Captain. You're coming dangerously close to accusing the head of the Cardassian government of attempted murder.
Captain Sisko: Is that what I'm doing?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Afterimage (#7.3)" (1998)
Jake Sisko: [about Ezri Dax] She is cute.
Captain Sisko: She is also about 300 years too old for you.

Captain Sisko: What are you gonna learn in the next few months that you haven't already learned in the last 300 years?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Oh, how to keep from breaking into tears for no reason... How to resist the urge to stand on my head - things like that.
Captain Sisko: Why are you standing on your head, by the way?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Emony used to do it.
Captain Sisko: The gymnast?
Ensign Ezri Dax: She found it relaxing.
Captain Sisko: Do you?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Actually, it's giving me a headache.

Ensign Ezri Dax: I told him all about Trill traditions - Jadzia did. We discussed them - *they* discussed them.
Captain Sisko: I understand.
Ensign Ezri Dax: These pronouns are going to drive me crazy!

[Dax has decided to leave Starfleet]
Captain Sisko: Well, if you're leaving Starfleet, you'll have to find something to do. Let's see. Maybe you could become one of the people who take care of the symbiont pools. It's quiet in those caves, no one around, no one expecting great things of you. You could spend the rest of your life underground, in the dark, stirring mud. Eighty or ninety years of that just might be what you need. And as for Dax, that symbiont had eight amazing lives. So what if the ninth was a waste?

Ensign Ezri Dax: It means a lot to me that you want me to stay, but... I can't.
Captain Sisko: Because of Worf?
Ensign Ezri Dax: Mostly.
Captain Sisko: Well... you just say the word, and I will intimidate him for you.

[Dax has been promoted to full counselor]
Captain Sisko: [to Dax] Congratulations, Lieutenant. I want you to take a good look around. You have just agreed to take responsibility for the mental health of everyone in this room. You have your work cut out for you.
Doctor Bashir: Well, I'm glad they made you a lieutenant. It would've been hard taking advice from an ensign.
Chief O'Brien: Since when did you take advice from anyone?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Abandoned (#3.6)" (1994)
[Sisko has just met the baby found in the wreckage of a ship]
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You are positively glowing! I haven't seen that look on your face since...
Commander Sisko: ...since Jake stopped wearing diapers.

Commander Sisko: [about Mardah] Quark may call her a dabo girl; but she's twenty years old. She's a woman, and Jake is a sixteen-year-old boy. It has to stop.
Chief O'Brien: Well, why did you invite her over, if you don't mind my asking?
Commander Sisko: Curiosity, mostly. I want to see what I was up against.
Chief O'Brien: What if it turns out you like her?
Commander Sisko: She's a dabo girl, she's dating my son - I don't want to like her.

Jake Sisko: Mrs. O'Brien used to say that Mardah should try to get some of her stories published.
Mardah: Jake, they aren't that good.
Jake Sisko: Yes, they are.
Mardah: Nothing like your poetry.
Jake Sisko: You don't have enough faith in yourself.
Commander Sisko: P-poetry - y-you write... poetry?
Jake Sisko: Well - sort of. Not... not really.
Mardah: Now who doesn't have enough faith in himself?
Mardah: [to Sisko] He writes some of the most beautiful things I've ever read. That's what won me over.
Commander Sisko: [becoming more and more bewildered] Er... His... poetry?
Mardah: And the way he plays dom-jot.
[Jake winces]
Commander Sisko: You play dom-jot?
Mardah: Oh, your son can play. He's quite the hustler.
Commander Sisko: A hustler?

Mardah: Jake seemed like just another teenage boy at first. But there's more to him than that.
Commander Sisko: I'm beginning to realize that myself...

[Sisko has been ordered to send the Jem'Hadar to another starbase]
Commander Sisko: There will be a complete team of xenobiologists and exopsychologists waiting for him.
Odo: So they're going to study him, like a laboratory specimen.
Commander Sisko: Well, he'll be very well treated.
Odo: [sarcastically] So he'll be a well treated specimen.

Chief O'Brien: [seeing Jake walk by with Mardah] I thought you were gonna lower the boom on those two.
Commander Sisko: Well, I was; but some things came up at dinner I didn't expect.
Chief O'Brien: Ah - got to know her a little better, decided you liked her after all?
Commander Sisko: No, actually I got to know Jake a little better. Have you ever played dom-jot with him?
Chief O'Brien: Nope.
Commander Sisko: Don't.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Babel (#1.4)" (1993)
Major Kira: You look like you could use some sleep.
Chief O'Brien: Who's time for sleep? I'd settle for five minutes peace and quiet.
[in the background, Sisko is burning his lips on a too hot coffee]
Commander Sisko: Chief! I thought you were gonna fix the replicators.
Chief O'Brien: [disgruntled] You're absolutely right, sir, I knew I'd forgotten something! Can't have the operations chief sitting around daydreaming when there's work to be done, can we? Hohohoho, I'll get right on it!

[Quark is talking to an aphasia patient with lots of gestures and mimics]
Quark: Food! Dabo! Drinks! Money! Hand, mine - give!
Commander Sisko: Well, Quark, I see even you couldn't weasel your way clear of this one.
Quark: You underestimate the Ferengi immune system, Commander. I'm merely here visiting my less fortunate customers to make sure they're not faking the illness to avoid paying their bills!
Commander Sisko: No one could be that devious.
Quark: I am.

Commander Sisko: We need to find out who created this virus.
Commander Sisko: [to Kira] You're our best hope.
Major Kira: Eighteen years is a long time.
Odo: Besides, even if she finds who did this, that's no guarantee they can help us.
Commander Sisko: We just have to hope they remember the antidote.
Odo: That's assuming they ever bothered to create one.

Commander Sisko: No need to ask how you're doing.
Major Kira: Chasing after ghosts!
Commander Sisko: You have twelve hours to catch one.
Major Kira: And then?
Commander Sisko: People start dying.

Commander Sisko: We'll have to get down there and blow it manually.
[he tries to get up but falls back, exhausted]
Odo: I'll do it.
Commander Sisko: All right. You can cross barrels. All job appalled.
Odo: What was that?
Commander Sisko: Bread - the arrive - seen earlier.
Odo: Oh, I see...

[last lines]
Commander Sisko: [after burning his lips on a too hot coffee yet again] O'Brien!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Playing God (#2.17)" (1994)
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Who am I to confront him?
Commander Sisko: You're Dax.

Commander Sisko: So - what are you going to do? This kid has to measure up soon, or he'll never be chosen. True? So you're not doing him any favors by avoiding a confrontation, are you? Curzon was tough - maybe even abusive in his own charming way. But he always demanded the highest standards of excellence from these host candidates.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You don't know what he did to me.
Commander Sisko: I know you made it through the program.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: No thanks to him.
Commander Sisko: Are you sure?

Commander Sisko: Personal log, supplemental - One hour. One hour to make a decision that could mean the life or death of a civilization - or the end to our own. My mind keeps going back to the Borg, how I despised their indifference, as they tried to exterminate us. And I have to ask myself: would I be any different if I destroyed another universe, to preserve my own?

Jake Sisko: I wanted to tell you, but I was sure you wouldn't understand.
Commander Sisko: So now you're hiding things from me?
Jake Sisko: You mean you would have understood?
Commander Sisko: Of course not!

Commander Sisko: So, you're the one who picked the black marble?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Children of Time (#5.22)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: All right, we'll make a quick survey. But if all we detect is some fungus, we're not beaming down.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: What if it's smart fungus?

Molly: Aren't you gonna help?
Chief O'Brien: I'm busy.
Molly: You don't look busy.
Captain Sisko: [laughs] She's an O'Brien all right.

Captain Sisko: I wish there was a way we could help you. But my people have the right to return home to their families, and I will not ask Kira to sacrifice her life for eight thousand people, for eight million! No one has the right to ask that. I'm sorry, old man; but there is nothing I can do.

Yedrin Dax: Thank you, Benjamin.
Captain Sisko: Anything for you... old man!

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Everyone we met - they never existed.
Captain Sisko: They exited. As long as we remember them - they always will.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Explorers (#3.22)" (1995)
[Gul Dukat has surmised that Sisko might encounter something unexpected during his flight on a Bajoran lightship]
Commander Sisko: Like what?
Gul Dukat: Oh, I don't know. A Maquis ship, perhaps.
Commander Sisko: Why would the Maquis have any quarrel with an unarmed ship sailing toward the Denorias Belt? They have nothing at stake here, nothing to prove. Or should I say, disprove.
Gul Dukat: Commander, I contacted you out of concern for your safety. But you seem to be intimating that I've made some sort of threat.
Commander Sisko: Ah, then I'm glad I was wrong. For a moment there, I thought that you had been put in charge of the Cardassian Ministry for the Refutation of Bajoran Fairy Tales.

Commander Sisko: [of Jake] It's funny. A year or two ago, nothing would have stopped him from coming with me on an adventure like this. I guess I waited too long.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: You'll have other adventures, Benjamin; they'll just be different. Believe me, I know, I've been a father a couple of times myself. Oh, I could tell you stories...
Commander Sisko: You already have.

[Jake is encouraging his father to get a date]
Commander Sisko: I cannot believe that I'm getting advice about women from my son.
Jake Sisko: Don't think of me as your son right now. Just think of me as... another guy. Another guy who happens to know a very attractive lady who wants to meet you.

[Sisko and Jake are sailing through space on the lightship]
Commander Sisko: Listen.
Jake Sisko: I don't hear anything.
Commander Sisko: Exactly. Not even the hum of an engine. It's almost like being on the deck of an old sailing ship. Except, the stars are not just up in the sky; they're all around us. Imagine how the ancient Bajorans must have felt - heading into space, in a ship like this one, not knowing what they were going to find, or who they were going to meet.

Commander Sisko: [to Jake] We'll make a sailor out of you yet.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: ...Nor the Battle to the Strong (#5.4)" (1996)
Odo: Solid! I wonder why my people use that term. Humanoid bodies are so fragile.
Captain Sisko: Yes, they are... And there are a lot of ways you can get hurt.

Odo: I never realized how stressful it is to be a parent. I have to say, I don't think it's for me.
Captain Sisko: That's your choice. But you don't know what you're missing.

Captain Sisko: It seems... just yesterday, he was five years old... clinging to me, because he'd just scraped his knee. And I was the only one in the world who could make it better. I remember sometimes getting up in the middle of the night and slipping into his room, just to make sure he was all right. And I'd sit there and watch him sleep. And I'd think to myself... that no matter what, I wasn't going to let anything bad happen to this child. And now he's a sector away in a warzone, and there is nothing I can do to protect him.

[Jadzia tells Ben Sisko about a serious illness one of her - Audrid Dax's - daughters had to go through once]
Captain Sisko: So, how did it turn out with Neema?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: She pulled through.
Captain Sisko: Phew! I was hoping you were going to say that. Because if this story had an unhappy ending I would have never forgiven you.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: Anyone who's been in battle would recognize himself in this. Most of us wouldn't care to admit it. It takes courage to look inside yourself, and even more courage to write it for other people to see. I'm proud of you, son.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Past Prologue (#1.2)" (1993)
Major Kira: This wouldn't have been possible without your support. I want you to know it's appreciated.
Commander Sisko: Be sure to mention it the next time you chat with Admiral Rollman.
Major Kira: Sir?
Commander Sisko: Go over my head again, and I'll have yours on a platter.

[Dr. Bashir is bemused about Garak's invitation to buy a suit in his shop at a particular time]
Commander Sisko: Sometimes communications can't be conducted through official channels. Maybe this is their way of telling us that we have a common enemy.
Doctor Bashir: Well, what do you want me to do?
Commander Sisko: I think, doctor, you could definitely use a new suit.

Commander Sisko: [of Lursa and B'Etor] We've heard they've been trying to raise capital to rebuild their armies. But what are they doing here?
Odo: Sitting. They went straight to Quark's, but not for the gambling - huh - and certainly not for the food. They're just... sitting.

Gul Danar: What about Tahna Los?
Commander Sisko: Well, we've got a problem.
Gul Danar: A diplomatic insult to the Cardassian people would be a problem. Delivering a wanted criminal to us would not be.

Chief O'Brien: You've never fought the Cardassians, have you?
Commander Sisko: No.
Chief O'Brien: Well, you wouldn't wanna turn a man - any man - over to their tender care, sir. You just wouldn't.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Visionary (#3.17)" (1995)
Commander Sisko: The Romulans generally prefer to sit back and pull the strings from a distance if they can.
Major Kira: This is one puppet who doesn't like her strings pulled.

Commander Sisko: And Major, when you're with the Romulans, try to be diplomatic.
Major Kira: I'm always diplomatic!

Odo: I plan to investigate the Klingons, the Bajorans, Quark, the visiting Terrellians...
Commander Sisko: You think Quark had something to do with this?
Odo: I always investigate Quark.

Odo: [after a lengthy derivation] The three Klingons now on the station are part of a covert strike force that reports directly to the Klingon High Council.
Commander Sisko: Why didn't you just say so?
Odo: Well, sometimes I have to remind you just how good I am.

Odo: I think I can question them until the Romulan delegation leaves the station.
Commander Sisko: Just be careful.
Odo: Commander, there is no careful way to question a Klingon.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Passenger (#1.8)" (1993)
[last lines; all that's left of the criminal is a few neural cells in a specimen container]
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: What do you intend to do with it?
Ty Kajada: May I assume that you return custody of the prisoner to me, Commander Sisko?
Commander Sisko: [indicates the container] The prisoner... what's left of him.
Ty Kajada: Good.
[She draws her phaser, disintegrates the container, and walks out without another word]

[Ltd. Primmin is complaining about Odo talking openly about a deuridium shipment to Quark]
Commander Sisko: It's hard to keep a secret in a place like this, Lieutenant; it's not a starship.
Lieutenant Primmin: I understand that...
Commander Sisko: I'm sure almost everyone knows about the shipment by now. Odo was probably making sure that Quark knows we know he knows.

Lieutenant Primmin: If you want my opinion...
Commander Sisko: Actually, I don't. You and I are guests of the Bajorans, Lieutenant. You don't have to forget what you learned at the Academy; you just don't throw it in anyone's face here.

Commander Sisko: Miss Kajada, I must admit I'm having a tough time with your theory.
Ty Kajada: Then you're making a fatal mistake.
Commander Sisko: Three passengers were on your ship. Two bodies are in our morgue. Unless the ghost of Vantika is...
Ty Kajada: Don't patronize me, Commander!

Commander Sisko: Isn't it more likely that some accomplice did this?
Ty Kajada: Rao Vantika is obsessed with his own survival. He's prolonged his life with the use of drugs, cryogenics, transplants. As a medical supervisor in a high-security penitentiary, he used prisoners for his illegal experiments in cellular longevity. He's organised raids on government labs to steal bio-regenerative research. I promise you when he started that fire on board my ship, he had a plan to survive. I'm not sure what that plan was, but I'm convinced it succeeded.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shadows and Symbols (#7.2)" (1998)
[first lines]
Sisko: Dax! I can't believe it!
Ensign Ezri Dax: I can hardly believe it myself. But... I'm Dax. I mean, I'm not Jadzia Dax; I'm Ezri Dax. But I have all of Jadzia's memories - not to mention Lela's, Tobin's, Emony's, Audrid's, Joran's, Curzon's - am I forgetting anyone?
Sisko: Torias.
Ensign Ezri Dax: Right. You're probably asking yourself, "Who is this person, how did she get the symbiont, do I even want another Dax in my life, does she always talk this much?" These are all very good questions; and I wish I had good answers for you.

Ensign Ezri Dax: I was on the Destiny when they brought the Dax symbiont aboard to be taken back to Trill. Halfway through the trip, the symbiont took a turn for the worse and it needed to be placed in a host immediately...
Sisko: And you were the only Trill on board.
Ensign Ezri Dax: [nods] I lay down on that operating table one person and I woke up a completely different person - well, I should say eight different people. I was not prepared for this at all. I mean you're supposed to get years of training and preparation before you get joined and all I got was a 15-minute lecture from the ship's surgeon and he wasn't even a Trill...
Sisko: I'm starting to see the problem.

Ensign Ezri Dax: [on traveling to Tyree] When do we leave?
Sisko: Today.
Ensign Ezri Dax: Great. It'll be just like old times. Except, different.

Sisko: I wish he'd get there.
Ensign Ezri Dax: Who?
Sisko: Dr. Wycoff. They're waiting for him in the isolation ward.
Ensign Ezri Dax: You have definitely gotten stranger.

Sarah Sisko: The Sisko's path is a difficult one.
Sisko: But why me? Why did it have to be me?
Sarah Sisko: Because it could be no one else.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: One Little Ship (#6.14)" (1998)
Lt. Commander Worf: It is an ancient Klingon tradition to commemorate an important event with a poem. Jadzia asked me to compose one for this occasion.
Captain Sisko: Well, what have you got so far?
[Worf is about to answer when Nog returns their attention to the crew in the runabout]
Nog: They've penetrated the accretion disk!
Major Kira: [aside, to Sisko] Now is it my imagination, or did the kid just cover for him?
Captain Sisko: This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Captain Sisko: [referring to a Jem'Hadar] In a battle of wits between you and him, I'll bet on you every time.
Major Kira: Hm... What kind of odds are you giving?

[Nog is trying to override the bridge control lockouts, without success]
Nog: [desperate] Do you have a backup plan, in case this doesn't work?
Captain Sisko: Yes, I'll destroy the ship.
Nog: ...There are still a few algorithms I haven't tried yet.

Captain Sisko: [after his crew has overpowered the Jem'Hadar] He should have listened to you and killed me when he had the chance.
Second Ixtana'Rax: He was a First. They don't need... to... listen. Obedience brings victory. And... victory is...

Captain Sisko: Mr. Worf, I think your wife is here.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Business as Usual (#5.18)" (1997)
[Quark learns he won't be prosecuted for helping to sell illegal weapons]
Quark: [to Odo] Better luck next time.
Sisko: You better hope there *isn't* a next time, Mister! I've cut you a lot of slack in the past; I even looked away once or twice when I could have come down hard on you. But those days are over. Now, we may not be able to get you for selling weapons, but you so much as litter on the Promenade, and I will nail you to the wall!
Major Kira Nerys: Something to look forward to!

Sisko: Chief, why is the baby in the pit?

Sisko: Chief, why don't you take off for a few days until Keiko gets back? I think we can manage without you for that long.
Chief O'Brien: Oh, that won't be necessary, sir. I have the situation well in hand.
Sisko: What I'm trying to say is that keeping Kirayoshi in the pit is not an acceptable solution. Find another one.

Quark: So, about those charges... surely we can come to some kind of accomodation?
Sisko: That depends.
[shows him a pad]
Sisko: This is what it's going to cost to repair the cargo bay?
Quark: That much?
Sisko: That much.
Quark: Well... perhaps we could come up with some kind of installment plan?
Sisko: Works for me!

Sisko: You're facing some serious charges here, Quark. Incitement to riot, endangering the public safety, disregarding...
Quark: How was I supposed to know everyone was going to start shooting? I just wanted them to cross paths, so that the deal would fall through.
Sisko: It fell through all right. Hagath and Gaila barely managed to get off the station alive.
Quark: I hear General Nassuc sent a purification squad after them.
Sisko: I wouldn't count on seeing your former business partners again.
Quark: I can live with that.
Sisko: What about the Regent's death?
Quark: The Regent's dead?
Sisko: A purification squad caught up with him this morning.
Quark: I can live with that, too. And I can think of twenty-eight million other people who won't mind, either.
Sisko: Twenty-eight million... and one.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: If Wishes Were Horses (#1.15)" (1993)
Major Kira Nerys: Yellow alert? Against our own imaginations?
Commander Sisko: D'you have a better idea?

Commander Sisko: How is our young doctor?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Young.

Buck Bokai: That day we won the world series, there were only 300 people in the stands.
Commander Sisko: 301 in my version.
Buck Bokai: I heard you cheering.

Buck Bokai: This imagination of yours - we have never seen anything like it. It's very real to all of you, but... yet it's not. At first, it seemed to us to be a curse, an irritation. That Odo fellow even called it a 'waste of time'.
Commander Sisko: I disagree with him.
Buck Bokai: I knew you would. I learned that about you, that you can have such an affection for someone you never even met. I wonder if you appreciate how unique that imagination of yours really is.
Commander Sisko: Not always.

[last lines]
Buck Bokai: We got to go.
Commander Sisko: But you haven't told us anything about your species.
Buck Bokai: I'd like to. Maybe next year.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Maquis: Part 1 (#2.20)" (1994)
[Dukat is pointing out to Sisko that his controls in the runabout are not illuminated]
Gul Dukat: Commander, I'm not going to sit here and steal your little technical secrets, I promise you.
Commander Sisko: I appreciate your assurances, but Cardassians are famous for their photographic memories.
Gul Dukat: Oh, so you turn off my controls so I don't have enough light to take my photograph, is that it?

Gul Dukat: Of all the Humans I've met, you strike me as the most joyless and the least vulnerable.
Commander Sisko: I am when I'm with you.

Cal Hudson: [of Dax] That woman knows more about me than any woman ever has. More than my wife even.
Commander Sisko: Tell me about it.

Cal Hudson: Don't you find things a little uncomfortable?
Commander Sisko: Oh no. She's a good officer.
Cal Hudson: Yes, but Curzon was, uh...
Commander Sisko: She is not Curzon.
Cal Hudson: Now, you two aren't, I mean...
[they burst out laughing]
Commander Sisko: Oh no. She may not be Curzon, but she is Dax.
Cal Hudson: Yes, that would be extremely... strange.

Commander Sisko: Where are we going?
Gul Dukat: The Volan colonies.
Commander Sisko: The demilitarized zone?
Gul Dukat: Hm - not so demilitarized, I'm afraid.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Image in the Sand (#7.1)" (1998)
Ben Sisko: I came back here to clear my head. To try to figure out what to do next. Maybe learning the truth about my mother is the first step of this journey.
Joseph Sisko: Well, from here on out, I hope the Prophets keep their noses out of my business.

Ben Sisko: [to Jake and Joseph Sisko] Have you both lost your minds?
Joseph Sisko: Apparently it runs in the family.

Ben Sisko: [after learning the truth about his mother] Are there any other secrets I should know about?
Joseph Sisko: Just my gumbo recipe. But I'm taking that to my grave.

Joseph Sisko: You thinking about Sarah?
Ben Sisko: Actually I was thinking about Jadzia. She always used to be here to help me sort things out. I miss her.

[last lines]
Ensign Ezri Dax: Hello, Benjamin.
Ben Sisko: Do I know you?
Ensign Ezri Dax: It's me - Dax.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Equilibrium (#3.4)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Beets are a very misunderstood vegetable.

Doctor Renhol: [to her assistant] Tell Doctor Torvin to prepare the new host for surgery. We'll begin transferring the symbiont in fifteen minutes.
Commander Sisko: Tell Doctor Torvin to get a cup of raktajino. He won't be needed.

Commander Sisko: I'm not interested in exposing your secret, Doctor. All I care about is Jadzia. And I promise you, if she dies, I'll see to it that the entire planet knows why.

Commander Sisko: And I used to think Curzon had a temper.

Commander Sisko: I suppose it would have been easier if you'd never found out about Joran.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: No, I'm glad I did. If you want to know who you are, it's important to know who you've been.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Sanctuary (#2.10)" (1993)
Major Kira: I just spent the whole day yesterday...
Commander Sisko: ...talking to Minister Rozahn about irrigating the Trilar Peninsula.
Major Kira: How did you know?
Commander Sisko: It's hard to keep a secret in ops, especially when you've been shouting at a monitor for the last two days.
Major Kira: Thought I kept it down to an angry whisper.
Commander Sisko: Let's just say that your voice carries.

Commander Sisko: Ah, Major. Get everything settled with Quark?
Major Kira: Oh, that little toad is this far from doing a 360 out an airlock!
Commander Sisko: I'm glad to hear everything went okay.

[a Skrreean ship has arrived at DS9]
Odo: What seems to be the trouble, Commander?
Commander Sisko: The computer's having a hard time translating their language.
Odo: I can see how that would be a problem.

Commander Sisko: We'll have to keep them talking until the computer can establish a translation matrix.
[meanwhile, the female Skrreean is continuously and desperately trying to explain something to Kira]
Major Kira: Keeping them talking shouldn't be much of a problem.

Odo: It's gonna get awfully crowded around here, Commander.
Commander Sisko: I know, Constable, but it's worth it. Just look at them. They're experiencing their first taste of freedom.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Tears of the Prophets (#6.26)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: The Prophets don't see me as a Starfleet captain. They see me as their Emissary.
Admiral Ross: That's the problem, isn't it? For the past six years you've tried to be both. And up to now I've been patient. I have indulged you, I have gone out on a limb for you many times. But this is it. You've got to make a decision. You are either the Emissary or a Starfleet captain. You can't be both.

Captain Sisko: [by Jadzia's coffin] When I first met you, you told me that my relationship with Jadzia Dax wouldn't be any different than the one I had with Curzon Dax. Things didn't work out that way. I had a hell of a lot of fun with both of you. But Curzon was my mentor. You... you were my friend, and I am going to miss you. I should've listened to the Prophets and not gone to Cardassia. Then maybe you'd still be alive. -... - I've failed as the Emissary, and for the first time in my life I've failed in my duty as a Starfleet officer. I need time to think. Clear my head. But I can't do it here, not on the station, not now. I need to get away - and find a way to figure out how to make things right again. And I have to make things right again, Jadzia. I have to.

Captain Sisko: Let's go home, Jake.

[last lines]
Jake Sisko: Dad - Grandpa's ready to close up the restaurant. He wants to know when you're comin' in.
Captain Sisko: In a little while.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossover (#2.23)" (1994)
Intendant Kira: Benjamin - did I hurt your feelings?
Benjamin Sisko: I never had any to hurt, Intendant.

Major Kira: The Benjamin Sisko I know would never sell his soul, and allow himself to become part of this tyranny against his own people.
Benjamin Sisko: Terrans don't have souls. We don't believe in them.

Benjamin Sisko: What do you care about Terrans' freedom?
Major Kira: I care about freedom! What I don't understand is why you *don't* care. Why the only one on this station I have met who seemed to give a damn was a Ferengi toad named Quark!
Benjamin Sisko: You're looking in the wrong place for a hero, ma'am. I've made the best of a bad life for my crew. That's my contribution.
Major Kira: Yes - you charmed your way out of the mines. But you and I both know, you're no less a victim than anyone else here.

Intendant Kira: [after Benjamin Sisko has turned against her] Have you lost your mind?
Benjamin Sisko: No - I didn't lose it. I just... changed it.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Heart of Stone (#3.14)" (1995)
Nog: According to Ferengi bylaws, section 105, subparagraph 10: "Upon reaching adulthood, Ferengi males must purchase an apprenticeship from a suitable role model." I choose you.
Commander Sisko: You want to be *my* apprentice?
Nog: That's right. I want to be the first Ferengi in Starfleet! Now, who do I see about getting a uniform?

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: *Nog*?
Commander Sisko: My reaction exactly.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: I always thought it would be interesting to have a Ferengi in Starfleet - but Nog?

Nog: I want to join Starfleet. I want it more than anything I've ever wanted in my life!
Commander Sisko: You're a Ferengi. Why would you want to be in Starfleet? Where's the profit in it?
Nog: I don't care about profit!
Commander Sisko: Then what *do* you care about? Come on, Nog, tell me! Why is it so damned important that you get into Starfleet? Why're you doing this?
Nog: Because I don't want to end up like my father!
Commander Sisko: Your... father?
Nog: That's right, my father. He's been chasing profit his whole life. And what has it gotten him? Nothing! And you know why? Because he doesn't have the lobes. And neither do I.

Commander Sisko: [18th Rule of Acquisition] A Ferengi without profit...
Nog: no Ferengi at all.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Broken Link (#4.25)" (1996)
Lt. Commander Worf: Captain! Was Dax's last host as argumentative as this one?
Captain Sisko: Worse.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Thank you Benjamin - I think.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Benjamin, someone's requesting permission to come on board.
Captain Sisko: Who is it?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Garak.
Lt. Commander Worf: Tell him the ship is off limits to Cardassian spies.

[Major Kira starts having one of her sneezing fits]
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [counting] ... two... three... I say she stops at seven.
Captain Sisko: I say eight. Mr. Worf?
Lt. Commander Worf: Ten!
[Kira stops after eight sneezes]
Major Kira: I hate being pregnant!
Captain Sisko: I win!

Chief O'Brien: It's funny - I've served on half a dozen ships, and none of them have had cloaking devices except the Defiant. Now that we're not using it I feel... naked.
Lt. Commander Worf: It is disconcerting, to say the least.
Captain Sisko: Gentlemen, I feel the same breeze you do.
[Dax smiles to herself]
Chief O'Brien: What're you smiling at?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I don't know, I guess it's just being in the same room with so many naked men.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Homecoming (#2.1)" (1993)
Commander Sisko: I saw you, in front of the crowd on the promenade. They look at you, and they see strength, and honor, and decency. They look at you and they see the best in themselves.
Li Nalas: But it's all based on a lie.
Commander Sisko: No - it's based on a legend. And legends are as powerful as any truth.

Chief O'Brien: [on the graffiti of the Circle on DS9] If they think scrawling a few signs is gonna get rid of us, they got another thing coming.
Commander Sisko: Right now, they're just trying to show us that we're vulnerable.
Odo: I wouldn't be overly concerned, Commander; this section is a low security area.
Commander Sisko: As of now, Constable, there are no low securities on this station.

[last lines]
Minister Jaro: [referring to Li] The Navarch needed to return here to assume his new post. He's been made the Bajoran liaison officer to Deep Space Nine.
Commander Sisko: I already have a liaison officer.
Minister Jaro: Not anymore, you don't. Major Kira is no longer assigned to this post. She's been recalled to Bajor.

Jake Sisko: [discussing Jake's first date] I can see you're not ready to have this conversation yet.
Commander Sisko: *I'm* not ready?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Facets (#3.25)" (1995)
[Sisko is to embody the Dax host Joran]
Odo: Are you sure about this, Commander?
Commander Sisko: Don't worry, Odo, Joran isn't going to be able to hurt anyone from inside of a holding cell.
Odo: There's just one problem - you're going to be in there with him.

Commander Sisko: [as Joran] My strength is within you. You don't have to be afraid of it.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: I'm not.
Commander Sisko: Then let me show you how to use it. Lower the force field, Jadzia. Lower it, and you will never have to be afraid of anything ever again.

[Jadzia has bashed up Joran in Sisko's body]
Commander Sisko: [as himself] Thanks.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: For what?
Commander Sisko: For not breaking any bones.

[Curzon has decided to stay in Odo's body]
Commander Sisko: Let me tell you something about Curzon. He was my friend, he was my confidant - in a way, he was my teacher as well. But he was also manipulative, selfish, and arrogant. Most people let him get away with it because he was so charming. Sometimes, I let him get away with it, too. But from time to time, he'd push me too far, and I'd have to stand up to him, tell him he'd crossed the line.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: And how would he react?
Commander Sisko: Sometimes he'd just laugh and admit it. Sometimes he'd be furious. But either way, he'd back off because he knew he was wrong. And he is wrong now.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Sound of Her Voice (#6.25)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: Chief, I want you to establish a two-way com link with this woman, and when you do, tell her... tell her, her heroes are on the way.

Lisa's Voice: I can't sleep. I think the injections are keeping me awake. I haven't had anyone to talk to for two days.
Captain Sisko: We will be able to help you with that, Captain. I'll have one of my officers stay on the com line with you at all times.
Lisa's Voice: And order them to enjoy it, too!

Kasidy Yates: If you're gonna do something, do it right; that's what my father used to say.
Captain Sisko: Every father says that. Even I say that.
Kasidy Yates: That's why you're a good parent. You know all the clichés by heart.

Kasidy Yates: [about Bashir, who is sparing with words] There was a time when you couldn't get him to shut up.
Captain Sisko: I think I like him better this way.
Kasidy Yates: That's mean.
Captain Sisko: I was just kidding.
Kasidy Yates: No - you weren't.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In Purgatory's Shadow (#5.14)" (1997)
Worf: What about Garak?
Captain Sisko: I want him back too. I suppose I don't have to tell you to keep a close eye on him.
Worf: At the first sign of betrayal I will kill him, but I promise to return the body intact.
Captain Sisko: I assume that's a joke?
Worf: We will see.

Captain Sisko: Major, what have you found?
Major Kira: Trouble.

Major Kira: We just lost contact with two of our listening posts in the Gamma Quadrant.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: The Dominion. They're coming.
Captain Sisko: Notify Starfleet Command. Put the station on yellow alert. Make sure everyone knows this is not a drill. Major, I want you to take the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant. Locate Mr. Worf. Find out what the hell is going on there.
Major Kira: And if an invasion fleet is on the way?
Captain Sisko: Then get back here as soon as possible - and God help us all.

[last lines]
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Captain, the wormhole's opening.
Captain Sisko: Battle stations!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Let He Who Is Without Sin... (#5.7)" (1996)
[first lines]
Odo: So, what do you think of the O'Briens' plan to name their baby 'Sean'?
Captain Sisko: I kind of like it; 'Sean' - has a nice ring to it.
Odo: Except that in Bajoran, 'shawn' means 'swamp'.
Captain Sisko: The O'Briens know that?
Odo: I doubt it.
Captain Sisko: Someone should tell them.
Odo: I nominate you.

Captain Sisko: I can't believe you actually convinced Worf to go to a pleasure planet. He must really be loosening up.
Odo: I hadn't noticed it.
Captain Sisko: Come to think of it, neither have I.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Oh no, he's still the same old Worf.
[Worf enters the replimat and goes to the replicator]
Lt. Commander Worf: Prune juice, extra large!
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: See what I mean?

[Dax is complaining about the eighth muscle pull within a month]
Odo: Actually, I believe Commander Dax has been treated for seven muscle pulls, two contusions and three cracked ribs. The only person who spent more time in the infirmary over the past few weeks is Commander Worf.
Captain Sisko: [to Dax] Isn't there any way that... the two of you could, um... erm... you know...
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Make love?
Captain Sisko: ...without injuring yourselves?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Interspecies romance isn't without its danger. That's part of the fun.

[Dax and Worf intend to go on vacation on Risa]
Odo: From what I hear, Risa makes the Hoobishan Baths look like a monastery.
Captain Sisko: I hope they have a good hospital.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Far Beyond the Stars (#6.13)" (1998)
[Captain Swofford, commander of the USS Cortez and close friend of Sisko's, has presumably been killed in battle]
Captain Sisko: I don't know how much more I can take. I don't know how many more friends I can lose. Every time I achieve a real victory, something like this happens, and everything seems to turn to ashes!
Joseph Sisko: So what do you wanna do?
Captain Sisko: Maybe it's time for me to step down. Let someone else make the tough calls.
Joseph Sisko: I see. No one is indispensable, son, not even you. Whatever decision you make, I'll support. Of course, if Quentin Swofford was here, I bet he'd have a few things to say to you.
Captain Sisko: But he's not here, and that's the whole point.

Captain Sisko: I guess we popped the champagne cork too soon, huh? Everyone thought the war was over when we retook the station and pushed the Dominion back into Cardassian space.
Major Kira: I never believed that, and neither did you.
Captain Sisko: A lot of good that did the 400 people on the Cortez.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: I have begun to wonder. What if it wasn't a dream? What if this life we're leading - all of this, you and me, everything - what if all of this... is the illusion?
Joseph Sisko: That's a scary thought.
Captain Sisko: I know, I know... But maybe, just maybe, Benny isn't the dream. We are. Maybe we're nothing more than figments of his imagination. For all we know, at this very moment, somewhere, far beyond all those distant stars, Benny Russell... is dreaming of us.

Joseph Sisko: Question is, what're you going to do?
Captain Sisko: The only thing I can do - stay here and finish the job I started. And if I failed...
Joseph Sisko: [quoting from the bible] "I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith."

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Progress (#1.14)" (1993)
Commander Sisko: [referring to Kira] I'm going to tell Minister Toran that she's remained temporarily on Jerrado, at your request.
Doctor Bashir: But sir - that isn't true.
Commander Sisko: Make it true, Doctor. Now, please.
Doctor Bashir: [officially] Commander, I'd advise that Major Kira remain on Jerrado for humanitarian reasons...
Doctor Bashir: [under his breath] How long?
Commander Sisko: The next day or two.
Doctor Bashir: ...for the next day or two, sir.
Commander Sisko: Thank you, Doctor. I'll consider that request. Dismissed.

Commander Sisko: You know, you're causing a lot of trouble.
Mullibok: I can't tell you how delighted I am to hear that.

Commander Sisko: Look, I understand you're used to sympathizing with the underdog. You spent your life fighting to overcome impossible odds, just like he's doing. But you have to realize something, Major: you're on the other side now. - Pretty uncomfortable, isn't it?
Major Kira: It's awful.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Muse (#4.20)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: You've got a good start on a novel here, Jake. The dialogue is sharp, the story's involving, the characters are real... the spelling is terrible!

Captain Sisko: What are you?
Onaya: It's not what I am that matters, it's what I do. You don't know the minds I've touched: Catullus, Tarbolde, Keats, a hundred others. I unlocked their potential.
Captain Sisko: Is that what you did to Jake? Look at him!
Onaya: They all die in the end, but look what I gave them in return: immortality. Their names will live on forever.

Captain Sisko: [about Jake's novel] It's really good.
Jake Sisko: I know. I just wish I wrote it.
Captain Sisko: You did.
Jake Sisko: How can I be sure? I mean, without Onaya...
Captain Sisko: Listen to me. You wrote these words, not her.
Jake Sisko: But she got them out of me.
Captain Sisko: Which means, they were somewhere inside of you. And all you have to do is to learn to find them for yourself.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dramatis Personae (#1.17)" (1993)
Major Kira: [on Sisko's clock] You... really build that?
Commander Sisko: Apparently so.
Major Kira: Why?
Commander Sisko: I have no idea.

Commander Sisko: So - this is how it all ends!
Major Kira: For you.
Commander Sisko: You know what disturbs me? The ingratitude. I offered you my kindness, my help, my leadership, and how do you repay me? With betrayal. But you won't get rid of me so easily. You see, unlike you, I understand history. My name will blaze across the stars long after your petty treacheries have been forgotten.
Major Kira: But you won't be here to see it.

[last lines]
Major Kira: I know that none of us was really responsible for our actions, but... I feel I owe you an apology.
Commander Sisko: For attempted mutiny?
Major Kira: Well... yes.
Commander Sisko: I think we'll let it go - this time.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Tribunal (#2.25)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Chief O'Brien.
Chief O'Brien: Yes, sir?
Commander Sisko: You're on leave. Please, disembark the station!
Chief O'Brien: Aye, sir.

[O'Brien has been arrested by the Cardassians]
Commander Sisko: May I speak with him?
Makbar: That is not possible.
Commander Sisko: May I see him?
Makbar: Commander...
Commander Sisko: May I be assured that he is well and being treated properly?
Makbar: Mr. O'Brien is being treated with great care and respect.
Commander Sisko: Good. Because if he is not, I will hold you personally responsible. And if that sounds like a threat, it is.

[last lines]
Chief O'Brien: I'm ready to get back to work.
Commander Sisko: Oh, no, no, no. I had to use all of my influence to extend your accomodations at the lagoon. We'll drop you off on our way home.
Chief O'Brien: But we haven't any bags, no holo-cam. I-I've nothing to read.
Keiko O'Brien: Perfect!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Meridian (#3.8)" (1994)
Seltin Rakal: We were just about to sit down for First Meal. Why don't you join us?
Commander Sisko: We'd like that. I just need to know your planet is not going to disappear in the middle of dessert.

[Dax has decided to stay with Deral on Meridian for the next 60-year cycle]
Commander Sisko: Next time we see each other, I'll probably be a great-grandfather.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: [laughs] Good, then I can call *you* 'old man'.

[last lines]
Commander Sisko: Jadzia, I'm sorry.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Benjamin, don't. There's nothing you can do, er... I just need some time.
[Sisko acknowledges and leaves]
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Just sixty years or so...

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 'Til Death Do Us Part (#7.18)" (1999)
Captain Sisko: I can't. I can't go against the Prophets.

Captain Sisko: [about the Prophets] To them I'm the Sisko, an instrument to carry out their wishes. But they forget that I am also human, with dreams and wishes of my own. They say that marrying Kasidy is a mistake, and maybe it is. But it's my mistake to make.

Kasidy Yates, Captain Sisko: [respectively] With this ring, I thee wed.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Nagus (#1.10)" (1993)
Chief O'Brien: [of Jake] If he were my son, I'd find a friend for him other than Nog.
Commander Sisko: I'm afraid that's easier said than done. The two of them have become inseparable.
Chief O'Brien: I'd find a way to separate them, sir. That Nog's a bad influence.
Commander Sisko: I appreciate the advice, Chief, but I trust my son. Besides, if I get between them now, it would become me versus Nog, and I'm not going to force Jake to choose between us.
Chief O'Brien: Why not?
Commander Sisko: Because I'd probably lose.
Chief O'Brien: Oh, I doubt that, sir.
Commander Sisko: That's because your daughter's three. Wait until she's fourteen!

Commander Sisko: Going through my own adolescence was difficult enough. Surviving my son's is going to take a miracle.

[last lines]
Commander Sisko: [to Jake] You're a great boy, you know that? Now go be with your friend.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Bar Association (#4.15)" (1996)
Chief O'Brien: [with Worf and Bashir in a holding cell] Captain! Can we leave now?
Captain Sisko: I'll tell Constable Odo to let you go... in the morning!

Captain Sisko: [to Quark] Maybe I don't know much about Ferengi culture, but I do know who holds the lease on your bar.

Quark: Captain, believe me, I want this strike settled as much as you do.
Captain Sisko: Then settle it.
Quark: It's not that simple.
Captain Sisko: Make it simple. Sit down with your brother and hammer out an agreement today.
Quark: Captain, I'm afraid you don't understand what a delicate situation this is. Even talking with strikers would be a violation of the most sacred precepts of Ferengi culture.
Captain Sisko: Maybe I don't know much about Ferengi culture, but I do know who holds the lease on your bar.
Quark: The Federation... and I couldn't ask for better landlords.
Captain Sisko: That's because we don't ask you to pay your rent, or to reimburse us for your maintenance repairs, or the drain on the station's power supply.
Quark: You're a very generous people.
Captain Sisko: Until today.
[takes out a padd]
Captain Sisko: Let's see. Five years of back rent, plus power consumption, plus the repairs. Do you know how much latinum that is?
Quark: A lot.
Captain Sisko: That's right.
Quark: I'll talk to my brother.
Captain Sisko: I'm glad we're in agreement.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (#7.15)" (1999)
Nog: The news just keeps getting better, doesn't it?
Captain Sisko: What news?
Colonel Kira: Oh... nothing, sir, we're, uh, talking about a holosuite program.
Doctor Bashir: Vic Fontaine's hotel's just been bought by... gangsters.
Captain Sisko: I see. When do you plan on going back to work?

Kasidy Yates: There are times when I just can't figure you out.
Captain Sisko: Well - maybe that's part of the attraction.
Kasidy Yates: Believe that if you want to.

Captain Sisko: You want to know... you *really* want to know what my problem is? I'll tell you: Las Vegas 1962, that's my problem. In 1962, black people weren't very welcome there. Oh sure, they could be performers or janitors, but customers? Never.
Kasidy Yates: Maybe that's the way it was in the real Vegas, but that is not the way it is at Vic's. I have never felt uncomfortable there, and neither has Jake.
Captain Sisko: But don't you see? That's the lie. In 1962, the civil rights movement was still in its infancy. It wasn't an easy time for our people, and I'm not going to pretend that it was.
Kasidy Yates: Baby - I know that Vic's isn't a totally accurate representation of the way things were, but... it isn't meant to be. It shows us the way things could've been - the way they should've been.
Captain Sisko: We cannot ignore the truth about the past.
Kasidy Yates: Going to Vic's isn't going to make us forget who we are or where we came from. What it does is reminds us that we are no longer bound by any limitations - except the ones we impose on ourselves.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Defiant (#3.9)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Commander's log, stardate 48467.3 - Gul Dukat and I have arrived on Cardassia Prime. I'm about to do something which goes against twenty years of Starfleet training: help an enemy hunt down one of our own ships.

Gul Dukat: [about his son] Today is his eleventh birthday. I'd promised to take him to the amusement center in Lakarian City. He always wanted to go. But I never had the time... I told him, 'This year will be different, Mekor. This year, I will make the time.'
Commander Sisko: I had the same experience with Jake. At that age, they never understand, do they? You just hope that one day later, they'll look back and say: 'Now I understand. Now I know why he did that.'
Gul Dukat: When my son looks back on this day, the only thing he'll remember is that a Federation officer on a Federation ship invaded his home, and kept his father away from him on his eleventh birthday. And he won't look back with understanding. He'll look back with hatred. And that's sad.

[Sisko has offered to give Dukat the information of the Defiant's sensor logs in return for the Defiant and the Maquis crew members]
Gul Dukat: Impossible! I cannot allow a group of terrorists to just walk away after invading our territory and...
Commander Sisko: Then you must decide which is important to you: your sense of Cardassian justice, or the information contained in the Defiant's sensor logs.
Gul Dukat: I do want that information, Commander; and I would be willing to return your wayward ship. But someone has to pay for what's happened here, and I don't want that someone to be me.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Second Skin (#3.5)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Is the communications holo-filter ready?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: I can make your com image look like a 3,000-ton screech rhino, if you want me to.

[Sisko is "inviting" Garak to join him and Odo on a rescue mission to Cardassia]
Garak: You can't be serious! Commander, if I were allowed on Cardassia, do you really think I'd be living here?
Commander Sisko: Which brings up an interesting point. There're certain ministers in the Bajoran government who are concerned about your presence on the station; in fact, they want you removed. Right now, I see no alternative but to honor their request, unless of course... I can show them how you might be valuable to us.
Odo: Rescuing Kira would go a long way toward improving your standing with the Bajoran government.
Garak: Why should I care what the Bajoran government thinks of me?
Commander Sisko: I don't know. But it seems to me, if someone were in trouble with the Cardassian Central Command, a Bajoran space station under Federation control might just be the safest place in the galaxy.
Garak: Commander, this is extortion.
Commander Sisko: Mmm... Yes, it is.

Garak: I'll go along on your fool's errand, but I want one thing to be perfectly clear: I have no intention of sacrificing my life to save yours. If it looks like we're in danger of being captured, if there's any sign of trouble at all, you're on your own!
Commander Sisko: Mr. Garak, I believe that's the first completely honest thing you've ever said to me.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fascination (#3.10)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Doctor, I need your help.
Doctor Bashir: [in passionate embrace with Kira] And I need yours, too. You got to get me away from Kira, I can't... keep my hands...
Major Kira: What's worse, I can't keep my hands off him!

Doctor Bashir: A simple wide-spectrum antiviral agent should cure Mrs. Troi. And as for everyone else, well, they'll be back to normal in a day or two. Excuse me. I promised Nerys that I'd meet her in her quarters this evening.
[he heads for the exit, but Sisko holds him back]
Commander Sisko: I think you ought to postpone that visit... for a day or two.

Commander Sisko: [to Chief O'Brien about Quark] Easy, Chief. He doesn't know what he's doing.
[points to Lwaxana, they all look at her]
Lwaxana Troi: What are you looking at me for?
[Cuts to sickbay]
Lwaxana Troi: Zanthi Fever? Oh, that's ridiculous. That's impossible. That only affects older Betazoids.
Doctor Bashir: That may be, but according to my tests, you show all the symptoms. Zanthi Fever is a virus which affects the empathic abilities of, uh, mature Betazoids. It causes them to project their emotions onto others.
Commander Sisko: Then Mrs. Troi's amorous feelings for... someone on the station were being passed along to the people around her?
Doctor Bashir: Not everyone. Only those within close proximity to her when she had an attack, and even then, they would've had to have been with some preexisting latent attraction.
Commander Sisko: You're saying Dax...?
Doctor Bashir: Only on a subconscious level. Best not to think about it too much if you ask me.
Lwaxana Troi: I am terribly sorry, Commander. I hope I haven't caused too much trouble.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Improbable Cause (#3.20)" (1995)
Commander Sisko: Someone tried to kill you, Garak. Whoever it was may try again, so if I were you, I would give this matter some serious thought.
Elim Garak: Well, let me see. I mean, there's the Nausicaan whose wedding suit I misplaced; and the Yridian I owe money to; and of course, there's always Major Kira.
Dr. Julian Bashir: This is serious, Garak.
Elim Garak: I'm being serious. I don't think she likes me.
Odo: She doesn't. But if she wanted you dead, you would be.
Elim Garak: You do have a point.

Commander Sisko: Could this attempt on your life have anything to do with the reason you were exiled from Cardassia?
Elim Garak: I seriously doubt the Finance Ministry would try to have me killed for failure to pay my taxes.

Commander Sisko: The question still remains, why would the Romulans want to have Garak killed?
Odo: I don't know. Considering those uniforms of theirs, you'd think they'd appreciate a decent tailor.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Assignment (#5.5)" (1996)
[Sisko checks on the progress of the interrogation of Rom]
Captain Sisko: Has he said anything?
Odo: Not much. For the first 40 minutes it was like pulling teeth even getting him to admit his name.

[the station crew have found out that certain systems on the station have been manipulated]
O'Brien: So far, these alterations don't seem to pose any threat to the station.
Captain Sisko: So far. But this might be just the tip of a very large and dangerous iceberg.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Body Parts (#4.24)" (1996)
[Bashir explains the circumstances of the runabout accident and how Kira ended up with Keiko's unborn baby]
Doctor Bashir: ...A fuel pod exploded, and Keiko was thrown against the bulkhead. She had a concussion, broken ribs, internal hemorrhaging. I managed to stabilize her, but the baby's autonomic functions were failing. I had to find another womb for the baby, and the only two people available were Major Kira - and me.
Captain Sisko: I think you made the right choice, Doctor.

Quark: Captain, you can't do this! Not without paying a storage fee... a minimum storage fee, practically nothing.
Captain Sisko: Send me the bill.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shadowplay (#2.16)" (1994)
Jake Sisko: Dad... I don't want to join Starfleet.
Commander Sisko: Since when?
Jake Sisko: S-snce forever. Starfleet is too much like you. I need to find what's me.

Commander Sisko: It's your life, Jake. You have to choose your own way. There is only one thing I want from you: find something you love. Then do it the best you can.
Jake Sisko: I'll try.
Commander Sisko: Good. Then you make the old man proud.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Chimera (#7.14)" (1999)
Captain Sisko: Martok has expressed some concerns about our security arrangements.
Odo: Meaning?
Captain Sisko: He's not sure it's appropriate that you should be in charge of the prisoner.
Odo: May I ask why?
Captain Sisko: Because you were a witness to the alleged crime.
Odo: Well, that's a relief. For a moment, I thought you were going to say it's because... I'm a changeling.

[the Klingons have filed charges against Laas]
Captain Sisko: They claim he surrounded them menacingly.
Odo: [scoffs] They felt menaced by fog.
Captain Sisko: They weren't the only ones. There are twelve other people who filed complaints.
Odo: Is it a crime to shapeshift on the Promenade?
Captain Sisko: It's not a crime, but it's obviously not a good idea.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Begotten (#5.12)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: Why would the Founders send such helpless creatures out into space?
Odo: To find out if the species they encountered posed any threat. What better way to gauge another race than to see how it treats the weak and vulnerable.

Captain Sisko: Maybe you should contact Dr. Mora.
Odo: Mora? Why?
Captain Sisko: Well, he managed to find a way to communicate with you. He obviously knows what he's doing.
Odo: Maybe so, but... I'd prefer to do this alone.
Captain Sisko: That's your call. But it's, er... always nice to have someone around to help change the diapers.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Cardassians (#2.5)" (1993)
Doctor Bashir: [on Gul Dukat, after a conversation with him on subspace] He's lying.
Commander Sisko: Is that an opinion, or do you have evidence to support it?
Doctor Bashir: I have Garak.
Commander Sisko: Garak?
Doctor Bashir: He seems to think there's more going on here than we realize.
Commander Sisko: What exactly does he think is going on?
Doctor Bashir: I'm not sure. He doesn't actually tell me what he really thinks. I sort of have to deduce it.
Commander Sisko: Ah. So, you deduced that Garak thinks Dukat is lying about something you're not sure of, and you proceeded to interrupt my conversation to confront him about whatever that might be.
Doctor Bashir: [sighs] I'm sorry, Commander. It just seemed an opportune...
Commander Sisko: Don't apologize. It's been the high-point of my day. *Don't* do it again.

Commander Sisko: I assume this couldn't wait until morning?
Doctor Bashir: No, sir. I-I need to use a runabout...
Commander Sisko: I'm waiting.
Doctor Bashir: It's Garak, sir. He wants to go to Bajor.
Commander Sisko: Bajor? For what?
Doctor Bashir: ...He wouldn't tell me.
Commander Sisko: Well, by all means. Will one runabout be enough?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Q-Less (#1.6)" (1993)
Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me.
Sisko: I'm not Picard.
Q: Indeed not. You're much easier to provoke. How fortunate for me.

Chief O'Brien: Vash and Captain Picard were friends - close friends, if you follow my meaning. Seems they met on Risa a few years back. I figured she must be a special woman being friends with the Captain at all.
Commander Sisko: Somehow she doesn't seem to be his type.
Chief O'Brien: The Captain likes a good challenge, sir.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rivals (#2.11)" (1994)
[Quark is complaining about Martus, who has opened a gambling establishment opposite his bar]
Quark: He's a con-artist, a crook!
Commander Sisko: One more won't make much difference.

Quark: You owe me! You begged me to stay here when you first came on board, and I did - against my better judgment.
Commander Sisko: I didn't beg, I blackmailed you.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Sacrifice of Angels (#6.6)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: [to the Prophets] You want to be gods? Then be gods! I need a miracle. Bajor needs a miracle! Stop those ships!

[the Dominion ships in the wormhole have vanished into thin air]
Chief O'Brien: They've cloaked!
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: I'm not picking up any neutrino emissions.
Garak: Then... where did they go?
Captain Sisko: Wherever they went... I don't think they're coming back.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Favor the Bold (#6.5)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: [about Bajor] There are parts of the Eastern Province that are like Eden itself. Lush, green valleys covered in wildflowers that seem to spring up overnight, hundreds of small crystal-clear ponds, interconnected by waterfalls...
Admiral Ross: All right, all right, I'm convinced. I'm already planning my next R and R down there. You know, it sounds like when your assignment on Deep Space Nine is over and Bajor is welcomed into the Federation, you're gonna have a tough time saying goodbye.
Captain Sisko: I don't plan to say goodbye. I plan to build a house on Bajor.
Admiral Ross: And what if Starfleet assigns you to a different sector?
Captain Sisko: I will go wherever they send me. But when I go home - it will be to Bajor.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: There's an old saying: "Fortune favors the bold." Well - I guess we're about to find out.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Family Business (#3.23)" (1995)
Commander Sisko: [on Kasidy Yates] What did you think about her?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Let me just put it this way: if I were Curzon, I'd have stolen her from you by now.
Commander Sisko: That's one of the reasons I'm glad you're not Curzon anymore.

Commander Sisko: If you want any suggestions, I'll be in cargo bay...
Chief O'Brien: Four.
Commander Sisko: Huh? Seven.
Chief O'Brien: Oh, er... I... I-I thought...
Commander Sisko: Thought what?
Chief O'Brien: [sheepishly] I thought you were going to... talk to the freighter captain.
Doctor Bashir: You know, uh, Jake's friend?
Commander Sisko: Ah. How do you two know about her?
Doctor Bashir: The Chief told me.
[the Chief gives him a puzzled look]
Commander Sisko: Exactly how many people has Jake told about this woman?
Chief O'Brien: Everyone.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rejoined (#4.5)" (1995)
Captain Sisko: I know this is difficult for you, I know how you feel about Lenara. But I want you to think about what will happen if you pursue this. If you're exiled from Trill, there will be no further hosts for your symbiont. When Jadzia dies, Dax dies.

Captain Sisko: If I were in your position, I'd probably be just as ready to throw away everything for the person I love. But I would also want to be sure... that I was ready to pay the price.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shakaar (#3.24)" (1995)
Doctor Bashir: Commander, um, is Chief O'Brien in here?
Commander Sisko: He's back there - in the zone.

Commander Sisko: You want me to bring in Shakaar for you.
Kai Winn: Such an act would do much to solidify the relations between the Federation and Bajor.
Commander Sisko: I wasn't aware that our relationship needed solidifying.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: When It Rains... (#7.21)" (1999)
Gowron: The son of Mogh...
Lt. Commander Worf: Chancellor.
Gowron: [to Martok] They say you've made him part of your house.
Martok: That's true.
Gowron: [after a long look at Worf] Then what is past is past. If Martok considers you his brother, that's all I need to know. Come, I've brought a barrel of the finest bloodwine, and it must be drunk tonight!
[Klingons leave]
Captain Sisko: [to Admiral Ross] I guess we're not invited.

[the Klingons are performing a ritual where they have to cut open their hands]
Captain Sisko: We're next.
Admiral Ross: You're kidding.
Captain Sisko: I wish I were.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (#6.17)" (1998)
Major Kira: I've always hated collaborators. I mean, what could be worse than betraying your own people? During the occupation, if I ever had any doubt about what their fate should be, I would think of my mother - how she gave her life for Bajor. She was a hero, they were traitors; it was that simple. Or so I thought.
Captain Sisko: She did what she had to do to save her family - to save you.
Major Kira: It doesn't make it right.
Captain Sisko: Maybe not. But it was her decision to make.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: Tell me something, Nerys. If you hate her that much, why did you save her life?
Major Kira: Believe me... there's a part in me that wishes that I hadn't... But the fact is - no matter what she did - she was still my mother.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Search: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1994)
[Sisko is questioning the decision to exclude the Romulans from the peace talks with the Dominion]
Admiral Alynna Nechayev: Commander, if this treaty is signed, and I'm confident it will be, we'll never have to worry about the Romulans again.
Commander Sisko: Are you sure of that?
Admiral Alynna Nechayev: Quite sure. After all, what chance would they have against the combined power of our new alliance?
Commander Sisko: They wouldn't have much of a chance at all.
Admiral Alynna Nechayev: I'm glad we agree.

Admiral Alynna Nechayev: Commander, I'm ordering you to stand down. Return to the station immediately.
Commander Sisko: I'm afraid I'm going to have to refuse that order.
Borath: Please, Commander. Don't make us send the Jem'Hadar after you.
Commander Sisko: Go right ahead. But you'd better warn them not to expect any reinforcements for about seventy years.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Behind the Lines (#6.4)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: [holding a spent power cell of the phaser array] Take a good look at this, people. It says something about this ship. It says that we will fight, and we will keep on fighting, until we can't fight any more!
All: Yes, sir!
Captain Sisko: You don't just throw something like this away!
All: No, sir!

[Dax is in command of the Defiant]
Captain Sisko: I wouldn't get too comfortable in that chair, old man. When this war is over, I'm going to want my ship back!
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Fine. When this war is over, I'm going on a honeymoon.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Inquisition (#6.18)" (1998)
Doctor Bashir: I can't believe the Federation condones this kind of activity.
Odo: Personally I find it hard to believe they wouldn't. Every other great power has a unit like Section 31 - the Romulans have the Tal Shiar, the Cardassians had the Obsidian Order...
Doctor Bashir: But what does that say about us? When push comes to shove, are we willing to sacrifice our principles in order to survive?
Captain Sisko: I wish I had an answer for you, Doctor.

[last lines]
Captain Sisko: You said that Sloan tried to recruit you?
Doctor Bashir: I turned him down.
Captain Sisko: He doesn't strike me as a man who takes 'no' for an answer. And the next time he asks you to join his little group, you will say 'yes'!
Odo: Well, congratulations, Doctor. Looks like you're going to get to play a spy after all; only this time - for real.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Strange Bedfellows (#7.19)" (1999)
[Martok tells Sisko about the "war" he wages with his wife at home]
Martok: Don't get me wrong, I would not trade Sirella for all the targs on Qo'noS. And, over the course of our marriage, I've won more than my fair share of battles between us; but in the end, I know - she... will win the war.
Captain Sisko: I'll keep that in mind.

Captain Sisko: [after a first debate with Kasidy] And so... the battle begins.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Alternate (#2.12)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: Dr. Bashir gave you permission to be up and about?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Dr. Bashir wouldn't listen to me and hid my clothes so I wouldn't leave. I had to sneak out to my quarters in a hospital gown that wouldn't close in the back.

[Dr. Mora has been injured in an earthquake]
Commander Sisko: I know how you feel, Constable.
Odo: Feel? About what?
Commander Sisko: When my father became ill, I can remember how small and weak he looked there lying on the bed. He'd been so strong, so independent. It always seemed to me that there was nothing that he couldn't do. But in the end, I realized there was nothing that he *could* do, and nothing I could do to help him.
Odo: I appreciate your thoughts, Commander. But Dr. Mora is not my father.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The House of Quark (#3.3)" (1994)
[O'Brien enters Sisko's office, who is having a meeting with Kira and Dax]
Chief O'Brien: Oh, er, excuse me, sir. I can come back later.
Commander Sisko: No, no, no, no, we're done here. What can I do for you?
Chief O'Brien: Well, it's... it's kind of private.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Wife problems, Chief?
Chief O'Brien: How did you know?
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Well, I've been a husband and I've been a wife, and I know that look from both sides.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Ascent (#5.9)" (1996)
Captain Sisko: Now, I know the two of you are very different people, but you're still friends, and somehow, some way, you'll make this work.
Jake Sisko: I don't know...
Nog: Neither do I.
Captain Sisko: Well, I do...
Captain Sisko: [to Nog] ... and I'm your captain!
Captain Sisko: [to Jake, softer] ... and I'm your father. And what I say goes. Good day, gentlemen.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Vortex (#1.11)" (1993)
Croden: I'm sorry if I made things awkward; I didn't have much choice.
Commander Sisko: Why not?
Croden: My needs exceed my skills.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Captive Pursuit (#1.5)" (1993)
Commander Sisko: You ignored your duty to Starfleet, you took off your com-badge so you can ignore me; you even ignored the Prime Directive by interfering with their damned hunt. Another stunt like this, and your wife won't have to complain about the conditions here anymore, do I make myself clear?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Magnificent Ferengi (#6.10)" (1998)
[after a long crawl through the access tunnels, Quark and Rom emerge through a panel - into Sisko's office]
Captain Sisko: May I help you, gentlemen?
Rom: [to Quark] I was following you.
Quark: Must have taken a wrong turn.
Captain Sisko: [deadpan] It looks that way.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places (#5.3)" (1996)
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Worf, it sounds like you have a bad case of par'Mach.
Captain Sisko: Is that contagious?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Par'Mach is the Klingon word for love, but - with more aggressive overtones.
Captain Sisko: Love? Worf?
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Stranger things have happened.
Captain Sisko: Especially around here.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Civil Defense (#3.7)" (1994)
Commander Sisko: You know, I never knew how much this man's voice annoyed me.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Extreme Measures (#7.23)" (1999)
Captain Sisko: Genocide. Committed by people who call themselves Federation citizens.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Distant Voices (#3.18)" (1995)
Doctor Bashir: You represent my professionalism, and my skill.
Commander Sisko: I'm flattered.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Prodigal Daughter (#7.11)" (1999)
Ezri Dax: I haven't talked to my mother in almost six months.
Captain Sisko: Oh.
Ezri Dax: Last time I saw her was just after I was joined. She came to visit me on Trill and... I was still a little confused. When she walked into my room, I put on a big smile, looked her right in the eye and said "Hi mom, it's me - Curzon!" Things kinda went downhill from there.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Whispers (#2.14)" (1994)
Chief O'Brien: Well, there was one thing I noticed. Oh, I don't know if it means anything or not, but the Paradas have an odor - from some kind of skin excretions, I'd guess. It changes with their moods. When they're upset, it can get pretty strong, actually.
Commander Sisko: Hm... Then I'll try not to get them upset.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Tacking Into the Wind (#7.22)" (1999)
[Sisko has shifted the blame for the Klingons' failures from Martok to Gowron]
Gowron: That's one of the things I like about you, Captain - your loyalty to your friends.
Captain Sisko: This has nothing to do with loyalty.
Gowron: Of course not.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Sons of Mogh (#4.14)" (1996)
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: [the scene opens with a shot of a bloodied Klingon dagger, before the camera pans to a righteously pissed Sisko] Kurn's going to make it. Julian said he'll be up on his feet by tomorrow morning.
Captain Sisko: Good. Mister Worf, I want you to tell me why I shouldn't put you on the next transport out of here.
Lt. Commander Worf: You are well within your right to do so.
Captain Sisko: I'm not talking about my rights. Answer my question.
Lt. Commander Worf: Captain, I do not have an answer. Sir, I realize my actions were in violation of Starfleet regulations, but...
Captain Sisko: "Regulations"? We're not talking about some obscure technicality, Mister Worf. You tried to commit premeditated murder!
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: Benjamin, it wasn't murder. Worf and Kurn were performing a Mauk-to'Vor ritual. It's part of Klingon belief that...
Captain Sisko: At the moment, I don't give a damn about Klingon beliefs, rituals, or custom! Now I have given you both a lot of leeway when it comes to following Klingon traditions, but in case you haven't noticed, this is not a Klingon station, and those are not Klingon uniforms you're wearing! There is a limit to how far I'll go to accommodate cultural diversity among my officers, and you've just reached it! When your brother is released from the infirmary, you'd better find another way to settle your family problems. Is that clear?
Lt. Commander Worf: Captain, it may not be possible to...
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: It's clear! There are definitely other possibilities for Kurn. This will never happen again.
Captain Sisko: You're damned right it won't! Now both of you get out!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Resurrection (#6.8)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: I know what you're going through, Major. When I met the other Jennifer Sisko, it was... very confusing, to say the least. I knew she wasn't my wife. Sometimes, she would smile at me a certain way, and then the light would hit her eyes - and it *was* my Jennifer. At least that's what I wanted to believe.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Quickening (#4.23)" (1996)
[last lines]
Doctor Bashir: People are still dying back there.
Captain Sisko: Yes. But their children won't.
Doctor Bashir: That's what I keep telling myself, sir.
[Sisko leaves]
Doctor Bashir: [to his computer] Initiate re-shuffling sequence.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Simple Investigation (#5.17)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: Where is Odo? He asked me to arrange a conference with Starfleet Intelligence at 0800.
Major Kira: I guess he's running late.
Captain Sisko: He's never late.
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: He's never spent the night with a woman before.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Sons and Daughters (#6.3)" (1997)
Captain Sisko: Are you a betting man, General?
Martok: One of my many pleasures.
Captain Sisko: Then a barrel of bloodwine says, I set foot on Deep Space Nine before you do.
Martok: [laughs, clasping forearms with Sisko] Done!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Change of Heart (#6.16)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: One last thing - as a man who had a wife. If Jennifer had been lying in that clearing, I wouldn't have left her either.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Treachery, Faith, and the Great River (#7.6)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: Oh, about the stabilizer...
Chief O'Brien: Captain, I-I can explain...
Captain Sisko: Don't bother. Ensign Nog tells me you were able to get ahold of one this morning.
Chief O'Brien: I was? I mean, I was!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Hippocratic Oath (#4.3)" (1995)
Captain Sisko: Starfleet officers often have trouble learning the unofficial rules of the station. There's no manual to study. You have to learn things as you go. A little different than... life on a starship.
Lt. Commander Worf: When I served aboard the Enterprise, I always knew who were my allies, and who were my enemies.
Captain Sisko: Let's just say, DS9 has more shades of gray. And Quark definitely is a shade of... gray. He has his own set of rules, and he follows them diligently. Once you understand them, you understand Quark. I'd say that's true for... everyone here.
[he offers Worf a glass of raktajino]
Captain Sisko: You'll fit in, Commander. Just give it time.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Field of Fire (#7.13)" (1999)
[the crew are analyzing Illario's death]
Chief O'Brien: [scanning the corpse] That's odd... According to these readings, the bullet only traveled eight or nine centimeters.
Captain Sisko: Then the killer must have fired at point blank range.
Odo: I don't think so. There are no powder burns on the body.
Doctor Bashir: What are powder burns?
Odo: At close range, chemically propelled weapons leave residual combustion products on the skin and clothing of the victims.
Captain Sisko: How did you know that?
Odo: I read 20th century crime novels - Raymond Chandler, Mike Hammer, that sort of thing.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Soldiers of the Empire (#5.21)" (1997)
Lt. Commander Worf: You know that I was forced to fight the Jem'Hadar guards in the camp. Each day they would call me to the ring, and each day I would fight. But then there came a day when I... wavered.
Captain Sisko: You mean you didn't want to go back into the ring?
Lt. Commander Worf: No, I mean I considered letting them kill me. It seemed like the only way out. Just before I went into the ring, Martok turned to wish me success. And then he saw what I was planning, he saw it in my eyes. It was a moment of tova'dok.
Captain Sisko: Of what?
Lt. Commander Worf: There is no Human word for it. It is a moment of... clarity, between two warriors on a field of battle. Much is said without the need for words. In that moment, he knew what was in my mind. Once I realized that he saw my intention to give up I could no longer go through with it. I went back into the ring and fought once more. He had given me his warrior's heart. - Perhaps it is something a Human cannot understand.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Storyteller (#1.13)" (1993)
Commander Sisko: So your answer is still 'no'?
Varis: You don't lose by saying 'no'.
Commander Sisko: Maybe. But a great leader, like your father, is one who's willing to risk saying 'yes'.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Starship Down (#4.6)" (1995)
[last lines]
[Sisko has invited Kira to a baseball game in the holosuite]
Captain Ben Sisko: You can get the hot dogs from Quark.
Major Kira: 'Hot dogs'?
Captain Ben Sisko: Oh, he'll know.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Armageddon Game (#2.13)" (1994)
Doctor Bashir: [over subspace] The Chief is quite anxious to return back to the station.
Chief O'Brien: Well, it's been a long week.
Commander Sisko: Still, I think we can spare you for another day.
Doctor Bashir: I agree. If that's okay with you, Chief?
Chief O'Brien: I suppose another day won't kill me.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Profit and Loss (#2.18)" (1994)
Elim Garak: All you really need to know right now is that the return of Hogue and Rekelen is in the best interest of the Cardassian Empire.
Commander Sisko: Or at least in the best interest of the Cardassian military.
Elim Garak: Is there a difference?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Melora (#2.6)" (1993)
[being an Elaysian, Melora has to use a wheelchair to get around the station]
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: Julian knows more of your capabilities than any of us.
Melora: I don't need a medical opinion to tell me my own capabilities.
Commander Sisko: Ensign.
Melora: I simply object to being treated like someone who is ill.
Commander Sisko: I don't see anybody doing that.
Melora: Try sitting in the chair, Commander. No one can understand until they sit in the chair.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Little Green Men (#4.7)" (1995)
Major Kira: Quark, Rom and Nog together on that ship all the way to Earth? Glad I'm not going with them.
Captain Ben Sisko: Only thing that worries me... no one warned Earth that they're coming.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Die Is Cast (#3.21)" (1995)
Major Kira: Commander, there's an incoming priority message from Starfleet Command. It's Admiral Toddman. He's repeating his order not to enter the Gamma Quadrant.
Commander Sisko: That's what you think it says. How can we be sure when a transmission is as badly garbled as that one?
Major Kira: ...You're right. There's an awful lot of subspace interference on this channel. Must be an ion storm or something.
Commander Sisko: Must be.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Profit and Lace (#6.23)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: A Dominion invasion of Ferenginar?
Rom: Think of the terrible repercussions to the Alpha Quadrant!
Lt. Commander Worf: I cannot think of any.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Duet (#1.18)" (1993)
Commander Sisko: Major, what if this image confirms that Marritza *was* a file clerk? What do you expect us to do then?
Major Kira: I suppose you'll let him go.
Commander Sisko: I'm glad we understand each other.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Statistical Probabilities (#6.9)" (1997)
[the mutants have suggested that the Federation surrender to the Dominion in order to save billions of lives]
Captain Sisko: Surrender is not an option! Now, I'm happy to hear your group's advice on how to win this war, but I don't need your advice on how to lose it.
Doctor Bashir: We can't win this war!
Captain Sisko: I don't care if the odds are against us. If we're going to lose, then we're going to go down fighting, so that when our descendants someday rise up against the Dominion, they'll know what they're made of!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Life Support (#3.13)" (1995)
[Dr. Bashir has managed to revive Bareil, who had been fatally injured]
Doctor Bashir: Well, it's a little early to tell, but I'm hoping he'll make a full recovery. He should be back on his feet again in a few weeks.
Commander Sisko: You say that so calmly. But it's not every doctor that can lose a patient and then have him back on his feet in a few weeks!
Kai Winn: Indeed, you are too modest. You've performed nothing less than a miracle here. The Prophets must walk with you, Doctor.
Doctor Bashir: Well, I and the Prophets were lucky.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Wire (#2.22)" (1994)
Dr. Julian Bashir: Now, try not to yell at any more admirals for a while.
Commander Sisko: I wasn't yelling, I was just expressing my feelings - loudly.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Ferengi Love Songs (#5.20)" (1997)
[Sisko and Odo find Rom very distraught]
Odo: [explaining to Sisko] The wedding is off.
Captain Sisko: I'm sorry.
Rom: Don't be, Captain. These are tears of joy.
[sobbing heavily, disproving his reassurance]
Captain Sisko: [comforting] Carry on.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Darkness and the Light (#5.11)" (1997)
Major Kira: Fala spent the Occupation cleaning floors in a Cardassian records office in Dahkur Province. She passed us information for years without anyone catching on. But she was always so afraid... afraid she'd be caught and executed. But she never stopped. I told her once, I thought she was braver than all of us, because she had to live with her fear every day. Even after the Occupation was over, she didn't want anyone to know that she was secretly helping us. She was worried... that someone would come looking for her for revenge.
Captain Sisko: Looks like her fears were well founded.